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So I've been keeping a journal everyday, but thought I would update on here. It's much more fun. :)

So I've been going out 3 nights a week literally every week since June of this year. I think I'm ready to take it to the next level. I've been getting a little content, and so I am going to start pushing myself a little harder.

Okay fuck all the touchy feely non-sense. LR TIME from tonight

They aren't joking when they say you should be unapologetic, that lesson really hit home tonight.

So I usually don’t drink very much, but my sugar momma (yea not joking) took me out to this super fancy restaurant and had lots of cocktails and wine. So since it’s Thursday night, I can’t skip besting and tell her I have to go home and do homework, she give me puppy dog eyes that she can’t take me back to her place. Fuck that shit, it’s TIME TO BEAST.

So Nick picks me up and we head out. Get to Tavern in the Square, go to the bar to get some drinks. I order my typical miller light with water, and just lean backwards against the bar. This fucking stunna is standing in front of me texting or whatever bullshit on her phone.

“You gonna check my stocks”
“I don’t need to I have them all memorized”
“O yea… how bout the S&P 500”
“It’s down lately”
she shows me a picture she took with warren buffet
Introduce ourselves
I spin her, hug her, etc. grab her number and tell her i’m going to hang out with my friends, which obviously really means I’m going to go beast on more girls

I open three girls standing together holding their drinks, they instantly give me a weird vibe so I just like back away slowly, intentionally awkward, and start talking to Nick. A japanese girl in that group opens me..

Long story short, she is grinding on me, while i’m sitting down and it’s obvious what’s going to happen. I tell her to give me her number and hand her my phone. But the number of the other girl I got popped up when I went to contacts and I had it labeled “Sarah Investor Woman of Desire” so she’s like “I’m not going to give you my number”

“Okay whatever you want girl”
“Let me see your phone”

*hand it to her*

SHe looks at all my contacts, which the majority consist of girls numbers i’ve obtained that I’ve “cleverly” named or else I would forget them. So she’s like OMG your a blah blah, “You just cocked blocked yourself you know that”

“If I set the standards now you wont be disappointed later” (referencing earlier she said most guys disappoint her)

O and not only that, when we were walking together this girl opens me, and is like “Hey!!! Brad!!” I have no idea who the fuck she is, she’s really cute though. “You don’t remember my name do you, how rude” “I’m sorry, tell me again and I’ll remember forever” Yea can't remember her name. fuck. She turned out to be the best friend of one of my f-buddies.

So this Japanese girl (she was literally from Japan) won’t stop talking about all the girls in my contacts. Anyways, she is grinding on me and it’s making me really horny, “You have no idea what I want to do to you” I can see her having an inner struggle, and a little while later she says “Okay lets go.” I tell her friends we are going to get something to eat. And I hear her tell her friend “Please don’t judge me” lol

So I get my credit card from the bar, come back grab her, go get my jacket, spend like 10 minutes trying to find it under a huge pile of jackets. She says “ugh this is such a bad idea, your such a player” I unflinchingly grab her and we walk out and there is an empty cab waiting right at the entrance.

In the cab, she tells me we are just going to sleep next to each other because she has to wake up. She asks me if she is an asshole because she has a boyfriend (who was like texting her the whole night), and she asks what I would do in her situation. I tell her to just be honest. She says “Wow I feel sorry for this guy, I’m really fucking him over” and shuts off her phone.

We get to her house, and she is pretending to act really drunk. wtf.

She tells me this really inspiring story about her dad and how she feels bad she can’t live up to his expectations.

We go in her room, lay on her bed side-by-side, she says “Goodnight” i say “Goodnight” after about 5 seconds she jumps on me and starts grinding me. lol

I tease her and make her super horny, she begs me to fuck her, I hold out a little more and gorilla fuck her. And she's yelling random stuff in Japansese, was hot.

Yea I never got her number either.


Try it out....

Love Always,

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Fuck brad?!! I shoulda worn a brain condom cuz you just mind fucked me. Hahaha this is some pretty tight shit dude im gonna be such a lucky bastard to have you winging with me later this month. I'm thinking of getting a place soon sooooo yeah thatll be glorious! Anyways brad seriously solid inspired! I just started going out 7 nights a week...seriously though it's inspiring to read this!
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Thanks brutha! I'll be home on the 22nd....SKO Beast
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