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 All i can say is that tonight gave me a really good experience. I know that i shouldnt give a fuck about anything when im gaming. But i still always find myself thinking and analyzing. I did really few approches tonight. But still found the night amazing. At the start i started to literarly dance my ass off. ill never do that again cause it makes me tired and also makes me not to feel like approching girls anymore. But heres the thing: I always used to stay sober in clubs because that i believed that way i could focus and get more girls. I know that I was wrong. Thinking is one thing that you shouldnt be doing but i used to think that it was necesary. So tonight after I had 2 drinks and started to think less i had this feeling that i looked more attractive and i also cared a lot less about what people thought of me. I even drove one girl who had rejected me tonight to dance with me. But I wasnt too much into pick up and i really didnt do anything. Well all I care about right now is resting. This is the first night that i dont feel like a loser and i do think that i got what i wanted: a truly valuable lesson. I know that i should drink the next time i go to a club. Well thats the plan for now. Sometime will come that drinks wont be even needed. But right now they ARE needed. And heres another thing that i learned from tonight: When i dance and go crazy on the floor i am actually impressing girls. But that shouldnt really take me long because what happens after is that i will be turned into the "entertainer". Thats not gana happen again. I might as well dance only a little and make them impressed. Tonight in overall was the best night of the first three nights that i started to work on pick up. Lets see what the next night brings.
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