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 Night 9 was not as cool as i thought. In fact it sucked. But im happy with all the experience im getting. I did way better at night 10 by getting really physical with two girls which were both 8s. I was at a rave at night 11 and did about 4 approches. I was a on that night and they all happened at the end and it was like 6:30 am and one chick i approched was too tired for it. No dice. But these approches made me a lot more confident. It was so easy to be fun with the girls. But the problem was i was taking value. Not giving. This tuesday was supposed to be my 12th night. But the bar i wanted to go to was renewvating and all the other bars were closed. But i did approche two girls in a coffeeshop. They kinda ignored me the two times i tried to talk with them. They did look at me and did respond once but still they continued talking about whatever bulshit they were talkin about. That was when i thought to my self: Hey... im bein a cool guy (which i was actually) and theyre fuckin ignoring me? Alright fuck them. Im aint fuckin with myself for this one. So as i was texting my friend this other couple of girls came in. They  were obviously about 5 years older than me. One of them went to the washroom and the other one stayed beside the door. She was a 7. I wasnt totaly into having her but i thought id just play cool and leave with telling her: "are u the door keeper tonight?" She smiled and said "No im waiting for my friend to come out of the washroom." and after that i was like "oh alright" and smiled back and leaved. That was when i thought to my self: "Wow! An interaction is so easy to handle!" Im a fun guy among my friends and i was a little bit of a gamer when i was in the college. Well ofcourse i was kind of a and didnt do any physical shit. That was before my last gf who I thought would accept me as a chode i really was but she didnt and we brokeup. But now everything seems different. I know more about gaming and now I do want it badly and i never wana go back and be that broken hearted chode again.  
So tonight at night 12 everything went different for me. I should also mention the fact that I just got to finish Jeff's "Get Laid or Die Trying". It had really good messages and they kind of explained or further prooved some of my experiences. For example Jeff said: "There is no reason for the interaction but the interaction itself." I also read the end about bootcamp and the "Nimbus" state. This all explained my big transformation since the rave and also truly strengthened it. So tonight I was somehow better than the black-guy player who used to push me away from the girls we were both approching. Tonight I just noticed that his game wasnt as tight as i thought it was. I felt like i had more insight in the game. So at first it felt like getting chicks didnt matter no more. But i know that it kinda did. But it wasnt so important that my night would be ruined without it. So I start approching. Doing my dancefloor game. What can I say? I love dancing. Even when im doing it alone. And i would say im good at it too. Ive seen some girls freeze at some of my dance moves so this also helps my game. Anyways i almost approched every set that i saw on the dancefloor. I only screwed 4 sets. But i did drive the other approches forward. No number closing which seems alright to me at this point. I also danced with a 9. Well she was HOT. But the thought of her being out of my leage didnt truely form at all. In the end of it I kinda felt that I was a 9 too. I truly feel like a 9 now to be honest. So i danced with a 7.5 id say. she was into me cause when her friends tried to pull her she told them it was alright. I think i went too far in the dancing. I was touching her under her shirt. Thats okay no big deal. But I think I did act like a leech fag at some point. I know. I know. If Jeff is reading this, he knows that ive been there before. Dont u my man? ;) In fact I dont think I went "too far". I kinda think I went really far but did the ending like a leechfag. Like i was affraid shed leave if i touch her boobs. That did it. She left right when she realized this. Well this was when i wasnt feeling like a 9. Right after this I saw this 9 girl passing by. The one I was dancing with and got pulled away by her friend. And was being played with by 3 guys including me. I took her arm and said: "Hey!" She turned to me. "Where r u going?" So right then she danced with me for 2 mins. No big deal. I didnt close. In fact ive only closed a 6 once in a club. So I fucked with myself and thought that the other two guys were cooler than me. Haha i know thats bullshit. But whatever. My game was a whole lot tighter tonight. No makeouts. But some good physical game. And also non-physical. Im getting better at talking the girls into dancing with me. But one thing true about tonight was that some of the time I was being the entertainer guy. Not cool at all. In fact the way i got the 9 was not the entertainer way at all. I approched her confidently on the dancefloor. Didnt do any extreme dancing and just did a little hiphop with my hands. The confidence came from my core and it wasnt the fake "tryin to be confident" kind of confidence. I think she saw that in me and thats why she danced with me. First glory times. Of course not very glorious cause i didnt close. Next time i will. Im not even mad. Cause i know with the new insight ive created for myself I can still do this good. And even better after tonight's experience. But the last two mins seemed really intense. And she left after. U can guess what happened. I was dancing with the 7.5 like 2 seconds beforehand. So the "natural" thing happened and it made her leave. Ah whatever I did have a good time tonight. And I had no wingman. I kinda feel even though the black-guy player tried to push me away a couple of times he did saw the game in me from the way i reacted in a way that at some point when i was hitting on two girls on the dancefloor he said that i was his body and tried to join... but failed. Oh well i guess black-guy player isnt gettin laid tonight. Or maybe he did. But i saw no success and also no nimbus from him so i doubt it. No offence to black people by the way. I personally like to be friends with them and i did almost become big-black players friend. But okay whatever. Time to sleep mochachos. Even though i dont get laid tonight theres still a tommorrow. And im feelin really good about myself. I forgot to say that I also saw this lone girl while leaving with my car. Well ofcourse i went back with a half-hearted intention of a pull and ended up with this.I asked her if she was alright and wanted a ride. She said that she had called a cap. But in her tone of voice i now realize that she would let me drive her home. Cause of the way i was acting. My core also had no sexual intention for her for the night and she could see that. Even I truely felt that...strongly. But it did tell me that i wanted her for some other time. She thanked me for checking on her and i left. She was an 8. And she smiled in a way that i know she was actually thanking me. Oh well... shouldve wouldve couldve. Every peace of tonight adds to my confidence about my game. Im learning fast which i do with most topics that r the topics im actually interested in. Im not saying i didnt screw up at all. In fact it were also the screw ups that gave me confidence. Because im really confident with every analyzation of them. Except the undershirt thing which im still half-hearted about. But i will figure that out some other time. 
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