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Viewing barriers as opportunities to improve yourself for example a major one guys can run into in a metropolitan city like Toronto can be the language barrier.  With the diversity of this city often times you’ll run into situations, sets, and leads that don’t speak English fluently or at all!

When you take away your witty jokes and endless amounts of bullshit stories you have it can be a challenge to strike up an interaction with another woman but you have to push through this and view it as a challenge, view it instead as another way of pushing your boundaries in your development as a person.  Take this opportunity to work on your sub-communications, physicality, and even your sign language!

Have fun, stay present in the moment and don’t be so fucking outcome based.  Many guys will use the excuse of “oh she’s leaving for China in 2 months anyways! There’s no point in furthering this
conversation or even bothering with her, she’s not a girlfriend candidate!”  Fuck that, you’re in it for the reference experience, not the outcome.  Stay in the moment, do things for your own enjoyment, and stop speculating.  Speculation is just mental masturbation.

In most cases this can lead to no action being taken or a stigma attached to approaching women who
come from around the globe.  The truth is they want to talk to you just as much as you want to talk to them, but you must take action. If you procrastinate you will masturbate, I guarantee it.

By challenging yourself and plowing through interactions that present a barrier, you will have more reference experience to draw from the next time you run into a 10 that doesn’t speak a word of English.  It will give you something to draw from and this is the most important factor in your development in pickup and your development as a person. 

If you begin to speculate ahead of time and attempt to predict the future or outcome of an interaction then you’ll put yourself in your head and will not be acting on your own intentions.
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