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Well the club was kinda empty to night but they were still girls there obviously. First approch was doing really well but unfortunatly the situation lasted for 2 minutes. I approched the girl in a confident way and even her friend did a thumbs up to her. But the problem was that i approched her in the dance floor. Well i guess i shouldve asked her to talk to me outsude the dance floor but well whats done is done. Ok the girl on the second approch doesnt really hear me but still thinks im asking her to dance with me. Well that was a no. I run little sister on one girl and it makes her to actually try to explain to me why shes not my little sister. Wow, im not doing too bad. But heres the thing I learn: theres a very small talk on the dance floor that im not too good with and thats why i get screwd every time. I also approched this 9 hottie while we were dancing. Well shes kinda seems interested but still Im not sure how to make it short and sweet so it goes wrong. My last approch was the best one but i got stuck in my bf problem this time. Well the girl was into me and was laughing at my jokes but it just couldnt go far enough because that the bf showed up and asked her what i was doing there. Well she gave him an okay but it still didnt work out well. I asked her if she could dance good and she said yes. Then I told her that i was a good dancer too so "lets see whos better". She said shed rather just watch me dance (rejected). I had little time before the bf would show up again and still: I cant make it short and sweet the way i see some other guys do it. Anyways the results werent too bad at all. Im getting more comfortable with this and I know that my style right now works best with longer conversations off the dancefloor. But still i gt work on my dance floor techniques. I needa know how to make it short and sweet and how to deal with the bf. Why is the bf there all the time? Maybe the bf is just the guy who has picked the girl up for the night. Damn I really needa know how to deal with this because that its killing me on some really nice hot girl approches.
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