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Imagine you are in a night club on your casual night out, loud music playing, the place is filled with hotties and people having fun, yet the only thing you can think of is your bad mood. Does this happen often to you? If the answer to that question is yes, then this article may be of help to you.


+++  What is Social Momentum?  +++

The idea of social momentum is basically taking specific actions to get to a social/sexual mood while out. Imagine you have been working all day and you are in a logical mood while you are out. You know that being logical never gets you laid. On the other hand you see a dude who is having his own party, grabbing girls, jumping up and down, it's only natural that he gets laid at the end of the night. What's the difference between you and him? It's social momentum.

I'm sure you don't think he's like that when he's at home alone, or while he is out shopping, or while he is working, right? He did some things that gradually put him in that state. I will show you now how you can also get in that state.

+++  Alcohol  +++

Probably the easiest and most consistent way to build social momentum is alcohol. The guys you see out partying like there is no tomorrow have probably been drinking. A lot. It's like a "good mood" potion!

I really don't have anything against alcohol, but in my opinion, it's far from the best way to achieve a good mood because of the downsides it has:

-  Destroys your brain cells. It can really dumb you down when you overuse it. Since you go out regularly, it's really not sustainable.
- Hangover. Fucking sucks.
- It costs a lot (especially where I live, in Sweden). Now, if you are a billionaire you probably don't care about this, but there is better use for your money!

+++  Follow Your Fears  +++

While in the club, I'm sure there are moments when you think of something that you want to do, spontaneously and you block yourself by thinking "what if people don't like it?" or "what if people judge me?" or similar thoughts. Guess what? These are your fears. Building social momentum means proving to yourself that what other people think of you doesn't matter AT ALL! So,

+++  Let Your Mind Lead The Way  +++

Treat your mind like your spoiled dog. It wants to have fun, it wants to flirt, it wants to be free. So let it. Just stop denying it what it wants because of your little bullshit thoughts about who is judging you and LET IT BE FREE! 

"please let me out?"

Trust it! It really knows the way. It even knows how to attract girls and getting them horny. The only thing you need to do is let it. That's really what building momentum is, letting your inner dog do exactly what it wants without any stupid thought intereference!

+++  Tyler's Six Steps  +++

I use Tyler's Six Steps to evaluate how I'm doing every night. This is really helpful because if I had a bad night out there are always some points out of these that I did "wrong". I believe that this is an awesome process for momentum building, but keep in mind that you don't always have to follow it, there are many times that my "dog" wants to occupy itself with other things instead of approaching all the time, for example dancing with friends.

+++  Do What Works For YOU  +++

In the same way that a map can never be 100% accurate, you have to understand that nobody can provide you with a good enough process that works 100% for you. You are going to have to go out and try different things to eventually develop your own process that works just for you!

I hope this article helped you realize some things about social momentum and yourself! Until next time!
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