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First night out after a year out in game.
After going regularly for three years and going from being to scared and insecure to talk to women to going out and getting blown out for about a year to pulling some really hot chicks. I stopped going out due to illness (probably due to going out so much and lack of sleep).
Getting motivated to go back out regularly has been hard, before the motivation to do this was easy as I wanted this so bad. Now the motivation isn't as strong.

First night out it took a while for to get the first approach done. The first approach was a cute women walking along, I stopped her told her she was cute got really physical she was smiling and seemed to like me. It was a loud club so couldn't really talk to much so was only a short interaction. Next few women I talked to went pretty much the same and got blown out by a hot chick at the end.

Need to start approaching more, just making throw away comments as I walk around the club.
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Hey has anyone had the experience where they have been asked to leave a club or told they will have to leave for getting too physical with girls or pestering them. This has happened a couple of times to me and it always throws me as there aren't exactly an abundance of good clubs where I live. I try to tone it down after but seem to get blown out straight away and don't want to persist too far. A lot of the times this tends to be the friends who drag them away and get annoyed. Any advice?
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