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 Well this has nth to do with what I did last night. In fact ive been thinking about it very recently. Im moving back to my home country Iran for about 2 months in summer. Well there r no clubs there. But there r players and my sister's husband used to be one of them. Theyre having a really good relationship by the way considering the fact. I know that the main theorys of the game r the same. But this would be a little hard. I dont know if people there approach.... at all. In fact if any police guy or sb sees u doing that theres a really high chance that ur gana be busted. Unless they just think u know the girl or sth. Well there r parties. But guess what. No body gets physical in them. Theres a lot of dancing but no physical game whatsoever unless u find urself alone with the girl and then NOT screw it up. Cause if u do others will eventually know about it and u might fall into some fucked up shit. Considering all these facts about parties they still dont happen very often in ur own social circle. A party should be managed, has its specefic spot so that the police guys wont find it and fuck with u, the guy/girl whos having the party should have money so that IF the police guys come along he/she can give them some money so that they wont have everyone busted and a lot of times the parents can get in ur way for starting shit like that. OH MY FUCKING GOD. Im not saying that I hate my country. But its like i dont know that place no more. Interaction with any girl can be a risk in there. Oh well there r players so there is a way. So what Im thinking is that when I get there the fuckin adventures side of me will take over. Which it does most of the time. K so if I go to ANY place, including coffeeshops, restaurants, anywhere where u can game, I gana have to be carefull. Well there arent any police guys in any of these places most of the time. But Ive never seen anyone just doing an approach to any group. My bro told me about eye contact gaming. Seems like thats where its at. It also seems like hes the only person who can help me on this. I know its good to travel and when I went back home a month ago I had a lot of good experience. But my gaming just cant have a 2 month break in between it. I needa fucking rock that shit back home. Be adventures but carefull at the same time which means that i should let no fear get inside me. Being careful is all I need. This is gana be tough considering the fact that there will be no place to take the girls to. Our house? Well my mom is there so better not. My uncles second house which is empty? I can talk to my cousin about it. Hope hes up for gaming cause this means that i have to include him. And i dont know how my game is rated there so Idk if hes gana rely on me. I havnt seen any success in him but theres a chance of him fucking with me and saying that what I should do and what I shouldnt do. Theres also a chance of him telling me that im fucked cause im trying to get girls all the time. And if he knows about it, he might also tell the others in my family and then EVERYONE will start fucking with me. K fuck it. If I find him annoying I gt forget about my uncles house. Now when im spending time in Tehran( which is not the city ill be going to at first) there will be no chance of getting laid considering the fact that there will be no place to get laid. Or maybe there is a chance. But any ways this is fucked. Fuckin hate the way my country has become. Of course the people r totally escaping every strict rule at some points. Their desire IS freedom and democracy. But still there r some cultural glitches and still the government is built up of strict muslims so I dont know what to expect. This is really weird. Should I be even taking this trip? Oh whatever fuck it. Im up for any adventure. This shit is gana make me think and stay sharp big time for two months which is good. But this still kinda sucks. I wouldnt post this on the forum cause its really long and it is actually a part of my blog. So if anyone has this kinda travelling experience, please share.
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 I should state this in the begining that at the end of this night ... i changed. I became emotional. Some emotions that i always tried to ignore came rushing back since then. Well i should say that i got no numbers during this night. I wasnt the same kind of player that i was at the night before. However my experienced still helped me to do some shit. For eexample i pushed my friend JJ to approach this girl. Whos JJ? Well hes my Punjabi friend. He has a really high approach anxiety. He didnt and he kept on acting as if by just dancing and having fun he will slowly get the girl..... Aint gana happen….cant happen. I told him "GO!! NOW!!" while rocking my right foot on the floor and pointing at the girl with my head and hand. (kinda hard to explain) He shook his shoulders up if u know what i mean. He meant "He didnt know how to" Or "He couldnt.” So i pat him on the back and approach after telling him to watch me. I get the girl to dance with me in 5 seconds. Given the fact that her friend was dancing with someone else this was really easy. Ok heres just a brief explanation of the rest of the night. The girl i was dancing with went for a smoke. I did some dances and approaches that kinda got me nothing. I went back to the smoke girl and she told me with a smile that she wanted to dance alone. I saw her dancing with some other dude after a while. Shouldn’t have left her. I could game her up. Oh well…So I started dancing with this girl who was already dancing with someone else by just eye contact and simply touching her arm. lol she just came towards me like the other guy didnt matter. Well he was a chode apparently because he just "vaporized" after. Then the girl starts looking for her friend. And apparently she was drunk so I leave her be. Bad mistake. Leaving without closing?? Come on!! Then i start dancing with this girl whos just passing and this guy says sth to her that i cant exactly remember and he tells me that shes his gf. Bullshit. So im standing there for 5 seconds to just think of doing sth. I know. I had no voice that night. My voice was basically gone and I had a little cold. So it was hard for me to say anything and the cold was messing with my brains. Or it was the emotions that were rushing back already. No blame on anything else. My fault...Totaly.... My emotions should be in control. They cant be flying anywhere. So the guy says "Ur gana leave us in 3 seconds." I say "What?" He says "Ur gana leave us in 3 seconds or im gana bust ur ass up." Im kinda shocked. So he starts counting as im looking at his counting hand and the girls friend comes and grabs his hand and tells me "Please leave." WTF. I go to the other side with the feeling that i hate what i just did. Acting like a total cause of some "emotional shock". Shouldve stood there and told the guy "im standing where i am. Its u who should be leaving." But i fucked up.I simply Let my false meaningless emotions get the best of me. That became my wake-up call. So this was what was going on in my brain: "Why r u sucha pussy? What does a fucking fight turn into?? Nth! I would rather fight him so that I wouldnt feel like this... I feel so fucking weak!!" The night ends. I try to hide from myself and my emotins by just doing sth that amuses me: Talking bs in indian accent. But when i drop my friend off i feel like shit again. JJ told me that i should not just care about girls in the club and i should just have fun. He was right. I didnt have fun at that night because all i thought about was girls. So i didnt feel like going home. I cruised around with some trance playing in my car. And then ended up at a tim-hortons (coffeeshop) drive through. Through the drivethrough window i saw what the guy inside was doing. It was 3:30 or sth in the morning and he was running around and working. My memories went rushing back to the time that me and my family had our own coffeeshop. I used to work like this. Not at 3:30. I only opened the store at 5 in the morning for 2 weeks and went to the store almost every day( with Friday as a break) at 7:00am in the summer. The rest was mostly other hours. But the way he was working reminded me of the times i was busy. The stress. The emotional dilemmas i had in that time. I couldnt speak much english at the begining. According to me my life was like shit. I had no real friends in high-school. I had never had a gf. I never compeletly stood up for what i wanted. I was fearfull. I was ashamed of myself. And at some points i remember that I HATED myself. I became disgusted when I saw my face in the mirror. I didnt like the person i was and didnt even know which way i was going….. So i thanked the guy for the coffee. Tried to cheer him up a bit which i was pretty successful at. He had to stick his ear out of the window so he could hear me with my fucked-up voice. And I gave him a dollar for tip. Then i drived to the plaza and parked where i could watch the coffee-shop as it reminded me of my past. Right there in the car I started to listen to some sad Persian music. The ones that ALSO reminded me of my past. I almost cried. I held myself by remembering that I was wearing contacts. Then I went back driving with Example’s “Cause u changed the way u kiss me” song. That song kinda reminded me of being a man. That’s why I switched directly to it. So got home wihile still feeling shitty and I went to sleep. In the day after I tried to make myself feel better by reading the last parts of Jeffy’s book “Get Laid Or Die Trying” which are quite inspirational. That kinda helped. But there was still sth missing. I knew that I was behind on my HW. I knew that my last mark on physics was horrible. Was I doing the same thing? Was I letting myself lose again and was going to spend another year in night-school? So I start doing my hw and I realize how much harder it is for me to understand the concepts. At that point…. After a significant amount of time…. I experienced a pain that could not be removed by just forgetting about it. It is all up to me to remove this from my life.Fuck… Failure after failure. I failed to get accepted to a good university in high-school so I went to college to do one year and try again. I failed in my first semester of college by a break-up with a girl I almost loved and also realizing that I didn’t like what I was majoring at. So here I am doing night-school in the second semester of college in order to get back on my feet and im ruining it. That night I decide to go to sleep earlier and study the day after. In the day after I realize that im moving forward in my work so slowly that it bothers me. After I go to the night-school at 6:00 and come back at 9:00 I start to watch a movie with my mom. Well yeah she living with me now for 2 months. And no this aint because im not independent. She only saw me 4 months a year by just travel when I came to Canada. And whenever she came I didn’t feel attached to her….at all. So I asked her to come here with me so that I can figure her out. Is it the fact that she has no feelings that made her stay back-home even though she knew I was literarily fucked in Canada? Or is it just the fact that she doesn’t step-up for what she wants? (Immigration is a tough experience) By now I find the second fact to be more reasonable. She comes and sits down when I tell her that im going to watch a Persian movie (sth I rarely do now). Its kind of a comedy and its fun. I find myself feeling better by attaching to her more. But she looks fucked. She only laughs when I cheer her up and when sth funny happens in the movie. She has a cold. But wtf that cant be a good fucking reason! Oh well I tried. So at the end of the movie she just simply gets up and leaves. I lye on the couch. My head is hearting and I feel like shit. I also tell her that that’s kinda fucked up that she just leaves after the movie ends. She says “Well the movie ended.” Apparently she doesn’t even understand a thing about social life. Maybe a little. Fixing her is no longer my concern. Cause I cant fix her. Its all up to her. No matter how many times ive tried she still doesn’t understand that she has to step-up and also be more social. So I suddenly get up. Putting myself together. Go get some pills and vitamins and get ready to sleep. I feel Masculine. Why? Cause I fucking had enough of this. I simply tell her that she shouldn’t be watching series on her rooms computer and she should be sleeping considering the facts that she feels like shit and that its 12 o’clock. She refuses. So im like “whatever… ur gana feel like shit so why am I worried about it.” I go to bed. I can hardly sleep. Its so fucking warm and im sweating. But that’s good for my cold. I start to feel more relaxed as time passes.
I sleep for almost 12 hours. Feeling fucked still. Well not as fucked as last night. I feel pain. Every pain around me. The cold. The pain about my life. The pain about my education. The pain about the girl I pulled the other night who never texted me back. The pain about pickup. This shit has to get fixed. Im fucking standing up. This has got to end. And today I realized after a while that pain is good. Emotions are good.(not the bullshit ones of course) They show you the way and tell you which way you should be headed. You shouldn’t block ur reasonable emotions because they reveal the truth. You shouldn’t care about what others think. That will only result in negative effects and some other kind of pointless pain that only makes you confused in life. But the pain that tells me Ive had enough. The one that tells me im standing up. This pain is glorious. I feel like nth can stop me now and ima step-up and do it up instead of fucking mourning about it.
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 Night 13 proved that i was capable of even getting better. I started dancing with this girl who was just passing from the middle of the dance floor. Method? Lazer eye contact right when i saw her heading my way and then all phisical dance and shit. After that she said that she wanted to see her friends at the door and we went together. While we were all going back i asked for her name but didnt hear her answer properly. I had to make sure about it cause it kinda fucked me up in the end. She started dancing and i saw this guy going straight at her. She kinda got away from him and i told him "shes my girl" and patted him on the back. Aight we go to the drinks line after. She asks me for her name.FUCK I say i didnt hear her when she told me her name. And shes like "u forgot my name?" and i ask "do u remember my name?" lol i didnt even tell her my name but she was still wondering about it. Then im like "see? were even. We both forgot each others names." I dont think that was necessary. I think it wasnt very smart either cause i kinda played weak by just explaining the obvious. So she asks me to buy her a drink. I tell her that she has to kiss me first and its gt be good so that ill buy her one. After a little argument and me saying "are u even a good kisser? i dont think u r and thats why ur not kissing me" aight that pushes her even more. Well in the end we makeout. But i shouldnt have bought her a drink. CHOOOOODE. What i thought with my self was that this was a deal. But fuck deals. I learned to never do that again. Shes kinda turned off by this. I notice this and i end up seeing her meeting up with this guy who she knows from before and they start dancing and making out. I did some attempts to get her. But it was done. GAME OVER. So im like fuck this and go all over the place approching girls and gaining back my state. And in the end i dance with an 8 (well the other girl was 8.5 but alright) and getting really physical. She asks me "how old do u think i am" so i say" as old as i am." "which is??" she asks. "20". Shes like "no". "younger??". "no"."how old then?". "24". So i say "u look way younger... Thats a compliment :)" So we continue with the physical shit and then her friend is "jealus" as 8 says. So i include her in the interaction and do some hip-hop dance with her. Shes okay now so i get physical again while still hiphoping with one hand at some points. So 8 is like "i gt meet my friends." She goes down. I follow her. She heads to the stage again but i go up the stage while shes down there meeting another friend. I ask for her hand with a side smile. She smiles and gives me her hand and comes back up. I knew this was on from the begining. So when she decides to leave i go with her and ask her for her number. She says "im sorry :/" So im like " am i too younge for u?" she says" well yeah" So i do my "washroom with the blowing up dicks" joke for her. She laughs. I also tell her where im from which is Iran. She asks: "ur middle eastern." "yeah" I answer. "Do i look middle eastern?" "yeah"she says. So im like "im glad u can see that cause some people dont." (honsetly that has happend a lot. Some ask "r u french?" oh well) Now that i analyse this i know that i basically told her that im conffident with what i am and that turned her on. Theyre about to leave so i tell her that ima give her my number so that she can call me. She says okay and starts trying to put it in her phone but fails. So were both trying to figure her phone out and it doesnt work. So im like "Looks like the only way is me texting u." She says "yeah txt me !" So i get her number, text her my name so she remembers it and knows how its spelled lol. Well i think my name is kinda hard to remember (Behzad). Or maybe i think its hard. So we hug each other one more time. Shes like: " It was nice meeting u." and i say "it was nice meeting u too." And we part. What have i done about this today? Well ive  messaged her 4 times already. Did a joke with one message and a push and pull with 2 of them. Well these need no answers. And i just texted her and asked wether she knows any other good clubs in the town. Well no answers yet. Its ok if i screw this up. I was so masculin in my approach and i really learned the masculin approching. U gt go in right when u see her and u gt make sure she knows ur approching. Ima get more numbers tonight and get more advanced with this texting game thingi.
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 Night 9 was not as cool as i thought. In fact it sucked. But im happy with all the experience im getting. I did way better at night 10 by getting really physical with two girls which were both 8s. I was at a rave at night 11 and did about 4 approches. I was a on that night and they all happened at the end and it was like 6:30 am and one chick i approched was too tired for it. No dice. But these approches made me a lot more confident. It was so easy to be fun with the girls. But the problem was i was taking value. Not giving. This tuesday was supposed to be my 12th night. But the bar i wanted to go to was renewvating and all the other bars were closed. But i did approche two girls in a coffeeshop. They kinda ignored me the two times i tried to talk with them. They did look at me and did respond once but still they continued talking about whatever bulshit they were talkin about. That was when i thought to my self: Hey... im bein a cool guy (which i was actually) and theyre fuckin ignoring me? Alright fuck them. Im aint fuckin with myself for this one. So as i was texting my friend this other couple of girls came in. They  were obviously about 5 years older than me. One of them went to the washroom and the other one stayed beside the door. She was a 7. I wasnt totaly into having her but i thought id just play cool and leave with telling her: "are u the door keeper tonight?" She smiled and said "No im waiting for my friend to come out of the washroom." and after that i was like "oh alright" and smiled back and leaved. That was when i thought to my self: "Wow! An interaction is so easy to handle!" Im a fun guy among my friends and i was a little bit of a gamer when i was in the college. Well ofcourse i was kind of a and didnt do any physical shit. That was before my last gf who I thought would accept me as a chode i really was but she didnt and we brokeup. But now everything seems different. I know more about gaming and now I do want it badly and i never wana go back and be that broken hearted chode again.  
So tonight at night 12 everything went different for me. I should also mention the fact that I just got to finish Jeff's "Get Laid or Die Trying". It had really good messages and they kind of explained or further prooved some of my experiences. For example Jeff said: "There is no reason for the interaction but the interaction itself." I also read the end about bootcamp and the "Nimbus" state. This all explained my big transformation since the rave and also truly strengthened it. So tonight I was somehow better than the black-guy player who used to push me away from the girls we were both approching. Tonight I just noticed that his game wasnt as tight as i thought it was. I felt like i had more insight in the game. So at first it felt like getting chicks didnt matter no more. But i know that it kinda did. But it wasnt so important that my night would be ruined without it. So I start approching. Doing my dancefloor game. What can I say? I love dancing. Even when im doing it alone. And i would say im good at it too. Ive seen some girls freeze at some of my dance moves so this also helps my game. Anyways i almost approched every set that i saw on the dancefloor. I only screwed 4 sets. But i did drive the other approches forward. No number closing which seems alright to me at this point. I also danced with a 9. Well she was HOT. But the thought of her being out of my leage didnt truely form at all. In the end of it I kinda felt that I was a 9 too. I truly feel like a 9 now to be honest. So i danced with a 7.5 id say. she was into me cause when her friends tried to pull her she told them it was alright. I think i went too far in the dancing. I was touching her under her shirt. Thats okay no big deal. But I think I did act like a leech fag at some point. I know. I know. If Jeff is reading this, he knows that ive been there before. Dont u my man? ;) In fact I dont think I went "too far". I kinda think I went really far but did the ending like a leechfag. Like i was affraid shed leave if i touch her boobs. That did it. She left right when she realized this. Well this was when i wasnt feeling like a 9. Right after this I saw this 9 girl passing by. The one I was dancing with and got pulled away by her friend. And was being played with by 3 guys including me. I took her arm and said: "Hey!" She turned to me. "Where r u going?" So right then she danced with me for 2 mins. No big deal. I didnt close. In fact ive only closed a 6 once in a club. So I fucked with myself and thought that the other two guys were cooler than me. Haha i know thats bullshit. But whatever. My game was a whole lot tighter tonight. No makeouts. But some good physical game. And also non-physical. Im getting better at talking the girls into dancing with me. But one thing true about tonight was that some of the time I was being the entertainer guy. Not cool at all. In fact the way i got the 9 was not the entertainer way at all. I approched her confidently on the dancefloor. Didnt do any extreme dancing and just did a little hiphop with my hands. The confidence came from my core and it wasnt the fake "tryin to be confident" kind of confidence. I think she saw that in me and thats why she danced with me. First glory times. Of course not very glorious cause i didnt close. Next time i will. Im not even mad. Cause i know with the new insight ive created for myself I can still do this good. And even better after tonight's experience. But the last two mins seemed really intense. And she left after. U can guess what happened. I was dancing with the 7.5 like 2 seconds beforehand. So the "natural" thing happened and it made her leave. Ah whatever I did have a good time tonight. And I had no wingman. I kinda feel even though the black-guy player tried to push me away a couple of times he did saw the game in me from the way i reacted in a way that at some point when i was hitting on two girls on the dancefloor he said that i was his body and tried to join... but failed. Oh well i guess black-guy player isnt gettin laid tonight. Or maybe he did. But i saw no success and also no nimbus from him so i doubt it. No offence to black people by the way. I personally like to be friends with them and i did almost become big-black players friend. But okay whatever. Time to sleep mochachos. Even though i dont get laid tonight theres still a tommorrow. And im feelin really good about myself. I forgot to say that I also saw this lone girl while leaving with my car. Well ofcourse i went back with a half-hearted intention of a pull and ended up with this.I asked her if she was alright and wanted a ride. She said that she had called a cap. But in her tone of voice i now realize that she would let me drive her home. Cause of the way i was acting. My core also had no sexual intention for her for the night and she could see that. Even I truely felt that...strongly. But it did tell me that i wanted her for some other time. She thanked me for checking on her and i left. She was an 8. And she smiled in a way that i know she was actually thanking me. Oh well... shouldve wouldve couldve. Every peace of tonight adds to my confidence about my game. Im learning fast which i do with most topics that r the topics im actually interested in. Im not saying i didnt screw up at all. In fact it were also the screw ups that gave me confidence. Because im really confident with every analyzation of them. Except the undershirt thing which im still half-hearted about. But i will figure that out some other time. 
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 So I decided to write a report about any night that was kinda interesting. That means not just every night. Tonight in Night 8 I had an amazing experience. First this drunk blonde which was an 8 started dancing with me because that i helped her up from the floor when she fell. But then this guy shows up and whispers sth in her ear and then he tells me that he's her bf. Im not saying i believed him. The unfortunate fact was that they started makin out right after he said that and the guy was like 3 times bigger than me. Well... rule of the jungle. I think it is always this way with drunk girls. After this incident i felt like some kinda majical shit had happened to me. I felt like i was the fuckin predator who would kill every mother fucker in the fuckin island. No mercy. THIS IS IT!!!
 But sth still held me back each time i approched a girl. The approach worked well at first but maybe i just wasnt predator enough. I know i shouldve fuckin grabed the girls and started dancing with them. But this didnt come to my mind at the time. It was the old feelin that approched me everytime I approched a girl. The kinda feelin that tells u: "Do I touch her now? Or a bit later?" and actually makes u to look for signs to take what is urs. K fuck this. Im aware of it after tonights experience. ill be a full predator tommorrow night. ill take what is mine and dont fuck with myself next time. And next time i wouldnt leave my girl behind. I think I would feel less like a right now if I actually pulled that drunk chick towards me and wouldnt let that player fuck with me. Shes mine! Get the fuck outa here! Tommorrow will be different. Ima fuck this shit up for good
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 Wow. Whata night.. Got a big improvement in eyecontact  and approch and used the two to dance with 6/7 girls. (7s and 8s) The problem was that i wasnt sure what to say to them. I tried some stuff but they didnt gimi the results I wanted. But  still this was an awesome night with a lota improvement but dont get me wrong: Im aint satisfied at all. 
The truth about tonight was that i was in state. Not fully though. Finally I realize what state really means. This is going to help big time.
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 I just bout this book called the Game. Its by Neil and it has a 30 day challenge. Challenge 1 starts tommorrow (Night 6). Because he says that u gt start the challenge as soon as u begin ur day. Im both excited and affraid but theres no way im backing down.
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 I saw Tylers physical game video today and i did try to do what he said tonight. But it seems like there is smth in me that is preventing me from physical game. Maybe im thinking that this is a really big deal. And like Tim said "when u think its a big deal, then so will they". Through tonights experience i know that  its simply hard for my phsyco to accept this kind of game as smth natural. There is a way for me to get myself through this and that is not to start with physical game on the dance floor. I first need to get my self used to the physical situation im gana make with a girl. Im good in talking and that will get me the girl i want at first. Then i can start to get physical as im talking (after all this is the way Jeff did it in the first month or two)...
Alright another night passes with no results. Im not even mad about this. I just know that this has to be done as soon as possible. If it wasnt possible tonight, then maybe it is possible tommorrow.
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 All i can say is that tonight gave me a really good experience. I know that i shouldnt give a fuck about anything when im gaming. But i still always find myself thinking and analyzing. I did really few approches tonight. But still found the night amazing. At the start i started to literarly dance my ass off. ill never do that again cause it makes me tired and also makes me not to feel like approching girls anymore. But heres the thing: I always used to stay sober in clubs because that i believed that way i could focus and get more girls. I know that I was wrong. Thinking is one thing that you shouldnt be doing but i used to think that it was necesary. So tonight after I had 2 drinks and started to think less i had this feeling that i looked more attractive and i also cared a lot less about what people thought of me. I even drove one girl who had rejected me tonight to dance with me. But I wasnt too much into pick up and i really didnt do anything. Well all I care about right now is resting. This is the first night that i dont feel like a loser and i do think that i got what i wanted: a truly valuable lesson. I know that i should drink the next time i go to a club. Well thats the plan for now. Sometime will come that drinks wont be even needed. But right now they ARE needed. And heres another thing that i learned from tonight: When i dance and go crazy on the floor i am actually impressing girls. But that shouldnt really take me long because what happens after is that i will be turned into the "entertainer". Thats not gana happen again. I might as well dance only a little and make them impressed. Tonight in overall was the best night of the first three nights that i started to work on pick up. Lets see what the next night brings.
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Well the club was kinda empty to night but they were still girls there obviously. First approch was doing really well but unfortunatly the situation lasted for 2 minutes. I approched the girl in a confident way and even her friend did a thumbs up to her. But the problem was that i approched her in the dance floor. Well i guess i shouldve asked her to talk to me outsude the dance floor but well whats done is done. Ok the girl on the second approch doesnt really hear me but still thinks im asking her to dance with me. Well that was a no. I run little sister on one girl and it makes her to actually try to explain to me why shes not my little sister. Wow, im not doing too bad. But heres the thing I learn: theres a very small talk on the dance floor that im not too good with and thats why i get screwd every time. I also approched this 9 hottie while we were dancing. Well shes kinda seems interested but still Im not sure how to make it short and sweet so it goes wrong. My last approch was the best one but i got stuck in my bf problem this time. Well the girl was into me and was laughing at my jokes but it just couldnt go far enough because that the bf showed up and asked her what i was doing there. Well she gave him an okay but it still didnt work out well. I asked her if she could dance good and she said yes. Then I told her that i was a good dancer too so "lets see whos better". She said shed rather just watch me dance (rejected). I had little time before the bf would show up again and still: I cant make it short and sweet the way i see some other guys do it. Anyways the results werent too bad at all. Im getting more comfortable with this and I know that my style right now works best with longer conversations off the dancefloor. But still i gt work on my dance floor techniques. I needa know how to make it short and sweet and how to deal with the bf. Why is the bf there all the time? Maybe the bf is just the guy who has picked the girl up for the night. Damn I really needa know how to deal with this because that its killing me on some really nice hot girl approches.
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