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 so.. i said i won't write to you untill i have something good to tell and eventhough i didn't fucked the girl it was the closest thing i got to sex in the last few months.
just this morning i saw Julian's video about rejection and it is funny the way things turned around for me. so i've been dancing with a couple of girls catching a lot of attention being the center of the party when i catched her checking me out. she is a fucking russian godess blond hair, blue eyes, great ass and a big golden cross necklace which adds the taboo for me(because i'm jewish) and makes it even more attractive.
so i came to talk with her for a while smiling, confident and physical but i sense that she's still no ready so i go to talk to others.. later i come back ad she turns down a kiss telling me to go to other girls.. i act as if i didn't care and went dancing with a couple of girls that made her see i'm not that lonely.. the thierd time i catched her going out of the bathroom closed a kiss near the bar nd after a while took her to a separate place and it was there when she started acting like a psyco licking my hears, bitting me, licking my neck i felt like a bambi sitting ithe lions mouth and the funny part is that i had the weirdest bonner ever! grabbing her ass kissing her if i had a place to take her right there and then i'de do it.. but she was at a work appointment an we couldn't do much.. so we changed phone numbers hopping i'll see her tomorrow before she leaves back to moscow.. 
damn i can't wait till im over with school i need that freedom to go out and do my thing without carrying about studying to the next test..
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just before we start let me tell you a little story. all over my high school years i used to get to school by hitchhiking(because my school was in another town and because i live in such a shit hole) it was  great way to get to know people/girls hear stories and work on my social abilities. now i won't lie to you it wasn't that great at all times and iv'e met some scary/weird people too but (and that's huge but) i also managed to meet a lot of cute girls and also to lose my varginity in a renault fluence.. so anyway on one of my sets in those adventures i made out with one girl too much and got herpes on my lips which basically says that once in a couple of monthes i can't make out with girls for at least a week and a half. it really pisses me off when it happens and leaves me frustrated through the whole week though this time i decided to stop with the crying and to get as much as i can from it.

so a few days ago i met this amazing russian girl(short hair, nice pair of C's i guess, tattoo on her back and the knowledge of how to move your body so it can make each and every guy you see have the biggest bonner he ever had) and while i was getting phyzical with her i notticed my lips and panicked. i talked to her later and we decided to meet again on another day but still i couldn't do anything now you guys add to that another 4 or 5 girls who i had a connection with over the last week and you'll understand why i ended up with only a phone number(which i usually don't ask for but this girl was fucking amazing). it's funny the way i'm getting all of that attention exactly when i can't do anything with it. it started with that russian girl followed by another brunette, followed by a good friend of mine and her girlfriend and ended up tonight in a cuban concert which was great by the way with this amazing 25 year old girl(a girl which im pretty sure i could fuck in my car but we exchanged numbers and i believe i would grab that ass in a few days from now). in the meantime i started talking to this girl on facebook and after a converation or two we started talking about how i would fuck her, where, what will she be wearing, etc. etc. and all i could think about is when this motherfucking herpes will fall off.. damn!

so eventhough it was kind of short theres only one guy i could think of trough all of this evening.. what's up murphy?

i hope to write to you guys next week and can't wait til i have something interesting to tell you.
in the meantime have a great week and remember the words of kate upton which basically says that only the ones who try get the girl.. those who are shy/wating for the right moment get nothing.

edit: thinking about it again a just realized having that "break" really gives you motivation and hunger towards the next weeks to come.. i'm telling you in a few years from now i'll shock this country.
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 so.. over the last week i went out 4 times. made out with 4 girls(3 in one night, 1 in another, and none in the two that's left) didn't take any numbers and didn't have sex in a few months.
but i'm ok.. me not having sex is something that i can accept(i'll get laid when my game gets better/when i date older women - which i haven't done in a while) and still there is something that really pisses me off(mostly with people i used to be in touch wih when i was less socialy accepted than today) and it is the fact that although i tried to be physical and social in my sets, girls still reacted to me as if i was a stalker or the wierd kid i used to be back at the days.. and the funny part of this story is that some of them actually started dancing with me and hugging me and laughing with me as long as they didn't know who i am - because of the lights in their faces and the night... - but the minute they saw my face their reaction has become bitchie at once. now, i'm not an ugly guy and some girls will even say i'm hot so it's not my appearance that turns them off, my social behavior and my approaches works with girls who aren't from that social group and i know that when they get to know the real me they will understand i'm cool and all but how do i get a whole group change their prespective over me? and it's a big question cause even when you start a conversation with a random girl in order for her to feel good around you she needs the get your deal without feeling intmidated and it needs to be quick so how do i do that? now, some of you will might say stuff about eye contact and being direct but you must understand that i'm talking about girls that will shut you down in seconds. so i'll be glad to hear from anyone who can help me with my problem. i'm not looking for a magical solution or a magical "move" i'm looking for an indicator that will might help me understand what am i doing wrong with those bitchie girls i used to know in high-school(for me, it's a matter of ego and not attraction).

now, looking at my first night out(a party in the city far from all of those girls i used to know in high scool) by being intouched with my desire for having fun, dancing, singing and approaching ever girl i see just because it's funny i managed to make out with 3 diffirent girls(one of them had a boyfriend and that's the only reason i didn't fucked her in the bushes) and to have the night of my life. those are the kind of nights i want to have when i'm going out and i want to achieve those without a single drop of alcohol in my throat.

so i got a few conclusions from this week and i'de like to share them with you guys..
1. always heard the instructors in rsd talking about the beast mode - experienced it only few times in my life but when it came this week it was amazing. i coul'd do what ever i wanted to do and it was cool and i'm talking crazy shit so do whatever you got to do in order to get into that mode.
2. in the first night i didn't let any heart me or take me of my balance and the results were amazing(for me) in opposite to the thierd night and the results are talking for themselves.
3. if someone can answer my question in the comments it would be great(i'll try it and write about it next week).

sorry for my english this week i'm having a writer's block ;) have a great week
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hey, i'm an almost 18 year old guy and let's just say that Confidence is not one of my problems.
i've been aproaching girls since i was 12 years old, and if there's one reason i love pick up so much it would be the challenge. I love sports, dancing, music, going out, Experiencing new things and dominant women.
lost my virginty at the age of 15 with a 26 year old student and i'm here because i would like to take my game to the next level. you see, when i was first introduced to "the game" the idea of some weird guy calling himself mystery getting laid with 22 year old hotties really got me and like a fool i started learning his methods. now after a while(and planty of girls who wanted just to be friends) i thought to myself  - " like this is probably one of the stupidest things i've ever done.. this girls know i'm approaching them so why should i hide it?!" not to mention the infield fails all of those PUA had all over the internt. so i stoped trying those methods and started to work by intuition. i wanted something real and that's when youtube suggested me one of tyler's videos and he got me hooked. he shocked my world and influenced me to go out and do stuff that i never thought i would do.
now, even though i'm just finishing high school i look and feel much older than what i really am and i've got a student card which says i'm almost 22 so what i'm going to do is pretty relevant to all.

i live in a fucking nowhere village in Israel, which makes the whole concept of pulling much more difficult and also led me into having sex in all of those crazy places; not to mention the problematic personality of some of the girls in Israel. which leads me to the main reason i'm writing this blog. in the next 5 months - the time between finishing high school and going to the university/to the army(i might be studying before going to the army) - i'm going to go out as much as i can, parcticing what i've been studying again and again and again and i'm going to write all about it in this blog.
you're welcome to follow and comment.
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