Women like me

Barney Stinson
Ive been on RSD nation for less than a week,
a lot of the concepts from other "PUA" training methods have begun to steel the concept of "Out come dependence" form RSD or not beig out come dependent, and much more importantly, my Natural Buddy who knows of the community, said, "I just like to go have fun, I always have fun when were out with the guys"
I have heard that word doing MM and UNG and David D stuff for 5 years probably less than 5 times and I have read or heard it here more than 50 in like 3 day.....

"Yes these are bruses from fighting... and yes Im okay with that... I... am enlightened"
you guys have opened my eyes.

Ps. Picked up jeffy show, was the shitt to the max, its like someone shit out some poop then shit on it, then jeffy vomited it at me. Thanks; this journey is going to be amazing.
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