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 Dinner Parties and One-itis

So i've been texting this turbo, but she's always so busy with her friends or whatever hot bitches do all day. So I text her something like

"You! Frozen Yogurt" (I've been hyping this frozen yogurt place near my house). 

She responds with something like

"Man I want to but I'm at the mall with my friends blah blah blah I'm a hot that needs to be fucked."

So it text her that I'm going to kidnap her from the mall and that I drive an old creepy white van with no windows, and that I hope she likes guys in ski masks. She says she finds unmarked old creepy white vans sexy. And I make sure she's really at the mall and not just fucking with me, so I tell her she better hide because a bad man is after her. 

Anyways I get to the mall, and it's actually a lot harder to find her than I expected; I had this romatic idea of easily finding her, lifting her up, walking out of the mall, and driving off into the sunset. Hahaha.... yea right! 

So I'm walking and this hot tall middle eastern girl with a mini skirt was walking right in my line of sight, we both hold ridiculous sexual laser eye contact until we pass. I regreted not opening her, but I was talking on the phone to my mother and it was really important.  More important than opening that sexy sexy girl?? I don't know...

Anyways, I finally (after I think an hour) give up searching for this chick because I made dinner plans with my gf. As I am leaving I hear "Hey!" and I turn and it's the middle eastern girl, evidently she works in one of those stands that sell random shit, like watches or whatever. She tell me that she likes my style, she likes artsy guys, and tells me that we should be facebook friends, she gets a pen and paper and writes down her name. I leave happy that I accomplished something... 

So I facebook message her: (note: i'm in a relationship and it says so on facebook)

"Hey random sexy mall girl. It's your art muse.You strike me as someone I could see myself having epic times with. I have a girlfriend so don't get any ideas. ;)"

"hahaha agreed entirely. i have a boyfriend so likewise ;D"

(Cue classic Two Step)

"On the plus side. According to your profile,

You have all your limbs attached
You speak english
You like South Park
You are very liberal
You don't give a fuck about social convention

These are 5 of the 8 things I look for in a girl so I propose we hang out to discuss possible future adventures. btw i'm leaving in 3 weeks so please be creative ;)"

"haha all of which are true..especially the last one. 5/8 eh? i'm curious to know what your other 3 standards are. your about me was all i had to read to be down to kick it..fantastic. that and the fact that ur aware of and respect the relationship i'm in as i wld w/ yours i love toe cleavage thoughts exactly haha. hmm furture creative adventures theres just one issue...we're in retardedly and utterly boring, indiana but i will brain storm u should for sure come to the italian dinner party i'm hosting nxt week i think u might enjoy urself like a lot..its a good time. other than i work the rest of this week..stop by and we can brainstorm together. nice meeting you..glad i'm not regretting giving u my name. its kinda refreshing "

"You don't want to know the other 3 because then you'd be my paragon of virtue/angel of desire who i'd have to make love to under a water fall.

You! I don't want to hear these negative words. Indiana will never hamper the creative genius, that together we posses.. in 3 weeks indiana will be like the new Las Vegas. Seriously....

P.s you definitely get the award for most happy faces sent in 1 fb message. I was impressed."

"ooowie. now you must tell me lol. i'm innocently curious as into if i would be an 8/8 in your book. angel of desire indeed..haha..thats sexy! i like it.

you!!!! r perhaps correct ;P i agree it has more to do w/ attitude and what you make of it vs. your surroundings tho it would be a lie to say that i enjoy living here. i've already incorporated vegas in my everyday life here and even still i find myself restless. indiana will mourn the day i've left her...truth. haha.

well then mister (name edit) what do you propose we do?? it may not be all too creative, but i am stepping out tonight w/ a few friends of mine. i believe kildares is on the agenda this evening. if ur available u should join. regardless you must come to my dinner party..i promise an engaging evening w/ many new friends to be made and moments worth making plus fantastic food cooked by me and 2 friends and an endless supply of wine. yummmmmmm"

"Like i'd give you the key to my heart that easily haha

I actually think I'm glad you randomly distracted me at the mall while I was talking to the phone with my gf. That must be your tactic... to seduce innocent men, entrap them in your love dungeon, make them do your kinky biddings, have your way with them, and only then release them back into the world never quite realizing whether they want to cry or smile. I'm on to you... (name edit).

dinner party sounds epic. I'm a sucker for italian food. Thx for the invite.

So i'm like right in the middle of finals... a responsible student wouldn't go to kildares under such circumstances. What time is that boat sailing? and I'll guess we'll see what type of student I am. lol

P.S. Now that it's officially been more that 2 emails exchanged we need nicknames for each other...

Heretofore (name edit) shall be now be as "Creepy Stalker Girl who Drives an Unlabel Creepy White 1986 Econoline Van To Live Out Her Deviant Sexual Passions on Unsuspecting Mall Goers".
lol It's actually kind of catchy..."

She didn't respond to the last one. 

So I went to the dinner party with my girlfriend and it was epic. The food was amazing and the people there were cool as fuck. I'm sad I just met these people now, since I'm leaving soon. 

So eventually we leave and I head out to the club. It is ridiculously crowded, evidently some people had been waiting in line for 2 hours. 

As is my usual fashion I cut to the front of the line and only wait 5 minutes. Hahahaa bitches!

I walk in and it is so loud and crowded in there, I could basically scream and barely be heard. I walk up stares and open this ridiculously drunk girl, but am immediately turned off because she is trashy and sloppily kissing me etc. 

I find my friend (who's girlfriend is the bartendress) he gets us some drinks. I open these two girls I always see there and eventually they literally run away from me because of the random ass shit I am saying... well that and because they heard some lame ass song and got all exited and wanted to dance with eachother. 

Anyways I see turbo, whom I was trying to find at the mall. Her friends see me and are like
"O hi!"
(directed towards her) "Look who's here" 

(she is talking to another guy, but I put my arm around her and she turns around). She gets all excited and we start making out. Anyways, we hang out the whole night together by the bar. For some reason the bar tender keeps spraying water on me... 

She drags me in an ally and we makeout more. She tells me if she wasn't so drunk we'd be fucking in a ditch right now. We get a cab, go back to my place I wall slam her. Pick her up to my bed. Take of her dress and start giving her a massage (with massage oil) I got a little to into it and probably did it a little too long because she was really drunk and crashed out. Fuck. Lol.

So I'm pretty tired myself, I take off my clothes and passout next to her. snores so loud!!! So I wake her up at 7 and take her home. Get breakfast and come home and sleep. 

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 "Bitch snores so loud!!!"


dude the reason she didn't fuck you was because you were outcome dependent and she knows it gives her power over you. 

I'm having the same issue, this takes some time to get over. 

you have to come to a point where she is chasing you. Lead the interaction. Flirt with other girls in front of her. if she calls you a player be like ya im a player. lol Look up Active Disinerest.

tyler wrote about Active Disinterest a while back you can google it up. 
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 Yea actually now that you mention it, she called me out for being a player and I was like "Na that ain't me" but I really should have just went with it and acted like it didn't phase me. 

Yea I think I outcome independence is key. I forget about this stuff in field, but I assume something as deep as thing is something that just happens after a while. 

I think i'm going to work on the fliping the script tonight. I saw that you commented on this thread,

So I'm going to read it before I go out tonight and try to implement it. Also I'm going to work on the basics of approaching. 

Man this is such solid advice. A lot of this stuff I don't even realize until you point it out, but I makes total sense. Active Disinerest. Good stuff. 

I make a proper field report tonight, I guess this was just kind of a story. 
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