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Time to write.

until now I had nothing to write because I hadn’t done shit.

But now, I’m doing it, and I FUCKING LOVE IT! Actually, it’s almost scary because I’ve become addicted to it.

9 months ago, I was happy (or really unhappy but unable to admit it) to stay home alone, download movies watch them, then jerk off to internet porn. I made excuses to myself like “no girl is worthy of me.” HA. What a cop out, in retrospect. But now...

Now I go out. Sometimes I go out ALONE. This concept was so foreign and intimidating to me 9 months ago, but NOW? Now, I do it. Not only do I do it, but I do it successfully. This culmination of reading and reading and watching and watching, book after book, DVD after DVD of pickup science, advice, motivation, seminars, techniques...finally, I’ve put it into practice. My total sexual frustration exploded to the surface in a volcano of pimpness. red hot magma now surrounds and envelops women and they melt.

It’s hard to pinpoit what exactly set this off. RSD has been huge for me, for sure. RSD has basically taught me that it’s not so much about the lines or the technique, it’s more about the mindset, the vibe, the confidence. Things I thought were impossible to LEARN or BECOME, things I thought people either had or they didn’t just by luck of the genetic draw, have become ME. I’m such a fucking pimp.

Me, 9 months ago, an insecure, CHODE, making excuses, qualifying, CARING so fucking much. Me, now, just totally IN THE MOMENT, saying WHATEVER THE FUCK I WANT TO SAY, and IT WORKS!

Example: Last night: Reno, Nevada. I’m out alone. I’ve already scored two nights in a row (going out solo), with women on the 7-8 scale, women I would’ve had a heart attack even making eye contact with 9 months ago (BTW, sustained eye contact has done wonders for me like you don’t even know, son). It’s approaching 3 am, I was actually pretty lazy the whole night, making half hearted approaches to halfly attractive women, who showed interest, but I kept walking away...then, at the very end of the night, after I lose my last $45 at blackjack to some asshole dealer, I get up start walking towards the exit....BOOM, look who’s coming towards me...A 9 and an 8...I walk straight at them...one more opportunity, i say the first thing that comes to mind:

“HEY! Entertain me! This place is fucking boring the shit out of me”

The girls are a bit surprised. The 8 smiles and stumbles for words, SHE LIKES ME....OPPORTUNiTY. The 9 tries to play me off. I say some stupid shit...can’t even remember. 9 gets invited to sit with some high roller dude at a table. She accepts.

I just go into STATE, totally in the moment, spitting total nonsense to the 8...making fun of her, pushing her away, pulling her in, back and forth..30 minutes later, BEST makeout EVER...30 minutes later, HER ROOM, HER BED...HISTORY


Thanks RSD, and thanks to all other sources who helped bring me to this.

May the personal improvement continue..

This shit is BEYOND NOBODY. Believe in it, believe in yourself, and the stars will align!

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