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 Im not gana explain what I did at that night in full because the interesting shit about that night is actually my character building. 
-Firstly i went to this club that i had somehow made a big thing out of it, and was somehow thinking that there will be a very low success rate when im in there

-Secondly I approached ANY girl that I was interested in. Didnt matter if she was a 9 or a 10 or even higher. I was kinda affraid of rejection at times but just doing it gave me confidence.
-Thirdly I tried to talk more because I was always afraid of screwing up while talking so i never usually talked. What i always did was getting physical on the dance-floor while making eyecontact. 

-And lastly I did different approaches outside the club. I usually never approached any girl on the street with this kinda intent. In other words ive been always too "self amusing" to care. This kinda approach was outside my reality and now its merely part of it.

What ive learned through the last nights is that whenever I show more of what I am and make myslef more valunrable I got a greater chance of success. I did a lota approaches on night 31 and I simply made some people hate me and some love me. It was all because I had"made myslef valnurable". So in conclusion: "Im totaly ok with being myslelf now. U can either hate me or love me. I dont care."

At Night 32 I exposed myself to a lota stuff that I really feared. So I built my character stronger. I learned this from Ozzy by the way. Im going to start day gaming tommorrow because that day gaming seems really scary for me. 

Since last night Im a lot more passionate about my fears. Its like I love to do what I fear because of the feeling that it gives me. A really nice approach that I did last night was on the street after I left the club:

So me and my friends were walking and then I see some 8 cutie coming down the street with her friend. I do what "I think is cool" and go:" wait wait wait wait" while pointing my two hands at her:
"Do u like salad?" (Her face goes bright because i got Woo and some intent)
"Do u like salad?"
"Yes I do!" 
So I hug her and lift her up while saying : "oh we got sth in comon!"
There are like 7 people around us that r dead frosen watching me do this. Including my 2 friends and her friend. Well I guess my friends would be frozen anyway. So whataver.
So i put her down and continue:
"Is it ur birthday today?"
"Well its ur birthday because im telling u that its ur birthday. Have u had ur first club makeout yet?"
"yes" giggles
"Ok u want a second one?" (heres where i fucked. I shouldve said "heres a second one" and then madeout with her. I shoulda showed more intent)
She's smiling but kinda drops her head down. 
So i go "Then do a spin for me instead" and get her to spin
"Where r u from??"
"Im persian."
"Awwww" gives me a hug
So im about to leave her ("cause she didnt makeout with me" is what i tell myself) and I see this cigarete in her hand :" Hey u dont need to smoke ur shmoking already." She giggles and says "see u around" and we part.

Ok I see what im doing here. I got a lotta "WOO" as Tim would call it but I dont have enough intent and somehow I move in to the entertainer guy category. I should take "getting laid" more seriously. Im kinda mad that I keep on doing the same fuckin "too much self amuesment" mistake over and over again. I should have the self-amusment mixed with intent. I should say to myslef: "This is going down TONIGHT" This was only my night 32. Why do I always block myself out because I think the shit needs more time? I couldve gotten laid even last night if I had more intent. Probably taking a girl home is kinda outside my reality and therefore I just dont let it happen. There's a fear in me that says "The shit aint gana work". Im more than pumped to approach this fear.

Another thing that I learned was that the interaction goes the way u start it. If u start really physical with a lotta intent then its a lot more likely that ur getting that chick. Im gana focus on this a lot more. Im tired of playing around.
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