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 So I had a HUGE realization the other night... and wanted to share so maybe people don’t have to learn this the hard way... like I did. 

So I don’t drink when I go out but it was my Birfday, and all my mates were out, and so I drank and beasted hard. I was definitely in the zone, as is usually the case on the rare occasions when I drink. I had this Brazilian girl all over me, but then I felt pretty bad leaving my friends alone –who weren’t approaching-when I invited them out and they had to pay $30 to get in. So I number closed (and lol actually f-d her yesterday after our date lol) and went and chilled with my friends. We (3 of us now) leave the club and see these absolutelyfuckingstunning babes. So obviously I open them with "Happy Birthday!!!!!" and spin hug one.... 

We vibe for a bit, and use the latest RSD technology.... 

skeptical gibberish

“oooo we want pizza”

So we get in a cab, and go to my friends' frat house. I naturally move to one of the girls, show her a card trick, then teach it to her and have us together trick everyone. Then we sit on the couch and drink gin and red bull, I just feel super amazing. She tells me how much she wants me to take her on a date, etc etc.

Then all of a sudden SHE JUST GETS UP AND LEAVES!! That surprised the shit out of me! Damn! So I get up and follow her out and ask her what’s wrong and shit,

“I like you, and I gave you so many chances but you just won’t be fucking real. I meant it when I said I wanted you to take me on a date.”

She said it with such genuine realness that it took me aback. Here is the solid, like I’m not even exaggerating one bit, solid 9.5, being real. So I tried so recover by saying,

“Sorry I’m super fucking hyper. And trying to show off in front of my friends..Okay let me real… This is me real… I genuinely like you.. and want to take you on a date…”

Still looking skeptical
“I’m tired of meeting player guys like you, who only care about themselves”

“Girl… I want us to be real. Give me your num… I’m a nice guy…”

She hesitantly puts her number in my phone. I kiss her on the cheek and her and her friend scamper off into the night. I literally was fucking shocked, I thought it was a done deed…

But then as I thought back, I had her back in my house, she was getting drunk, it was obvious that she was attracted, I just needed to be real at that point. But I still just fundamentally was not listening to her, I was just totally in my own world, just so happy spewing my pickup nonsense. And the thing is from doing this so much I knew at that point I should be real, and were even telling my friends to let up on the negs when we were heading back to the cab. But it wasn’t until now that I can really understand the difference between pretending to be real (being real because you “know it’s now time to build comfort and be real so you can fuck her”), by using tactics like by being nice, or asking “So what are you really about, like the real you”, and …..REALLY….. just being yourself.

I think as PUA’s we get so caught up in the things that makes girls attracted in the club (well because it fucking works amazingly) that we sometimes forget to be a real person in the end game. And most girls they’re just so fucking attracted to you that they let these subtle things slide, but when you’re dealing with super fucking high quality girls they point out subtle things in your game.

I took this lesson to heart. Not only was she fucking hot, she was really fucking cool and smart. Fuck I’m still mad. I texted her and she didn’t respond… But her memory and what she taught me will stay with me forever…


Yea so I went out earlier and at this point I have absolutely no trouble opening and can hook a pretty high number, anyways I open this girl but she is walking right into the bathroom. I tell her to come find me later. I’m standing with my friends and see her, point at her, and signal her over. She walks over but is about to leave with her friends, so I snag her number. She types it in and asks if I remember her name. I don’t. She deletes her number out, but I’m like

“one more chance”
“I’m a nice guy”
“I’ll remember it forever”

So she puts her number in again, and her name lol. I’m texting her and she is shit testing me hard core. I realize they are shit tests and just keep rolling with it. And at one point she just stops texting.

THEN I REALIZE, I just need to be real. So I text her,

“Okay in all seriousness, I’m just really hyper right now so I realize I come off a little absurd. But being serious I don’t really know anything about you but you look fun and I think it would be cool to chat, and laugh over some drinks. But if not that’s cool to. “

Which is a super fucking lame, chode message. But she texts me back almost right away and says

“Great lets get drinks”

And completely stopped shit testing me. That also wowed me. Alex’s article on statements of empathy I think is what starting me on thinking about this as a possible sticking point for me.

Anyways, I think I’ll be mad for a really long time about fucking up with that girl, which is rare because I usually do no give not even a little of a fuck, but I will also never forget this lesson.

Love Always,

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Just a quick update on how success with women can have observable, objective changes on your life….

I came home for christmas break, and I hadn't really hung out with my childhood friends for a number of years for a various number of reasons, until this break.... 

I met up with this girl I had the biggest crush on when I was in high school, but she never really was attracted to me. We met at a 24hr diner, and at the end of the night we ended up kissing nothing too serious, I didn't push it too hard because I had those old feelings kind of holding me back. Then we met up the next day, because a mutual friend is having a house warming party and her and I end up fucking in the guest bedroom! After we had sex she was like, when did you become so hot if I would have known I would have called you sooner. This really puzzled me because we are Facebook friends so she obviously can see what I look like, and the people who know me can vouch that I have looked basically the same way for a very long time. This seemingly small gesture really instilled into me that fundamental attraction REALLY is not based on how your physical body looks, although perhaps on how you manipulate your physical body. Perhaps it's the way your eyes move, subtle facial or body gestures, or subtle inclinations of your voice, the sum of which eight make you attractive or unattractive to women. Seeing girls who knew me very well before, and having my looks basically remain the same (at least the ratio of how my looks have changed compared to how the girls attraction has change is super minuscule), is about as scientific and objective proof I can provide to myself on the subject. It's different pimping new girls who didn't know what I was like before and girls I grew up with.

And to top this off, wanting to be objective about this and not base it off one data point, I was curious to see if this would work on other girls I was attracted to in high school but didn't like me. Well in high school I was really attracted to my best friend's sister. Anyways I go to his house and it's me, him, his mom, sister, and our other friend and fiance, we are all just drinking and talking about old times. Everyone goes to sleep expect me my friend and his sister, and my friend is texting. Then all of a sudden his sister starts kissing me right in front of him. Holy Fuck, this would have been a dream in high school. So we are making out right in front of her brother, i'm trying to play it off telling her she should go to bed and shit, that nothings going to happen. Anyways we go off to bed, and my friend won't go to sleep because he's obviously trying to cock block us. He even pretends to close his door then sneaks back in to see what I would do. He eventually falls asleep after a few hours, I sneak into her room, we make out, joke for a while, I eat her pussy, then she can't resist anymore and basically starts me lol. It's like 6:45 at this point, so I leave and meet my grandparents at church, smelling like sex and a little drunk. This shit definitely would have not happened to me before.

Finally I see this girl at Starbucks that I had a huge crush on in high school. I was sitting there on my laptop trying to finish some stuff that I promised I would do before I left back home… but didn't. I see her and open with, "A fucking blackberry… seriously…??" She looks at me and recognizes me, laughs, more black berry teasing, she teases me about my obnoxiously red shoes, boring questions about what I've been up to, blah blah, I start flirting with her and dropping little statements of intent, I tell her I feel like dancing and make her stand up and I spin her, finger clasp, spin hug… right in the middle of starbucks, everyone else is like wtf is going on. She was dough eyed after all of this, and couldn't even talk. fuck yes. I just grab her number because I really needed to finish this stuff within a few hours. So I just grabbed her number, and left. We have a date setup for thursday….

This shit feels real good… And I'm sure lots of you dudes experience this shit… mad props for that. This really hasn't hit me this hard, since you are always constantly making baby steps and hardly ever see the net effect change. But, coming home and reconnecting with people I hadn't seen in year let me basically see the before and after picture. I hope I can see this again in another few years. just fucking amazing. Thank you RSD, Adam, Josh, Nick, Saad for being fucking amazing entities in my life and making a huge difference on this journey.


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Friday, Dec. 9, 2011

I was coming back from a pretty shitty night on Thursday, never really got deep into any interactions. In retrospect I think I was being way to validation seeking. I guess the things is, comparatively a shitty night is still much better than the best nights I had first going out. I got a few numbers only one makeout, but I just didn't feel relaxed and I was creeping a lot of girls out. The thing I noticed from a bad night was how much more intuned I have become with girls emotions from going out so much, I could see right away when they were getting weirded out or offended.

LR: Spinz of happiness

So anyways friday Nick and I went to Royale. We bounce in the venue and chill for a while to let the girls get their drink on and shit. And I’m like dancing and yelling like a fucking idiot. I see this hottie, I walk up and spin her super hard, grab her, then push her away, then double spin her, then I squeeze her and pick her up and we makeout. Then I set her down and walk away. Without saying one word the whole time. lol Her and her friends were like WTF just happened.

Now, I am feeling like a fucking boss, so I start dancing then I point at this blond girl in a really tight, hot dress. She is looking at me and smiling. I grab her and pull her in then spin her and lift her up, and we like pseudo make out and she bites my lips. Then she tells me “let’s go dance”. So I drag her onto the dance floor and it is just so hot, she has so much feminine energy I cannot hold back my boner. I am being super dominant with her, biting her neck and shit and she just starts moaning. Then MF her friend comes in and is like “Naomi what the fuck are you doing!?” and it was like the weirdest shit i’ve every seen, it’s like she popped out of a trance or something. She just like COMPLETELY changed, she’s like “I have to go” and runs away, but I grab her and say “I’ll never let you go” and she stopped and smiled for a bit. But I don’t think it was enough, especially with her friend there, to get her back. So I get her number (after tons of resistance) and she literally runs away. Then I see her with this other guy, and he’s like furious and yelling at her. O shit! I found out eventually that was her boyfriend of 2 years. wtf

This is the type of shit that makes me paranoid about getting a girlfriend. Like if I gf up, and loose my beastness from not going out all the time, then some champion is just going to fuck her or something and I’ll be home alone masturbating with my tears.

Anyways, I go fooling around the club. I tried picking up the bartenderesses with no luck. :( Go to the dance floor, stick my hand out to a pretty tall brunette who is dancing with a circle with her friends, she grabs it, I pull her in, spin her so that her arm lands over my shoulder, and I life her up and spin her. All of her friends stop dancing and are just watching this, so I turn and bow. lol "that was smooth". I ask the friends if it was okay I I take her to dance. They agree and so her and I basically start dancing salsa/swing to this techno music. Then we start grinding, I take her to get drinks, makeout, sit on the couches, etc. etc. go on fake date. “You have no idea what I want to do to you”, tell her i’m hungry let’s go get food, take her in my new car finger and fuck her in the back seat, in a well lit parking lot listening to the bg’s. I was surprised how little resistance she gave me, that really doesn't happen to me much.

Anyways, it was really hot, agressive sex, then I take her to get a braugtworst. Grab her number, I have no more energy to go back to the club (yea I know, what a fucking pussy). I call a fuck buddy, and I just go to her house and I just tease her, because I'm really not that horny at the moment we end up just cuddling and going to sleep then I wake her up in the middle of the night, gorilla fuck her, and go back to sleep.



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So I've been keeping a journal everyday, but thought I would update on here. It's much more fun. :)

So I've been going out 3 nights a week literally every week since June of this year. I think I'm ready to take it to the next level. I've been getting a little content, and so I am going to start pushing myself a little harder.

Okay fuck all the touchy feely non-sense. LR TIME from tonight

They aren't joking when they say you should be unapologetic, that lesson really hit home tonight.

So I usually don’t drink very much, but my sugar momma (yea not joking) took me out to this super fancy restaurant and had lots of cocktails and wine. So since it’s Thursday night, I can’t skip besting and tell her I have to go home and do homework, she give me puppy dog eyes that she can’t take me back to her place. Fuck that shit, it’s TIME TO BEAST.

So Nick picks me up and we head out. Get to Tavern in the Square, go to the bar to get some drinks. I order my typical miller light with water, and just lean backwards against the bar. This fucking stunna is standing in front of me texting or whatever bullshit on her phone.

“You gonna check my stocks”
“I don’t need to I have them all memorized”
“O yea… how bout the S&P 500”
“It’s down lately”
she shows me a picture she took with warren buffet
Introduce ourselves
I spin her, hug her, etc. grab her number and tell her i’m going to hang out with my friends, which obviously really means I’m going to go beast on more girls

I open three girls standing together holding their drinks, they instantly give me a weird vibe so I just like back away slowly, intentionally awkward, and start talking to Nick. A japanese girl in that group opens me..

Long story short, she is grinding on me, while i’m sitting down and it’s obvious what’s going to happen. I tell her to give me her number and hand her my phone. But the number of the other girl I got popped up when I went to contacts and I had it labeled “Sarah Investor Woman of Desire” so she’s like “I’m not going to give you my number”

“Okay whatever you want girl”
“Let me see your phone”

*hand it to her*

SHe looks at all my contacts, which the majority consist of girls numbers i’ve obtained that I’ve “cleverly” named or else I would forget them. So she’s like OMG your a blah blah, “You just cocked blocked yourself you know that”

“If I set the standards now you wont be disappointed later” (referencing earlier she said most guys disappoint her)

O and not only that, when we were walking together this girl opens me, and is like “Hey!!! Brad!!” I have no idea who the fuck she is, she’s really cute though. “You don’t remember my name do you, how rude” “I’m sorry, tell me again and I’ll remember forever” Yea can't remember her name. fuck. She turned out to be the best friend of one of my f-buddies.

So this Japanese girl (she was literally from Japan) won’t stop talking about all the girls in my contacts. Anyways, she is grinding on me and it’s making me really horny, “You have no idea what I want to do to you” I can see her having an inner struggle, and a little while later she says “Okay lets go.” I tell her friends we are going to get something to eat. And I hear her tell her friend “Please don’t judge me” lol

So I get my credit card from the bar, come back grab her, go get my jacket, spend like 10 minutes trying to find it under a huge pile of jackets. She says “ugh this is such a bad idea, your such a player” I unflinchingly grab her and we walk out and there is an empty cab waiting right at the entrance.

In the cab, she tells me we are just going to sleep next to each other because she has to wake up. She asks me if she is an asshole because she has a boyfriend (who was like texting her the whole night), and she asks what I would do in her situation. I tell her to just be honest. She says “Wow I feel sorry for this guy, I’m really fucking him over” and shuts off her phone.

We get to her house, and she is pretending to act really drunk. wtf.

She tells me this really inspiring story about her dad and how she feels bad she can’t live up to his expectations.

We go in her room, lay on her bed side-by-side, she says “Goodnight” i say “Goodnight” after about 5 seconds she jumps on me and starts grinding me. lol

I tease her and make her super horny, she begs me to fuck her, I hold out a little more and gorilla fuck her. And she's yelling random stuff in Japansese, was hot.

Yea I never got her number either.


Try it out....

Love Always,

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So Adam and I have been going out consistently 3 times a week since I got here. This week we are going out 6 times. Going out this much, really highlights the idea of social momentum. You read people talking about it on the forum all the time, Jeffy, Tyler all stress it. But when you really experience it first hand it is amazing- almost magic pill like. And it makes me think of all the other stuff that they teach, they are not just saying it as an academic exercise, or a mind fuck. I think they truly feel this stuff and they try to convey it into words in the best way so that we may feel it as well. I’ve understood leading, communicating man-to-woman, etc. for a while now, but it is only as of lately that I am really feeling on a deep level what this stuff means. And it’s like “ohhhh that’s what they mean” and it just clicks and feels right. And so I think the principles in which I haven’t had that “aha” moment with, I am probably not implementing correctly.

Also another big thing I have been realizing lately (again people say this all the time- but it is so different when you are actually going through it first hand) is girls love to be approached, hang out with, and have sex with a cool and fun guy just as much as we like to fuck and be around hot women. I feel like I am in a way doing women a service by understanding and internalizing success with women. Lately, especially with my Brazialian fb, I have been making them go crazy and feel super passionate (both positively and negatively) and I think women love it. And it just puts me in the moment as well and enjoy myself an unbelievable amount.

It’s also been funny to see women act like chodes: give their power away, act fake so I like them, or get super butt hurt if we don’t hang out, etc. And it shows me how girls feel, and how a lot of that stuff just really does kill attraction. Post bootcamp and especially these last few weeks have been incredible learning experiences, and it’s not just ivory tower theory, it’s practical infield realizations mediated by the knowledge of theory. Neither one can really thrive without the other. And this experience has been showing through not only how I feel (just really outcome independent and happy just being myself), but the number of girls I am attracting and having sex with.

Everyday this game gets exponentially more fun.

So just make sure you really understand and internalize the fundamental principles before you move on. They aren't just saying this stuff for no reason. 

Okay I’m going to do some more fr’s, so that I can remember this shit and chart my progress.

Peace niggas.


Bellagio, B-tiger
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I got to Boston on Friday and fucking love it. Tons of venues and tons of hotties.

Not to mention I got really lucky again with a fucking solid wing. Chillin with Waginator and now Adam just makes going out 100x more fun. These are some solid bad ass positive dudes.

Have been racking up the lays since Bootcamp:

7 in NM
1 in Boston

I am having more and more fun each day doing this- especially as I am slowly starting to see results. It is becoming a full blown addiction, I am thinking about, reading, and implementing pickup every single day now. It is fundamentally part of my life. One of my favorite parts is it's attracting people into my life that are fucking amazing people. I love how all the dudes I met on here are super ambitious, and super positive. Like my fucking state gets pumped just texting Newbie about World Summit, or just eating a hamburger with Adam. All that shit makes me better and makes me want to help them get better. This is probably the best community I've ever been involved in.

Okay enough sunshine and flower power faggotry.

LR: Saturday June 18, 2011

Marathon Pull Starring My Own Hot Token Brazilian Women

Okay just as a summary, AFTER I got her out of 2 different venues and arrived at her house it took about 2 hours to close the deal lol. I've never been shit tested so much in my life. I am particularly proud of this pull because looking back I ran really solid text book game, like I just executed the fucking program.

Okay so I open her by the bar. I've honestly never heard a Brazilian accent before, I thought her and her friend were Ukranian. We talk for a while, she refuses to tell me where she is from, but eventually she tells me she is Brazilian. Her friend gets her drink and walk away, the girl and I are talking. The friend comes back and tries to take the girl away, back to the brazilian girl nest outside. So I follow her and end up with all the friends. I talk to all 5 friends for a bit, then I grab the girl "Sko Sko" we sit on a couch vibe for a while, about Brazil. I bite her neck, number close. I didn't have my phone with me, so... "sko sko" to the bar and get a pen and she writes it on a piece of cardboard from my gum. She wants to smoke, so we walk out of the hotel bar and go smoke. We makeout and we have great chemistry. I keep telling her, lets go to my apartment. We try to get back into the hotel but the bouncer is being a douchebag, so I see another cool looking place and drag her inside. It turned out to be a really upscale restaurant, so we leave. We try to get back in but the bouncer won't let us. We sneak in anyways. 

Back inside.. she says she is getting really hot so I'm like lets go back out and cool off. The douchbag bouncer sees us again and in typical fashion, steals our tickets to gain readmission into the place. So I tell her lets go to a bar in cambridge, we hop in a cab. I tell her I need to get my phone first from my apt. So the taxi drops us off at my dorm and we go in the gate. But she won't come in the building with me. So I go in, but my phone wasn't in there, I call adam and tell him I left my phone in his car. We go back out and get another cab, to central square in cambridge. We go in this bar and order champagne and sit and listen to the live music. 
This whole time we are making out really hard core and we have ridiculous chemistry. In the bar we continue to makeout, she keeps pushing me away saying "too much. too much" or "you are so weird"in a really cute Brazilian accent. Taking my lessons from bootcamp, I just kept agreeing with her and remaining unreactive. Everytime I escalated her and she got too horny she would give the the "too much. too much." and push me away. So I would just change the subject quickly. One time I put her hand on my dick and said "look what your doing to me." this got her extremely mad. haha I thought i was done for. But i just started talking about how i like plants and eventually her anger subsided. 

Adam meets us at the bar. We chill for just a bit and he bounces to go hit on some hotties. Eventually the bar closes and we take a cab to her house. The whole time she is telling me that we're not having sex tonight. Especially, since I tried to pull her to my room about 5 times. I just keep agreeing with it.
We get to her house, and I walk her to her door so that she is safe. We are standing at her door for about an hour minutes making out, and her saying "OMG I can't stop kissing you" and like pushing me away. At this point we are both ridiculously horny. I keep telling her that I am going to go and start walking away but we keep making out. This cycle goes on for a long time, when eventually we decided to get a glass of water in her house- and we also make a deal to not have sex and shake on it lol.

So we go in her bedroom, makeout on her bed. Grind a bit. She keeps making out hardcore then like saying "OMg too much too much" or "This is crazy". I kept going along with it. I would try to stop the makeout first, and take a water break. I tell her I should be going soon, I really meant it, because I honestly didn't think we were going to have sex. 

I put back on my pants and shirt. She keeps taking off my shirt. We makout for about another hour. And I'm like “when is this fucking no sex deal going to expire!” Things are just getting ridiculously hot, the likes I have never experienced. 

Eventually, she's rubbing my dick so hard and kissing my neck so seductively that I can't take it anymore. And say "Fuck the deal has expired." (yea bad grammar) her and i rip of my pants she rips off hers. I put on the condom and we have amazing sex.

This was a crazy pull because she was giving me so much resistance the whole night. The thing is, I enjoy that a lot more because it builds this ridiculous sexual tension- which leads to absolutely amazing sex. I just kept going with it, but being extremely sexual, telling her "you have no idea what I want to do to you" , "your making me think bad thoughts" and "your making me feel funny". Basically I was just mostly acting like myself and being genuine with her.

The whole night I was just honestly totally (or very close to totally) outcome independent and this made her start chasing me towards the end of the interaction. At every step I tried taking her resistance and flowing with it and making it seem like it was my idea. Was an amazing night, we had amazing sex again yesterday. One more and I think she'll be a genuine fb.

Peace Beehatches.

Love Always,
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 Field Report: June 5th, 2011

Sup ganstas.

I've recently been going out here in Albuquerque and I am pleasantly surprised at that quality of the venues, particularly, the women.

So after warming up in the line to get into the club, I head to the bar and open this really hot blonde chick wearing what looked like something purchased from a porn shop. I say

"Dayum girl, look at you lookin all cute" in a really exaggerated playa playa voice. Then I immediately say
"Hahaha i'm Brad" with the cocky smirk of course, as I extend my hand. "haha hi i'm ciara" she grabs my hand and I spin her. Giggles.

I vibe with her for a while, evidently this girl is a gogo dancer for the club. And she fucking must know every single person on the planet, we were constantly being interrupted. She smells amazing, so naturally I smell her neck and bite it. I lift her up and spin her. We hold hands. We make out. I get cherry lipgloss on my lips and I like it. We make out for a while and it gets pretty hot and heavy, but I decided the best course of action in this situation is to #-close and meetup the next day because holy shit this was popular and it seemed impossible that I would get her out of the club anytime soon and I wanted to approach more. Anyways, we part ways on a really high note and she is sad, although I'm sure she got over it right away.

So I leave the club, because I am brand new to the area and want to explore the other venues. I go to this place called the library. Dayum the gurrrrls be fine here. Anyways I go in and open two hotties wearing school girl uniforms, I don't remember what I said but somehow it lead to a group hug. I decide to skip good game practices because I am too happy about how hot these girls are and full palm grab each girls ass and tell them to makeout as I do this I pull them together and motorboat all 4 boobs. Lol they don't find this as enjoyable as I do and tell me i'm too rough, that I should just go find a to bang, that they are not that kind of woman. Continuing to neglect good game, I ignore ignore the rest of what they are saying and walk off to open this really hot, really tall spanish girl. We talk for a while, then her husband blows me out. And it's only then I see the ring on her finger- lol always learning right. So i'm standing at the bar and this girl opens me that she likes my hair. She occupies my attention for a while, then something about her vibe makes me really attracted to her. She had this like super strong feminine polarity- it was fucking sexy. Anyways, we hang out all night the bar closes and I tell her that I'm giving her a ride, and lift her up out of the club. We walk holding hands to my car. We get in the car, make out, take the boobs out and suckle them, I take my dick out and she is straddling me and grinding me. We had a lot of sexual tension all night and it was nice to finally let it loose. Anyways, she asks if i have a condom and I realize that I forgot to bring condoms. FUCK.  She like wtf, so we makeout more and she says fuck it lets do it without, i'm on birth control. 

Yea right bitch. We're both super horny so I finger her while she is giving me a bj now sitting in the passenger's seat . Cum in her mouth and she like coughs and opens my door and spits it out I appreciate she didn't do that in my car. I tell her I'll give her a ride, but she calls her friends and they come and meet her. We exchange numbers kiss and go about our ways- her sexually frustrated me happy. 

I texted her about an hour ago. 

Moral of the story: ALWAYS HAVE FUCKING CONDOMS- like in every single location you can think of. Be like Adam Sandler in the hot chick- "you can put your weed in it" except just put your fucking condoms in it. Unless you don't like sex, and/or want kids then totally don't bring condoms. 

Love Always, 

Bellagio aka B-tiger
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Fellowship of the Beast

My roommate's friend from Alaska is visiting and he is cool. Like this super energetically funny guy, a perfect beasting partner. So I explain some fundamental RSD principles: tonality, interacting man to woman, etc. They get really pumped up hearing this and we go out. 

I'll make this a more traditional FR, because I did a lot of approaching to show them how to open. It was the most in state/ confident I've ever been. 

So I walk in the club, while they are outside because the bouncer doesn't believe his Alaskin id is real. I open two girls, ask them why the club is so empty, talk for a bit, get them laughing, claw them, then leave. First set down and feeling good. 1 point Brad. 

I have been doing vocal tonality excercises and today is the first day I have really been seeing it pay off. 

I open these two girls by the bar:

Brad: "Hey!" they turn around and face me and before they respond I say
"What are the drink specials for the night!" even though I'm not drinking. 
"blah blah blah $2 this $1 that" 
"Your cute I just wanted to come over and meet you." 
"What's your name?"
"random girls name" 
We talk for a while longer, I see hotter girls down the bar and leave. 

I grab my roommate and tell him to come in after I open these girls. 

"Well what do I say?"
"Dude it doesn't fucking matter, just be loud" 

So I open the hotter one, because her friend is texting. 

"Hi Brad. You are cute. I just had to meet you." 
"Hi. (some name)"
"What's your friends name" 
Friend introduces herself. 

My roommate comes in with the most utterly creepy akward and loud hey guys what's up in the history of mankind. It made me feel so akward, I can only imagine what it did to the girls. So I say

"Hey guys, this is my roommate (roommate's name) he's a fucking stud"
"Hi (roommate) I'm Hotty McSlut" 
I'm talking to the hot girl and eventually the friend leaves and my roommate kind of starts hiding behing me. lol 
Wanting to help my mate out and feeling the interaction die, I eject. I tell him to just be more natural. 

Next I this this really hot girl, who is about 6' 1" with heels on. I walk up to her,

"Hey! I'm taller than you"
"blah blah blah hahaha" 
I lift her up and spin hug her. 
"hahaha nooo" 
I hug her and we start talking face to face. Man she smells so good. I tell her, 
"I want a glow stick! WHere are they?"
"blah blah blah over there."
"cool thanks. You smell so good, I want to bite you" I bite her neck, she laughs

More random talking and she's starting to pull away a little bit. So I push her away, while i'm holding her hand, then I spin her. When I approached her she was trying to get to her friend, and was trying to do so at the end. 

At the beggining she was so into it, but I couldn't keep the attraction going. Maybe I was too physical and dominating and should have been more push pull. Or I should have taken her with me to go find some glow sticks. I was mad this interaction ended, whatever my sticking point on this was I have no idea. Usually I'm like I should have done this, but on this one I did everything I wanted and it didn't turn out right. 

I open a group of 4 girls 2 of which are 9's. I tell the hottest that I want a glow stick to badly, that every one has one and I'm sad. She gives me one of hers, I'm like awww thanks and give her a hug. then the other 9 gives me hers too. I'm in love. Then right after this, the 5 of the group takes the glow stick off of my head, and starts acting like a bitch. She tells me to not hug her friend, etc. I'm trying to get my friends to deal with her, but no luck. So I'm plowing trying to befriend the DUFF (designated ugly fat friend) but no luck, she is too mean. I hate loosing to the DUFF, never again!

Anyways, I opened tons of sets. I got straight up blown out once, but the rest opened very very well (well at least to my limited knowledge) and I could keep the attraction going for about 5 minutes then something happens to distract them, or their friends come it, or they just lose attraction. I definitely should have gotten more physical, but the tall hotty I was physical with also died, so there's something subtly wrong I'm doing with that as well. 

Bootcamp in SF, on the 27th. I'm so stoked. 

Love Always. Bellagio. 
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Formal + LMR = Hand of Love 

Okay so a few days ago the chick of the last post- heretofore known as blondy - asks me to her formal which is tonight. I tell her to find another hot guy, she insists and being I just got my suit tailored I agree. 

I get to her house, looking fresh shit, we pregame with her roommates and roommate's dates. We go to the dance, I act like an uncontroled chimpanzee on meth, like always. I do a blackflip off the stage and injure my leg :( After lots of craziness at the dance we go back to her place. Talk for a while with the group, I isolate her (trying to get her to her room, but it is messy as shit, like one of the messiest rooms I've seen in my life so we end up on the stair case). So we are like making out and shit, I'm trying to rub her and it's so wet it's ridiculous, but she stops me and says, 

"Two more days" 

I assume she means she's on her period and respond, 

"Trust me that shit doesn't gross me out" I was drunk and wanted my trouser snake to find a loving home. 

Anyways I don't remember exactly how the dialogue went from there, but I'm trying to get her to her room and finally she's like lets go upstairs. I thought her friends were up there and so I tried to prevent her, she tells me there's no one up there. We go on her couch, we makeout. I start giving her a massage, and take her dress and thong off. She is fucking hot! I'm massaging her, I take off all my clothes, and continue massaging her. I start trying to put my dick in her vagina and she starts moaning, but for some reason I can't get it in. So I lube it up with some spit and try again, she starts moaning again but I can't get it in. She says that she doesn't have sex with random people. I know when to have determination but I obviously don't want to take it to far, so I'm like cool go get me some lotion, she does and I wack it while we makeout and I suck her boobs. It was actually really nice, but not as nice. 

We sleep spooning naked. I was prepared this time with earplugs, so I actually got some sleep. We wakeup in the morning and she gives me a hj, I eat some of their pizza and leave. 

And now my lymph nodes are swollen, I think from sharing a flask with her roommates. Sluts. 

It was an amazing fun night. How the fuck do I break this LMR!!!!??? I've tried everything! Maybe I should just move on! Abundance. 

Love Always. Bellagio. 
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 Dinner Parties and One-itis

So i've been texting this turbo, but she's always so busy with her friends or whatever hot bitches do all day. So I text her something like

"You! Frozen Yogurt" (I've been hyping this frozen yogurt place near my house). 

She responds with something like

"Man I want to but I'm at the mall with my friends blah blah blah I'm a hot that needs to be fucked."

So it text her that I'm going to kidnap her from the mall and that I drive an old creepy white van with no windows, and that I hope she likes guys in ski masks. She says she finds unmarked old creepy white vans sexy. And I make sure she's really at the mall and not just fucking with me, so I tell her she better hide because a bad man is after her. 

Anyways I get to the mall, and it's actually a lot harder to find her than I expected; I had this romatic idea of easily finding her, lifting her up, walking out of the mall, and driving off into the sunset. Hahaha.... yea right! 

So I'm walking and this hot tall middle eastern girl with a mini skirt was walking right in my line of sight, we both hold ridiculous sexual laser eye contact until we pass. I regreted not opening her, but I was talking on the phone to my mother and it was really important.  More important than opening that sexy sexy girl?? I don't know...

Anyways, I finally (after I think an hour) give up searching for this chick because I made dinner plans with my gf. As I am leaving I hear "Hey!" and I turn and it's the middle eastern girl, evidently she works in one of those stands that sell random shit, like watches or whatever. She tell me that she likes my style, she likes artsy guys, and tells me that we should be facebook friends, she gets a pen and paper and writes down her name. I leave happy that I accomplished something... 

So I facebook message her: (note: i'm in a relationship and it says so on facebook)

"Hey random sexy mall girl. It's your art muse.You strike me as someone I could see myself having epic times with. I have a girlfriend so don't get any ideas. ;)"

"hahaha agreed entirely. i have a boyfriend so likewise ;D"

(Cue classic Two Step)

"On the plus side. According to your profile,

You have all your limbs attached
You speak english
You like South Park
You are very liberal
You don't give a fuck about social convention

These are 5 of the 8 things I look for in a girl so I propose we hang out to discuss possible future adventures. btw i'm leaving in 3 weeks so please be creative ;)"

"haha all of which are true..especially the last one. 5/8 eh? i'm curious to know what your other 3 standards are. your about me was all i had to read to be down to kick it..fantastic. that and the fact that ur aware of and respect the relationship i'm in as i wld w/ yours i love toe cleavage thoughts exactly haha. hmm furture creative adventures theres just one issue...we're in retardedly and utterly boring, indiana but i will brain storm u should for sure come to the italian dinner party i'm hosting nxt week i think u might enjoy urself like a lot..its a good time. other than i work the rest of this week..stop by and we can brainstorm together. nice meeting you..glad i'm not regretting giving u my name. its kinda refreshing "

"You don't want to know the other 3 because then you'd be my paragon of virtue/angel of desire who i'd have to make love to under a water fall.

You! I don't want to hear these negative words. Indiana will never hamper the creative genius, that together we posses.. in 3 weeks indiana will be like the new Las Vegas. Seriously....

P.s you definitely get the award for most happy faces sent in 1 fb message. I was impressed."

"ooowie. now you must tell me lol. i'm innocently curious as into if i would be an 8/8 in your book. angel of desire indeed..haha..thats sexy! i like it.

you!!!! r perhaps correct ;P i agree it has more to do w/ attitude and what you make of it vs. your surroundings tho it would be a lie to say that i enjoy living here. i've already incorporated vegas in my everyday life here and even still i find myself restless. indiana will mourn the day i've left her...truth. haha.

well then mister (name edit) what do you propose we do?? it may not be all too creative, but i am stepping out tonight w/ a few friends of mine. i believe kildares is on the agenda this evening. if ur available u should join. regardless you must come to my dinner party..i promise an engaging evening w/ many new friends to be made and moments worth making plus fantastic food cooked by me and 2 friends and an endless supply of wine. yummmmmmm"

"Like i'd give you the key to my heart that easily haha

I actually think I'm glad you randomly distracted me at the mall while I was talking to the phone with my gf. That must be your tactic... to seduce innocent men, entrap them in your love dungeon, make them do your kinky biddings, have your way with them, and only then release them back into the world never quite realizing whether they want to cry or smile. I'm on to you... (name edit).

dinner party sounds epic. I'm a sucker for italian food. Thx for the invite.

So i'm like right in the middle of finals... a responsible student wouldn't go to kildares under such circumstances. What time is that boat sailing? and I'll guess we'll see what type of student I am. lol

P.S. Now that it's officially been more that 2 emails exchanged we need nicknames for each other...

Heretofore (name edit) shall be now be as "Creepy Stalker Girl who Drives an Unlabel Creepy White 1986 Econoline Van To Live Out Her Deviant Sexual Passions on Unsuspecting Mall Goers".
lol It's actually kind of catchy..."

She didn't respond to the last one. 

So I went to the dinner party with my girlfriend and it was epic. The food was amazing and the people there were cool as fuck. I'm sad I just met these people now, since I'm leaving soon. 

So eventually we leave and I head out to the club. It is ridiculously crowded, evidently some people had been waiting in line for 2 hours. 

As is my usual fashion I cut to the front of the line and only wait 5 minutes. Hahahaa bitches!

I walk in and it is so loud and crowded in there, I could basically scream and barely be heard. I walk up stares and open this ridiculously drunk girl, but am immediately turned off because she is trashy and sloppily kissing me etc. 

I find my friend (who's girlfriend is the bartendress) he gets us some drinks. I open these two girls I always see there and eventually they literally run away from me because of the random ass shit I am saying... well that and because they heard some lame ass song and got all exited and wanted to dance with eachother. 

Anyways I see turbo, whom I was trying to find at the mall. Her friends see me and are like
"O hi!"
(directed towards her) "Look who's here" 

(she is talking to another guy, but I put my arm around her and she turns around). She gets all excited and we start making out. Anyways, we hang out the whole night together by the bar. For some reason the bar tender keeps spraying water on me... 

She drags me in an ally and we makeout more. She tells me if she wasn't so drunk we'd be fucking in a ditch right now. We get a cab, go back to my place I wall slam her. Pick her up to my bed. Take of her dress and start giving her a massage (with massage oil) I got a little to into it and probably did it a little too long because she was really drunk and crashed out. Fuck. Lol.

So I'm pretty tired myself, I take off my clothes and passout next to her. snores so loud!!! So I wake her up at 7 and take her home. Get breakfast and come home and sleep. 

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