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 Night 13 proved that i was capable of even getting better. I started dancing with this girl who was just passing from the middle of the dance floor. Method? Lazer eye contact right when i saw her heading my way and then all phisical dance and shit. After that she said that she wanted to see her friends at the door and we went together. While we were all going back i asked for her name but didnt hear her answer properly. I had to make sure about it cause it kinda fucked me up in the end. She started dancing and i saw this guy going straight at her. She kinda got away from him and i told him "shes my girl" and patted him on the back. Aight we go to the drinks line after. She asks me for her name.FUCK I say i didnt hear her when she told me her name. And shes like "u forgot my name?" and i ask "do u remember my name?" lol i didnt even tell her my name but she was still wondering about it. Then im like "see? were even. We both forgot each others names." I dont think that was necessary. I think it wasnt very smart either cause i kinda played weak by just explaining the obvious. So she asks me to buy her a drink. I tell her that she has to kiss me first and its gt be good so that ill buy her one. After a little argument and me saying "are u even a good kisser? i dont think u r and thats why ur not kissing me" aight that pushes her even more. Well in the end we makeout. But i shouldnt have bought her a drink. CHOOOOODE. What i thought with my self was that this was a deal. But fuck deals. I learned to never do that again. Shes kinda turned off by this. I notice this and i end up seeing her meeting up with this guy who she knows from before and they start dancing and making out. I did some attempts to get her. But it was done. GAME OVER. So im like fuck this and go all over the place approching girls and gaining back my state. And in the end i dance with an 8 (well the other girl was 8.5 but alright) and getting really physical. She asks me "how old do u think i am" so i say" as old as i am." "which is??" she asks. "20". Shes like "no". "younger??". "no"."how old then?". "24". So i say "u look way younger... Thats a compliment :)" So we continue with the physical shit and then her friend is "jealus" as 8 says. So i include her in the interaction and do some hip-hop dance with her. Shes okay now so i get physical again while still hiphoping with one hand at some points. So 8 is like "i gt meet my friends." She goes down. I follow her. She heads to the stage again but i go up the stage while shes down there meeting another friend. I ask for her hand with a side smile. She smiles and gives me her hand and comes back up. I knew this was on from the begining. So when she decides to leave i go with her and ask her for her number. She says "im sorry :/" So im like " am i too younge for u?" she says" well yeah" So i do my "washroom with the blowing up dicks" joke for her. She laughs. I also tell her where im from which is Iran. She asks: "ur middle eastern." "yeah" I answer. "Do i look middle eastern?" "yeah"she says. So im like "im glad u can see that cause some people dont." (honsetly that has happend a lot. Some ask "r u french?" oh well) Now that i analyse this i know that i basically told her that im conffident with what i am and that turned her on. Theyre about to leave so i tell her that ima give her my number so that she can call me. She says okay and starts trying to put it in her phone but fails. So were both trying to figure her phone out and it doesnt work. So im like "Looks like the only way is me texting u." She says "yeah txt me !" So i get her number, text her my name so she remembers it and knows how its spelled lol. Well i think my name is kinda hard to remember (Behzad). Or maybe i think its hard. So we hug each other one more time. Shes like: " It was nice meeting u." and i say "it was nice meeting u too." And we part. What have i done about this today? Well ive  messaged her 4 times already. Did a joke with one message and a push and pull with 2 of them. Well these need no answers. And i just texted her and asked wether she knows any other good clubs in the town. Well no answers yet. Its ok if i screw this up. I was so masculin in my approach and i really learned the masculin approching. U gt go in right when u see her and u gt make sure she knows ur approching. Ima get more numbers tonight and get more advanced with this texting game thingi.
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