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 Night 29 was a night for me. I hardly approached 5 girls and got rejected every time. I should also mention that Ive started reading the book "Awaken The Giant Within" by Anthony Robbins. At some part of the book he says about the power of "decision" and how it can change ur life compeletly.... Damn hes right! I havent seriously decided what I shouldve decided about a month ago. Fuck ,why? So I decided to write my decision here so that I will feel more commited to it. From now on im gana approach ANY girl that im interested in. Doesnt matter if shes surrounded by dudes. It doesnt matter that shes on the other side of a fuckin fast streamin river and i gt have to swim across it to get to her (well there r no rivers in the city so just as a metaphor). Im fuckin doin this. Ive made my promise. There's no turning back now.
But theres only one exception: Im not gana game any girl that has her bf with her. But the thing is he actually gt be her bf ;)
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