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 Just started going out every night. Today was monday, so there were no girl groups in the bar at all. Ive been watchin the flawless natural (not the whole thing ofcourse) and tried to get into the woo state/STATE. To be honest, it worked pretty well. I talked to these guys and one of the guys gf for about an hour. K i see no girl groups by 11:30 so i dip with the woo state still inside. DAMN this sucks. am i understanding smth in a bad way here? Well the gf was obviously the guys gf cause they were making out from the begining. and other few  girls in the bar r already sitting with guys talking. Maybe i was late lol? K whatever. its club time tommorrow and ive started goin out every night now. woo state really works. I felt liked i was pumped enough for anything and well i guess there were no opportunities? oh well... the clubbin tommorrow must pay off better cause i kinda know what to do now 
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