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Remember what the big RSD guys usually tell u? They tell u to know how good u wana become in this. Everyone's always like "what? I dont know!?". Why do u think almost everyone says that? Its because they just dont know how good they "can" get so they dont wana "want" someting that they "cant get"! In my point of view right now, (speaking as a guy who went proactive about his social skills for about 4 years but kinda was a to relate that to girls) anything is possible. I sometimes dont believe myself saying this because that I do fuck up a lot when i wana do good sometimes. But hey, Im not the fucked up nerd that i was 4 years ago am I?  So this gets me to believe that "anything is possible". So tonight I finally told myself how far I wana go in this. And I wana go FAR like where great guys like Jeff and Tyler are. This might seem redicolous. But "everything is possible" right? 

A funny thing happens when u especifically choose ur path. A new feeling comes and circles ur body.  The feeling of "purpose"... Its like u know what ur doing a lot more accuratly than before. Its like u wana do this cause u know where ull get through doing it. Its kinda hard to reach this feeling sometimes because of the doubt most people including me have about themselves.

So heres how the night went:

I was a total at first to be honest. But I eventually start approaching. Some girl is laughing at everything I do or say. Well I guess the 4 years of hard work paid off! But its kinda dissapointing cause that didnt go nowhere. I wasnt too consistent about the whole interaction.

I remember that a set got creeped out by me and moved a bit away while i was dancing near them. But guess what happened later. One of the girls from the set got really turned on by my eyecontact and positivity that she just chose to start dancin with me. Well i should say that i just worked out today and thats where the confidence an positivity came from ;). She was an 7.5  id say. 

After 10 mins she exits the dance floor with her friends but i dont follow. I say to myself "Im having fun as is so why follow?" She eventually comes back to dance with one of her friends and comes very near me to make sure i can see her. And again she cant just help herself and starts dancing with me. Im kinda not happy about not being too agressive sometimes and lettin the girls do all the work ;P She puts my hands over her legs while dancing and this just seems really on so i start makingout with her.

I ask her her name and she takes me off the dancefloor beecause i cant hear her. She asks me to buy her a drink. Im like "I dont even know u". Shes like "U know me now" and starts making out with me again. lol these r just some new shit thats happenin to me.  She goes to the bar and gets her change purse out after with me following her. So shes like: "r u gana buy me a drink?" Im like: "i dont know u we just met! Maybe if i go on a second date with u i would buy u one but not now!" She shakes her head while smiling and lookin away and then walks to these other guys to get a drink. So i do a takaway and go dancing and text my friends   ( yah right) and then I go back and tell her that "I got a deal" Even before I finish telling her about the "good long makeout deal" she starts making out with me CRAZY. So i buy her a drink. Cause Id be a if i dont. She lets me drink some of her drink and then we hit the dancefloor. 

Ok its shit-test time as girls would probably call it. She goes on the stage and dances by herself and then goes to these guys on the otherside of the club. I dont mind and dance around a bit. But after a while im like fuck it ima pull her out. 

So I go right to her and i tell her that ima leave in 15 mins. I ask for her number and some big guy is like "This is my girl dude." Im just like "oh yeah?" while smiling. After a while its like the fucker is tryin to convince me that "shes my girl" and that "shes giving u my number bro. u wana go home with me tonight?" lol im just having fun with this. Well i was punched in the face 20 times in a row before so i dont care if this guys gana turn out a fighter. Cause im not affraid no more. How fuckin funny... Well i do a 1 sec makeout with the girl and say bye to her. FUCK shouldve pulled her away.

I go near the door and start talkin with my phone. Im really good at playing "talking to my phone" by the way and i just found that out tonight. Im basically talkin to myself about the actual situation but i do make it seem like its not my current situation at all. So im like" WTF man? why did u leave? See thats what u shouldnt do. Why r u sucha all the time?" lol i do gain my state back and realize how funny the situation is after this.

But suddenly luck strikes. Or maybe this was kinda unlucky. She and her friends come near the front door. I realize that shes lookin at me and i also realize how natural my "self to self convo" seems like. I go to her again while shes gettin a drink at the bar near the door and tell her that she didnt do the number on my phone cause she didnt know how my phone works. But apparantly she had put the number on my phone and i was the one who didnt know how to use my phone. Very fuckin nice. I call her name while shes leaving and motion to her to come back. She laughs and comes back. How solid..... But I suddenly fuck up by sayin stupid shit and asking stupid questions. U gt know wtf ur saying after all. Or u should at least know that the shit ur saying is not stupid or FUCKED. So she got turned off and just left. I said shit like "how r u goin home tonight?" and "ur alright? u look fucked" cause she was kinda drunk. lool I make sth and then i compeletly. How smart of me...

I was about to text her after but my friend in the gasstation that i had parked at interupted me and so i was like fuck it. And im glad i didnt. Tonight was a hell of experience. I know a lot more about what i should do and how i should get more in depth with a girl now. But i needa be more agressive in order to get a girl I "target". Of course what i just wrote would be like a children's story book to the big RSD guys. But im happy with my results. And im so fucked cause its 5:45 am and i havnt gone to sleep.
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Behzad wrote:

A funny thing happens when u especifically choose ur path. A new feeling comes and circles ur body.  The feeling of "purpose"..
I'm with you on that one.

Good going buddy, Keep moving in the right direction.
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