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            Sometimes looking for signs that a woman likes you can feel like guessing all the answers on a multiple choice test. These signs will also vary a lot depending on the context of the situation. For example, signs of attraction will change if you’re at a club, a bar setting, a more professional networking event. There’s also the classic “Does she (a friend) like me or is she just really friendly?” They’ll also change depending on what country you’re in, and what the cultural norms are there.              Here is how to look for signs a woman likes you in 3 different environments, as well as some tips on how to test for them.  1. At a bar or nightclub If a girl at a bar or at a club is still talking to you, then it’s a definite sign that she’s at least intrigued by you. Many guys get tripped up by this, because more attractive girls can be very curt and dismissive in their responses. Part of this is because they know that any signs of obvious attraction like laughing or tossing their hair will give a guy will be the go ahead to annoy them all night, and they don’t always know right away whether or not you’ll be that cool guy they want to spend time with. Another thing to remember is that almost no one will call out an attractive girl at a bar or club. As far she’s concerned, she can act however she wants, and everyone keeps smiling and inviting her out. So ignore what your instinct is telling you at first, and keep talking to her. Slowly you’ll be able to figure out whether a really hot girl is attracted to you. And chances are, more and more of them will be attracted to you the more you build your skill set by talking to them for longer.If she’s not a super attractive girl, then she will be less adept at hiding the signs of interest as she’s talking. These will include laughing often, touching you back (you should be constantly touching her champ), ignoring her friends to talk to you, and touching her face. 2. If you are good friends but you want to get closer Generally for this, verbally escalating will not work at all. Trust me, I’ve been there. “I feel so comfortable around you!” and verbally testing the waters will not get you anywhere. Not to mention girls are very good at expressing their emotions openly, so you will most likely get outclassed here. Best course of action here is to ask her out on a 1:1 date and physically escalate as you normally would on a date, but of course being more careful not to go too far too fast. Another way would be to very playfully flirty the next time you’re out with a group of friends. Make sure to be the same with everyone, so it doesn’t look like you’re just targeting her, but hopefully with her you can bring a more sexual vibe. If it’s enough to get her to notice that you’re acting differently, then you’re off to a good start.       3. While on a date The best way to test your date’s level of interest in you, and also to firmly set the frame where you want it to be is to go in for a kiss or escalate your physical touches about 1/3 the way into the date. There’s a saying that’s very prevalent, especially on dates which is “If she’s staying, she’s playing”. No matter how coldly she rejects your kiss or your escalation, just move on and pretend it didn’t happen. She’s acknowledged your frame that you want the interaction to continue in (a more sexual one) and by staying, she’s acknowledged that she’s “playing”. If you have any questions about these signs of interest, or just fun stories to share about how you broke out of the friend zone, be sure to share them below! 
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