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How To Set Up Your Google+ Brand Page by

1. Getting Started

To get started, sign in to your Google account and then head to You can watch the video, but it’s just a glossy marketing blurb with no how-to info.

2. Pick a Category

You now have to select which category your business fits into. The categories are as follows:

Local Business or Place

Suitable for: hotels, restaurants, places, stores, services

Product or Brand

Suitable for: apparel, cars, electronics, financial services

Company, Institution or Organization

Suitable for: companies, institutions, organizations, non-profits

Arts, Entertainments or Sports

Suitable for: films, TV, music, books, sports, shows


Suitable if your business doesn’t fit into another category

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3. Add Info

Next up is entering your business name and website.

After this, you have to select an additional category that suits your business.

These sub-categories are dependent on the main category you choose.

For example, for “product or brand” you can choose from the likes of food and drink, arts and entertainment, fashion and beauty, home and garden, etc.

You then need to select who can view your Google+ profile. The default is any Google user, or you can restrict this to 18 and older or 21 and older.

4. Tagline and Photo

If you thought Twitter’s bio space was tight, Google+’s is even tighter. You have just 10 words to summarize your business.

After you’ve done this, you can add an image.

5. Get the Word Out

In the next step Google offers you the ability to tell your personal Google+ circles about your new business page.

6. Your Google+ Brand Page

And you’re done! From here you’re good to go with your brand new Google+ business page.

On your new welcome page, Google generates a link to your Plus page (sadly a string of random characters, rather than a vanity URL). You can also get a Google+ button for your site.

It’s now up to you to start adding people to circles (different to personal pages, the defaults include “team members,” “customers,” and “VIPs”) and get posting. Enjoy!

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