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just before we start let me tell you a little story. all over my high school years i used to get to school by hitchhiking(because my school was in another town and because i live in such a shit hole) it was  great way to get to know people/girls hear stories and work on my social abilities. now i won't lie to you it wasn't that great at all times and iv'e met some scary/weird people too but (and that's huge but) i also managed to meet a lot of cute girls and also to lose my varginity in a renault fluence.. so anyway on one of my sets in those adventures i made out with one girl too much and got herpes on my lips which basically says that once in a couple of monthes i can't make out with girls for at least a week and a half. it really pisses me off when it happens and leaves me frustrated through the whole week though this time i decided to stop with the crying and to get as much as i can from it.

so a few days ago i met this amazing russian girl(short hair, nice pair of C's i guess, tattoo on her back and the knowledge of how to move your body so it can make each and every guy you see have the biggest bonner he ever had) and while i was getting phyzical with her i notticed my lips and panicked. i talked to her later and we decided to meet again on another day but still i couldn't do anything now you guys add to that another 4 or 5 girls who i had a connection with over the last week and you'll understand why i ended up with only a phone number(which i usually don't ask for but this girl was fucking amazing). it's funny the way i'm getting all of that attention exactly when i can't do anything with it. it started with that russian girl followed by another brunette, followed by a good friend of mine and her girlfriend and ended up tonight in a cuban concert which was great by the way with this amazing 25 year old girl(a girl which im pretty sure i could fuck in my car but we exchanged numbers and i believe i would grab that ass in a few days from now). in the meantime i started talking to this girl on facebook and after a converation or two we started talking about how i would fuck her, where, what will she be wearing, etc. etc. and all i could think about is when this motherfucking herpes will fall off.. damn!

so eventhough it was kind of short theres only one guy i could think of trough all of this evening.. what's up murphy?

i hope to write to you guys next week and can't wait til i have something interesting to tell you.
in the meantime have a great week and remember the words of kate upton which basically says that only the ones who try get the girl.. those who are shy/wating for the right moment get nothing.

edit: thinking about it again a just realized having that "break" really gives you motivation and hunger towards the next weeks to come.. i'm telling you in a few years from now i'll shock this country.
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