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As we get to the bar to get a drink...

Her: "Do you have a girlfriend?"
Me: "Who knows. Maybe, maybe not"
Her:  "Well I can't do this, I don't wanna be a homewrecker"
Me: "Why? What are we doing? What's happening?"
Her: "Um....uhhh....getting a drink, I don't wanna....homewreck"
Me: "Well I don't have a GF so that's okay"
Her: "You do, I don't believe you!"
Me: "I have like 17 girlfriends so it's okay. They all know the deal!"
Her: "Hahahaha"
Me: Pointing to random girls in the bar "These are all my girlfriends!" *stolen line from someone else, possibly Jeffy*

Shit testing a girl was so fun, totally caught her out. Although she would NOT leave the drinks issue - I bought us both a shot before and then this time she tried to make her buy her drinks again. I was like "hell no" and she basically tooled me infront of the barmaid making me look like an idiot and I ended up paying halfs with her on the next round even though it was her turn. 

I'm wondering if American girls have this whole issue about getting drinks bought for them moreso than British girls...
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