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 So I decided to write a report about any night that was kinda interesting. That means not just every night. Tonight in Night 8 I had an amazing experience. First this drunk blonde which was an 8 started dancing with me because that i helped her up from the floor when she fell. But then this guy shows up and whispers sth in her ear and then he tells me that he's her bf. Im not saying i believed him. The unfortunate fact was that they started makin out right after he said that and the guy was like 3 times bigger than me. Well... rule of the jungle. I think it is always this way with drunk girls. After this incident i felt like some kinda majical shit had happened to me. I felt like i was the fuckin predator who would kill every mother fucker in the fuckin island. No mercy. THIS IS IT!!!
 But sth still held me back each time i approched a girl. The approach worked well at first but maybe i just wasnt predator enough. I know i shouldve fuckin grabed the girls and started dancing with them. But this didnt come to my mind at the time. It was the old feelin that approched me everytime I approched a girl. The kinda feelin that tells u: "Do I touch her now? Or a bit later?" and actually makes u to look for signs to take what is urs. K fuck this. Im aware of it after tonights experience. ill be a full predator tommorrow night. ill take what is mine and dont fuck with myself next time. And next time i wouldnt leave my girl behind. I think I would feel less like a right now if I actually pulled that drunk chick towards me and wouldnt let that player fuck with me. Shes mine! Get the fuck outa here! Tommorrow will be different. Ima fuck this shit up for good
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