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Coming back from a night out me and my chode friend are chating up 2 girls.

My one is deep into the conversation whilst his is getting restless and wants to go home. She vocalises this to my girl who doesn't really wanna leave.

After about 5 minutes his girl realises that we're not going anywhere so she says "OK, you can come back to ours, I don't even care, can we just leave already?". Haha, awesome - easy timez~

So we start walking back and the girls are in front with us behind. They start picking up the pace as it's freezing whilst we just chill back. Suddenly, chode stops and says "let's go". Obviously I'm like "WTF??" He says "Man, lets just leave it, let's go". The girls stop and look back and wonder what's going on. Chode says "It's not happening, let's just go" and the girls shout out "Fucking hell, are you coming back to our place or what, seriously?". Chode walks away and I realise it's gonna be tricky to handle on my own so I head off with friend cursing him loudly. The girls say "fuck you, just go home then" and run off.

In the abusive debrief that follows chode mentions that they started picking up the pace so they clearly were tryna get away from us. I was like "DUDE, WTF?? They said COME BACK in the first place. And if that wasn't clear enough, when you stopped they said 'are you cokming back or what??'. That generally means COME AND FUCK THE SHIT OUT OF ME NOW!" He couldn't believe his ears as he started to understand what had actually happened and then he spent the next 10 minutes apologising and wanting to change the situation and telling me not to tell anyone what happened.

The lesson here is twofold:

1. Girls just want to be bent over
2. They will go to lengths to throw themselves at chodes so that they can get the point - but chodes are blind. They don't see the obvious. They live in their egoic interpretations.
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Auchh, dude, I understand you want to share this frustration overhere. It won't happen a second time to you ;)
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