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 so.. i said i won't write to you untill i have something good to tell and eventhough i didn't fucked the girl it was the closest thing i got to sex in the last few months.
just this morning i saw Julian's video about rejection and it is funny the way things turned around for me. so i've been dancing with a couple of girls catching a lot of attention being the center of the party when i catched her checking me out. she is a fucking russian godess blond hair, blue eyes, great ass and a big golden cross necklace which adds the taboo for me(because i'm jewish) and makes it even more attractive.
so i came to talk with her for a while smiling, confident and physical but i sense that she's still no ready so i go to talk to others.. later i come back ad she turns down a kiss telling me to go to other girls.. i act as if i didn't care and went dancing with a couple of girls that made her see i'm not that lonely.. the thierd time i catched her going out of the bathroom closed a kiss near the bar nd after a while took her to a separate place and it was there when she started acting like a psyco licking my hears, bitting me, licking my neck i felt like a bambi sitting ithe lions mouth and the funny part is that i had the weirdest bonner ever! grabbing her ass kissing her if i had a place to take her right there and then i'de do it.. but she was at a work appointment an we couldn't do much.. so we changed phone numbers hopping i'll see her tomorrow before she leaves back to moscow.. 
damn i can't wait till im over with school i need that freedom to go out and do my thing without carrying about studying to the next test..
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