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So the other night I decided to be TOTALLY self amusing, to the point of stupidity.

I was like a hyper ADD kid, I swear. Although obviously something was hitting because at the end of the night 2 girls were fighting for a place in my bedroom.

My friend and I were doing mouse noises all day and making them speak, and by the time the girls that I didn't know had come over for his birthday party they were already into me. I was like a brown Russell Brand, spewing both sexual and non sexual shit like it was going out of fashion and I was the coolest and ONLY motherfucker on the planet.

I noticed the fuck-me eyes from one straight away.

I was sitting down amusing myself talking to the guys and I could see her out of my periphery watching me like I was some engaging film, jaw open. As the night went on I noticed her moving closer and closer to me, and everywhere I turned she was there. She was tryna open me ALL the time, but I kept on amusing and said a few words to her here and there, but was mainly farting unapologetically and having way too much fun.

By the time we got to the club, the other girl had already said she needed to stay in my room because of some bullshit reason. I'm like "yeah cool, whatever". She's thinking JACKPOT. I'm thinking, something to do if I get bored, but am really not bothered at all, verging on NOT WANTING it.

The other girl pounced on me while I was alone at the bar. I had just been talking to a random HB and as soon as I had a second silence she came at me with full force. I don't even remember what she said, but I remember about 30 seconds later she ATTACKED my face and started making out with me. I was taken aback as she was eating my face like it was disappearing. Seriously hardcore. I was in shock.

When she finally let me get up for air, the other was watching mortified. At this point she decided to ask me again whether she could stay in my room, trying to keep her place in the "queue". Other girl proceeds to attack my face many more times throughout the night. I barely chatted to anyone in the club, I was too busy dodging women and having the most fun ever.

By the time we got back, girl 2 had already got comfortable in my room. I was in the kitchen fucking about with others for ages and she was waiting to attack me. When she realised I didn't wanna come in she gave up and came to the kitchen. I went to my room and girl 1 came in, closed the door and attacked my face again. We both came out seperately and girl 2 picked up her stuff and was like "actually, I'll stay in another room don't worry".

Day after I'm getting friend requests, invites and compliments, all out of pure self amusement. But I took that shit to a different level. It was full IDGAF. Had just watched Alex~ gay club pickup earlier on and was in state.

I realise that this is not solid game, this is just a way to build attraction. If I had played by the rules I could have potentially had a threesome. But it's fun to see just how much attraction you can build with self amusement.

Ultimately though, it comes down to what you do with the attraction that you build. You escalate, build rapport, move things forward, and then good things happen, rather than stagnating in the same phase forever.

Still, good times~~
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I love it man. It's always fun when idgaf!
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