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hey, i'm an almost 18 year old guy and let's just say that Confidence is not one of my problems.
i've been aproaching girls since i was 12 years old, and if there's one reason i love pick up so much it would be the challenge. I love sports, dancing, music, going out, Experiencing new things and dominant women.
lost my virginty at the age of 15 with a 26 year old student and i'm here because i would like to take my game to the next level. you see, when i was first introduced to "the game" the idea of some weird guy calling himself mystery getting laid with 22 year old hotties really got me and like a fool i started learning his methods. now after a while(and planty of girls who wanted just to be friends) i thought to myself  - " like this is probably one of the stupidest things i've ever done.. this girls know i'm approaching them so why should i hide it?!" not to mention the infield fails all of those PUA had all over the internt. so i stoped trying those methods and started to work by intuition. i wanted something real and that's when youtube suggested me one of tyler's videos and he got me hooked. he shocked my world and influenced me to go out and do stuff that i never thought i would do.
now, even though i'm just finishing high school i look and feel much older than what i really am and i've got a student card which says i'm almost 22 so what i'm going to do is pretty relevant to all.

i live in a fucking nowhere village in Israel, which makes the whole concept of pulling much more difficult and also led me into having sex in all of those crazy places; not to mention the problematic personality of some of the girls in Israel. which leads me to the main reason i'm writing this blog. in the next 5 months - the time between finishing high school and going to the university/to the army(i might be studying before going to the army) - i'm going to go out as much as i can, parcticing what i've been studying again and again and again and i'm going to write all about it in this blog.
you're welcome to follow and comment.
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