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 I saw Tylers physical game video today and i did try to do what he said tonight. But it seems like there is smth in me that is preventing me from physical game. Maybe im thinking that this is a really big deal. And like Tim said "when u think its a big deal, then so will they". Through tonights experience i know that  its simply hard for my phsyco to accept this kind of game as smth natural. There is a way for me to get myself through this and that is not to start with physical game on the dance floor. I first need to get my self used to the physical situation im gana make with a girl. Im good in talking and that will get me the girl i want at first. Then i can start to get physical as im talking (after all this is the way Jeff did it in the first month or two)...
Alright another night passes with no results. Im not even mad about this. I just know that this has to be done as soon as possible. If it wasnt possible tonight, then maybe it is possible tommorrow.
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