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So my pickup journey begins. =)

Always being shy and generally unaware of my social surroundings, I grew up at a distance from the world, scared to participate in it and having a feeling of general unworthyness.

I don't know who instilled this feeling in me or if it was always there naturally or even if it was something growing up before I remember that did it but I know it's always been there.

On September 21st, 2009 my girlfriend and I broke up for the final time, I loved her very much but circumstances beyond my control intervened and ripped us apart rather violently. I wasn't surprised, it had happened before but we got back together.

But this time, I looked myself in the mirror and said "no more of this bullshit Mike," and promised myself that I wouldn't ever let someone like her control my life again. I couldn't let people dictate how my life was going to run and the actions I was going to take through external factors and just do them without thinking simply because I was "told to."

So I found RSD and the pickup community and decided to get into full swing, I wasn't green when I found this site, I'd read all of David DeAngelo's stuff years back in high school but didn't pay attention to it, but this time it will be different.

Heads will metaphorically roll, watch out Australia, here I come. =) 
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welcome to the site man!
at least you already have some experience w/ women which is a big head start in terms of pick up. being in a relationship before getting into this is huge advantage in my opinion because you're already slightly calibrated to how women act and think. and you didn't have a girlfriend by pure luck, so you were obviously doing something right. you just have to build upon that knowledge. become more alpha. take control.

good luck with your journey and i hope you grow exponentially.

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