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 Well this has nth to do with what I did last night. In fact ive been thinking about it very recently. Im moving back to my home country Iran for about 2 months in summer. Well there r no clubs there. But there r players and my sister's husband used to be one of them. Theyre having a really good relationship by the way considering the fact. I know that the main theorys of the game r the same. But this would be a little hard. I dont know if people there approach.... at all. In fact if any police guy or sb sees u doing that theres a really high chance that ur gana be busted. Unless they just think u know the girl or sth. Well there r parties. But guess what. No body gets physical in them. Theres a lot of dancing but no physical game whatsoever unless u find urself alone with the girl and then NOT screw it up. Cause if u do others will eventually know about it and u might fall into some fucked up shit. Considering all these facts about parties they still dont happen very often in ur own social circle. A party should be managed, has its specefic spot so that the police guys wont find it and fuck with u, the guy/girl whos having the party should have money so that IF the police guys come along he/she can give them some money so that they wont have everyone busted and a lot of times the parents can get in ur way for starting shit like that. OH MY FUCKING GOD. Im not saying that I hate my country. But its like i dont know that place no more. Interaction with any girl can be a risk in there. Oh well there r players so there is a way. So what Im thinking is that when I get there the fuckin adventures side of me will take over. Which it does most of the time. K so if I go to ANY place, including coffeeshops, restaurants, anywhere where u can game, I gana have to be carefull. Well there arent any police guys in any of these places most of the time. But Ive never seen anyone just doing an approach to any group. My bro told me about eye contact gaming. Seems like thats where its at. It also seems like hes the only person who can help me on this. I know its good to travel and when I went back home a month ago I had a lot of good experience. But my gaming just cant have a 2 month break in between it. I needa fucking rock that shit back home. Be adventures but carefull at the same time which means that i should let no fear get inside me. Being careful is all I need. This is gana be tough considering the fact that there will be no place to take the girls to. Our house? Well my mom is there so better not. My uncles second house which is empty? I can talk to my cousin about it. Hope hes up for gaming cause this means that i have to include him. And i dont know how my game is rated there so Idk if hes gana rely on me. I havnt seen any success in him but theres a chance of him fucking with me and saying that what I should do and what I shouldnt do. Theres also a chance of him telling me that im fucked cause im trying to get girls all the time. And if he knows about it, he might also tell the others in my family and then EVERYONE will start fucking with me. K fuck it. If I find him annoying I gt forget about my uncles house. Now when im spending time in Tehran( which is not the city ill be going to at first) there will be no chance of getting laid considering the fact that there will be no place to get laid. Or maybe there is a chance. But any ways this is fucked. Fuckin hate the way my country has become. Of course the people r totally escaping every strict rule at some points. Their desire IS freedom and democracy. But still there r some cultural glitches and still the government is built up of strict muslims so I dont know what to expect. This is really weird. Should I be even taking this trip? Oh whatever fuck it. Im up for any adventure. This shit is gana make me think and stay sharp big time for two months which is good. But this still kinda sucks. I wouldnt post this on the forum cause its really long and it is actually a part of my blog. So if anyone has this kinda travelling experience, please share.
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wow dude, im living in tehran too, but you are absolutely wrong about this shit. it's not like that AT ALL.
poeple are phisical here, alright?
your just lacking enough balls
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