Pimps of the world, I salute you!


Quick question: Have you ever had a bad night out where everyone else seems to be having fun except you? Have you ever walked back home doubting yourself and the success you can achieve? Have you ever doubted the fact that you can actually become the person that you want to become? Ever thought to yourself "Why the hell I'm I doing this?" or "Is this actually going to help me get to where I want to with women?" or "How come I'm the only one who can't do this? How come I don't get it?"

I guess this was more than a quick question afterall. teeth Pretty negative thoughts huh? Yet we've all had them. We've all been there, experienced this feeling, doubted the process of pickup and ourselves at one point. But don't worry, this article is dedicated to YOU, who aspires to become the biggest pimp in the world, have abundance with women and is really a person with that area of his life taken care of.

Warning: This is NOT a motivational article. What I'm trying to do here is provide you with some knowledge that really helped me stay on this path and keep hammering until I get there. So, sorry, there are no "you can do it" quotes here, just some things to keep in mind in your journey towards success with women.

- What is the Process All About? -

In order to never give up and keep pimping, you have to understand what the process is, as I always say, "you can't face something if you don't know what it is".

This video in my opinion is one of the most important videos Tyler ever made, check it out:

A simple way to explain the process is "peeling the layers towards your core, attractive self". This is not the most acurate way to put it, it's just a simple and helpful way to think about it.

- Face Your Fears -

Constantly. If you are serious about getting success with women, you HAVE TO FACE YOUR FEARS. In fact, I could argue that this is the most important part of pickup. You have to learn to be honest with yourself, identify what your fears are and go and face them as fast as you can!

Thank you Ozzy for the wise words! So facing your fears is REALLY important in this game. Imagine that your faculties are the magic juice inside a potion and your fears are the lid. Once you get rid of them, the lid opens and your natural attractive self flows out! Oh, and BONUS. The lid gets weaker gradually over time if you are facing your fears consistently. shades


- Do it for the Reference -

Many times in my endeavours, prior to approaching a girl, this stupid thought comes to mind:

"What if I do the approach? How is this going to help me?"


Believe me, this DOES help you. No matter WHAT, you get a reference experience. Even if you think you are not learning, your mind uncosciously does the learning for you! The only thing you have to worry about is executing, facing your fears and letting go! All the other pieces of the puzzle fall naturally into place.

- Mastermind Group -

A really cool "technique" to make things easier for you is finding people that are into this and creating a mastermind group. This is something that really helped me a lot. I was alone in the beginning, but as time passed I found people that were interested in going out regularly also, so we became friends, created a group on facebook and started going out together consistently.

This is also good because if you normally go out with your friends, say, 4 times a week, you will eventually start asking each other everyday "dude where should we go tonight?" "are you coming out?". This makes it so much easier to actually keep on going out and shooting the shit!

- Have Fun -

Key. Whenever you feel like things are too complicated for you JUST. HAVE. FUN. Forget about the next move or the next thing to say or the next opener. Act stupid, do what you feel like doing. Remember that a big part of this is actually learning how to have fun every time you go out, how to create positive emotions on demand!

I really hope this helps you, the aspiring pimp, to achieve the life of your dreams! Until next time!
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