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i guess ill blog today, i diddnt really go out tho.
just a long day at work and a nooby approach during a run.
what can i say about work....
theres a girl i walk by in the mall often and we spoke once and i got the number...we're supposed to see gabriel iglesies...with an I when he comes to my school in november. this is 2 months ago i got the number. since then we've spoken like twice. when i walk by her stand on break ill act like my ras isnt one her...but it is, so i guess you can say im behaving like and incongruent BITCH. noted tho...this wont last.
also manager at work totally digs me...i see her when i work (so frequently) and recently when she comes and tells me my sales goal..i kinda just behave nonchalant as hell and almost aloofishly humorous...she just giggles the whole time. today as shes giggling i ask her...are you high, or am i having an affect on you. she says the latter. cool
but still...i dont know what the fuck to do. im not gonna stress about it. ill just be who i am and let me going out alot and the action habit im creating possibly lead me somewhere with her...naturally (im not gonna sarge her). so we will see what happens with time...and massive action.
i shoot the shit alot with people...its getting more fun and less uncomfortable. still some approaches tho where im just too unsure of myself...with time.
anyways what im feeling now is well.....a negative emotion attatched to this chode approach i did like 20 mintues ago.
I was running...wrapping up my rugby training session. i run past these 2 says hi of course, i wasnt surprised. in my head i assume...ok these girls are the socially confidant types. so i stop and turn and say........
something so fucking gay...or at least thats how it felt.
"so do you guys want to be friends or should i just keep running"
the girl that said hi said "you should keep running"
and thats what i did.
omg *slap
so chode...and the emotion i felt during the whole thing was stupid gay and chode as well.
i generally assumed it was a possibility she would say "we can be friends" when i said that since she said hi to me.
and it wouldve been a cool line if i had been congruent to it..
it wouldve been cool if i really was 50/50 about the wouldve been me qualifying them. but it wasnt like that
other options:
turn and say hey who are you guys.
hi im jeff
i saw you looking at my ass
isnt it past your bedtimes
run with me
and even if i do say that exact line i did and the girl saying you should keep running...Its just a congruence test on my part.
if i was TRULY COMMITTED TO OPENING THEM i wouldve maybe said.
run with me
you should keep running
No, lets be friends. im jeff.
i diddnt have a stong frame from the getgo.
i hope i remember done being a little bitch.
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im committed to going out everyday even if its the grocery store. ive done it
I went to a bar strip in my town with the intention of doing street game.
never done it
with that in mind id like to note that in pickup when im doing something for the first time like the club, street game, and basically THAT type of frame where everyone is drinking and having a social actually like to be drunk.
For example ive been to a club 3 times. Never drunk and never with the intention to do time i was with my sister.
as i get more into this going to the club is becomming more of a reality. i just got my enhanced NYS liscence so im gonna start hitting up the falls and toronto. But...whats hitting it up if im not hitting the club where i could potentially mass 30 cold approaches if i wanted to. The mall will not give me that in 3 hours. So i want to go to clubs soon. But i grew up chode, my mind tells me im an outsider and that i wont be liked, that "im too different". But...ive been studying self development for almost 4 years so...fuk that chode bitch SHIT! im going to the club
the idea is tho...why make it overbearing on myself...why not drink the first 10-20 times.
im disciplined and i wont get addicted, its just the stimulation of a club at this point will release the old me and i will freeze up and be chode if i havent already been approaching once ive arrived. So the idea is to get drunk at the club for like 2 months. THEN try going sober once. Because i think at that point id have habituated that "I AM ENOUGH IN THIS ENVIRONMENT" from going to the clubs alot. So going sober might HURT more and i may be stifled. but from going out buzzed 10 - 20 - 30 times i will become familiar with the environment at least. Familiarity breeds comfort. so after going out drunk and approaching, i fully believe i could eventually go out sober and start approaching and eventually just not drink as much...maybe once or twice a month...cuz that shit fucks you upp.
see what im saying? i just want to numb myself till i become used to the environment.
anyways i just got back from ....a night out.
i approached 3 sets.
first once i came up from behind and the first thing she said was "you scared me"...moving on
im not changing my approach for that its just one moment...she diddnt blow me off just then
but then we talked like 2 people who diddnt know each other and what i hated was...she was a walking set...and i walked with her
this is my world
even if it is a nervous and inexperienced one.
because i failed to try to stop her we actually made it to her house in 20 seconds...she then said her goodbyes.
I SWEAR I MUST KINO! AHHH. "jesus when will it come"................................soon
Then 15 minutes later i balled up and hit up this girl that was walking. i went for the handshake and she just smiles and said hey. I HAVE NO SEXUAL INTENT AT THIS POINT JUST INTENT TO APPROACH...i guess all you can ask from a newbie...but god damn it i want to ravish these girls...i want the emotional state of pepe
so we talk and she smiles and its kiiiiinnnnndaaaaa NOT going anywhere and i have a weak frame of holding her real intent, just kinda surprised she stopped to talk. my wingman rolled up and started talking about how hungry he was.
i like how he works. hes congruent but hes much much a negahead...leaf in the wind type, also noob.
so i think weak social frame and also low physicality was bad. i went to the hotseat man and tyler and julien were just NASTY with the instant love. INSTANT LOVE MANNNN!!!
i gotta start doing this. i actually tried it after the hotseat right in chicago...the girll giggled but she ran away. one girl pushed me. oh how i wish i could go to another hotseat...9 dollars an hour says FUCK YOUUUU to that.

anyways she walks away...we then chode around for abit, scared to approach mixed and seated sets in a bar type area outside. but 20 minutes later i did. idk what it was...we just walked and i just jumped in. there were people around and everything...i just diddnt care in that moment.
This is the new reality.....emerging -.-
we just shoot the shit with these WOMEN..
they were both 27. i guess you can say one was an 8 and one was a 7...or a 6. but we rolled up and i guess you can say there were shit tests for awhile. But unlike last time there was NO shtickt. i was full ME. (Tim) :)
i told them how shy i was. i wanted to be an astronaut. i told her being a guidance councelor wassnt her full dream.
which i believe.
you cant test cannot. so i guess the only time shit tests even become notable is when you are NOT congruent...or to teach what they are. but otherwise i find them fucking funny! its conversation fuel. it makes things kinda spicy and i like that!
a couple kino taps on the 8. she was acting kinda above everything but i diddnt care i was INjoying myself. ;D
at one point my wing was talking to the 8. i was talking to the 6.5 and i think to myself....This is a first.
at this point it was the funnest set ive been in. It was hard sticking in at the first 5 minutes. my mind kept saying "woah this is still going. i should end it. woah this is still going. i should end it...end it while its good!!!"
but we was probably a 20 minute set.
this was my night. im going out tomorrow.
3 approaches...thats bullshit. and i gotta fucking KINO
ive read the books!
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today i approached 2 girls.
at university.
the one girl i walked by and chodily....walked by.
then i turned around and said hey do you know where the closest bathroom is?
then in the middle of her sentence im just kidding i thought you were cute i had to meet you.
im totally shaky at this point....melted ice.
the thing is...she talked to me but it was hard to talk. i was standing she was sitting. never gonna happen again. i came off so...god damn incongruent but the stories not over. for two minutes im standing there talking and then i kinda settle in and lean again the wall. awkwardly acknowleging im having trouble finding a spot to be (she was sitting at a window sill...there was room)
i eventually sit down...i do not feel good. I DO NOT FEEL "GOOD" behaving as if im the shit, im invincible, woo woo yeah. while on the inside i feel kinda yuk. im like inside my head/behaving like im not. I BELIEVE I CAME OFF INCONGRUENT. i think she could see this. i sat there with that for like a half hour. I just settled in there...and she stayed. BUT i wasnt feeling good. and the conversation would get going but then id say something the just brought it to a headaway and she would just stop and look at me. i think this was her challenging my macho im feeling like the shit frame because as she stares i could feel my face quiver...the half smile in my face. and as i maintained eye contact it fucking hurt.
another girl walked up trying to get us to a bible study and i start chatting her for a couple minutes. meanwhile the girl im with is saying i should go with her.
after the new girl leave the girl im with stays. throughout this whole conversatio the girls basically just ripping at me. and ripping at me. she starts to try to stop other girls so i could talk to them.
i truly believe her sorta bitchyness behavior was a congruence test. and I WASNT CONGRUENT WITH WHAT I WAS PROJECTING...just a sec while i watch owens congruence vid with the ice rink.........................
i felt chode. therefore next time im to behave as i feel. im still pushing my comfot zone. im not disabilifying myself from getting into state and actually being cool. but from now on...when i approach. i will be who i am. at the moment its not something girls want to fuck..i understand this. it will be. going out will harden me. sharpen me. create new behaviors and thoughts. i will eventually hit state more often and be in a "fun and indifferent mood" more often. itl come. approaches like today will continue as well. i must be schticks. full me. nothing else. always.
oh ya and the second girl i had no passion when i spoke. she was studying. i diddnt get into her ras. one i wasnt in a fun mood. two i diddnt voice how i was feeling so i probably came off incongruent. i was half cocky/funny and half friendly and interested. it was a fucked up zone. i wouldve felt better if id just said that i was shy and that i was looking to make some friends. that was the right decision. i have nothing to hide. i am who i am.
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Been two weeks since last discipline xP.
Get it..
I went to the mall. I was stifled and choding around all in my head and eventually saw a girl who was alone working at a carousel and I almost walked by because my mind allows
Me to approach when no ones watching and i hate that so i usually dont approach the easy ones. But i felt a little rush of nervousness so im like...okay. So we started to talk...she was nervous sorta. I kinda just stuck around cuz my goal is time in set and she eventually started to invest more in th convo. Not long tho...less than 5 minutes. I part with no wasn't a vibe I was interested in Pursuing. But I go to that mall a couple times a month...I'll see her again.
2nd set that day was a girl at a stand alone (see the pattern) and I open with something redIculous like...I'm so weird. Then I notice she gave me this snarly "be mean to me and I'll fuck you look" and it looked oh so familiar. Turns out I indirect approached her at another mall where she previously worked. So she remembers me and idk what we talked about. She worked for Verizon and I was asking about fios. At the same time I'm talking about her taking me to dinner. I swear the frame never works out for me. Bu it was funny. It was sorta charged. She was 25 and Im 18 so she was saying she was too old for me.....I don't remember exaactly my response. It was most likely along the lines of...Shutup. Your stupid. irrelevant.
I guess I Diddnt plow enough right? Gotta be more powerful...more intent. I don't have that in most sets. It in that one I wanted to just steal her. I told her to give me her number. She said no.
This chick from my work has become very responsive to me. She went threw a beeper and the beeper Diddnt beep. So i told her she was my new guardian angel and clawed her in (the manly way) then she pushes me away and says the boss is comming. He was.
Later that day she grabs my ass like its nothing. I could get her gonna play with that. Not sure where it's reference exp, this Is the beginning.
Funnily enough my work has become the field. All I do is try to get people to sign up for discount cards...and when it's a pretty girl, I very much do say "you look nice today" ect...
I guess I have a coup experiences...idk of I learned anything outer. But my inner game is
Gettin stronger everyday. Reframed and taking action man...and eckhart tolle. I want to be him for
so a girl came into my work with her mother. annnnd i begin to speak. this isnt clear it was 4 days ago. but we chatted and it was fun :D
im focusing on frames alot and congruence tests and all...i seem to be given a ton lately. learn from the failures focus on the success...bitch.
and we chatted and i noticed when i stopped talking she just kinda stood there...then would ask a rapport question. so i had her at this point right, she liked me
we talk for 10 minutes and i continue my work but i meet her again at the register and i had previously said we could be friends and you could teach me how to party and for her to give me her number...basically.
so her she asks me if i had a piece of paper. this is where i wasnt so smooth and the close ended on a tensy/awkward inexperienced lost type mode. resulting in me giving her my number. (i couldnt take out my phone and i diddnt have a pen)
she has yet to call. :)....reminds me of tylers MASSIVE ACTION yup
i also met a girl actually in the mall highway while passing out store coupons. Hundreds of them. the boss notices the fact i love to approach customers and hes using me for his personal gain. my chode mind hates it but I LOVE IT.
i handed out like 300 slips...OMG
2 convos happened.
one girl we was a friendly type aquaintance vibe with laughing and i think i hugged her. "like OMG you get a hug type hug". it was ambient and energetic mind poops out in set at a point. i diddnt think it was ready for the number and im not gonna lie i was a bit nervous and tense. she eventually left with a NICE TO MEET YOU! RAH RAH.
this next set was closer to the ideal.
fancy girl walks out of a store and i hand her a card. i think i tell her to just take it cuz she wouldnt at first. we start to talk. dont rememver the details but it was kinda spitty. teases here and there. i threw a horrible takeaway where i turned and looked at something. but i swear she could tell it was a fake ras was on her the entire time i was doing it. next time.......
but it was like a best friends kinda talk. fun and spiky, teases and commonalities. i was hinting for her to give me her number and take me to dinner....again. she just laughes and says i hate seafood. which results in me hating her. then i think i mention that i was gonna go continue my handout session and tha.......honestly idk but i have her number. i told her a joke and her responce was hahahahahahaha....i havent responded. texxt game is a whole other universe to me at this point apparently. i get numbers and they just flake...and repeat. but i trust the ima keep swinging. now sure the interaction was good and i got a phone number...but there was no kino. i swear once i develop that part of this the results will be crraaaazay. i know how to get it too.
I have to be horny.
but im NEVER horny in the field i am most often nervous so any kino is a high five. i do understand tho...the intent is powerful. the expression that kino powerful. its comming from a beautiful place....a sexual place. i dont feel that in the field but i soon will. i believe once i start blasting off into space instead of ballooning my way there the kino would come....but i also gottta get HONAYYY. if i was even the slightest turned on all my sets would go completely different. ONCE I LEARN TO BE TURNED ON IN THE FIELD I WILL DO KINO. when it will come i dont know but im assuming once i start hitting up the clubs cuz the girls look "nicer" and when i hit state. currently i belive state + half naked women = kino which equals potential to experience a failure to close.
gotta love the learning process. lol w.e
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some stuff happened today. i went to barnes and nobles and it wasnt going so hot. luckily i saw a girl from my highschool who was with her sister...
i basically open with, you look familiar. She doesnt recognize me. we were never really friends in high school. Probably because i was too afraid to talk to her...her being a cheerleader and all.
anyways we start to talk...its going good. just a normal conversation nothing epic. i think a high five for both being bio majors. sweet
they both talk...all is good
i of course start to react eventually and i can see the interaction dying as they slowly walk away.
vibing is a must..there has to be an escalation...i think.
there must be an escalation.
we say our goodbyes
walking out of barnes and nobles and going into target on the way i see a black girl walking. i go to stop her by shyly lifting my hand and saying Hey and she walks by...i think she was wearing headphones. easy fix. from now on im gonna do more tapping. she would've likely stopped and turned, and an interaction wouldve commenced. In Target i see a cute cute indian girl. i say hi to her. shes in a relationship. we talk. she thinks i want something from her at first. i kinda dont cuz at this point im not anticipating we talk and..........................i really need to do some kino...
gonna read a book on it or something.
also later on i was in a situation wher i  was in a leadership role. i did okay. but i learned that i must do what i think will benefit all of us the MOST. not compensate for the likes and dislikes of anyone in the group. i must lead...i must be firm...bold...decicive...focused...animated.
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Diddnt hit the field today. But I learn shit at work.
I learned to ping off myself. I am enough plays a huge role.
RAS is at play nonstop.
I'm so weird about handshakes. The guys I work with like to give them everyday. It's cool an all but it's something I'm not used to. I always fuck em up and innever initiate. It causes me emotional pain doin can only be thankful I have to deal with it. I'll will continue to frame shot properly and develop consistently. I work sales and it's fun to. Price how muh different people act when your needy compared to indifferent. I was quite indifferent today and I was more relaxed than really ever at work. Everyone seemed really friendly. I think pingin off myself is the cause of this. Because hen I'm going for a sale and I ping off matters not of the person buys jeans or not. They walk away and I am STILL PINGING OFF OF MYSELF. NO ONE CAN TAKE THAT FROM ME. I think that's what it means to be enough. Eckhart tolle. Alex. Whoever.
When I ping off the customer or a coworker and we vibe good but then leave on a low note or something.
The feeling is dreadful...and chode. I feel like I lost something I INVESTED in. And it's true. When I ping off things other than myself. My focus an obviously what is valuable to me is obviously on that stimulus. But unlike ME that stimulus is fleeting. If I indefinitely ping off myself I don't need shit!
Corvette. Cavalier. Shack. House. Girls. Fat girls. Traffic jam. Life events. These become irrelevant because they are all as fleeting and valueless as the weather.
Im learning to ping off myself. I am enough. My being is my greatest focus.
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Went to the local university today. exam week so it was kind of slow...not many people.
i see some groups but im too scared to go talk to them...they had a fun vibe goin and im just like ...
so i avoided that.
i gotta start going more FACE and putting myself into the fucked up shit...itl help alot i know
itl help more than it sucks.
anyway im in the lunch room and i see this cutie asian girl (yay) walking down the stairs and i think i say hi your cute and that she looks like an anime character. she was japanese too ;D i guessed that shit
we talk and for once its interesting to note that we really did just talk. random high fives and it was basically a 50/50 type convo. i noticed i started getting nervous as people would walk by...but its so irrelevant. I only think time and more emotional pain is gonna get me over it.
so gay eh
anyways we talked and during the convo i noted if it were darker (and if the cameras werent watching) id kiss her (playfully). as a reward for good behavior. and she just giggled.
should i have kissed her. I wanted to do it...I WANTED TO
i think i shouldve
but i feared the outcome
bullshit faggotry.
im happy the option presented itself tho because a year ago i couldnt even imagine kissing a girl i just met and having it be okay...WITH ME! and now the possibility (in my reality) came today and i just diddnt act upon it.
now some more bad emotions....yay chode mind. :DDD
so we talk and w.e and i tell her we basically should hang out..maybe
i took her number
walking away i got an undercurrent of nasty gay negative emotional like Wonderful.
i think it was caused by me not closing as well as i would have liked...but its irrelevant she i just a girl. feasable...ultimately not real...impermanant.
so i just gotta stay happy. ping off myself. cuz everything else is just a variable.
so im assuming more pain is gonna help me out with that :D
nervous about day 2's. I havent had any i here we fucking go cuz its gonna happen this month i guarantee. i can only guess how many not so feel good "day 2's rsd instructors have been on.
so thats that
i diddnt approach many i was rushing.
i talked to these skater boys about the business with Amway im starting. (oh yeah bitches)
then i walked and saw this sophisticated looking walking and im like hey..
u got 2 seconds. i was so chill...i diddnt really care
the fact that basically NO people were around helped alot i think. god damn insecurity. FUCK THAT SHIT
anyways she says yes and im just like so where you off to? she tells me.
she takes out her laptop and sits at this long ass counter used for studying so i sit...with one chair spaced between us.
i questiond instantly if this was the correct approach
i dont know this girl...
i dont want her to get all weird. (maybe i should start writing proper for literature class next semester ;))
Dear RSD Nation,
If I were to come close to the girl, i think it would go against social standards. Plus its not like i said "hey" and she said "HEYYYYYYY" with a wink. It was a social opener. So we started to talk. I asked her who she was using Owens oh so popular "who are you". I diddnt really think about it the words just kind of came. I cant really say if it was a successfull pickup line because she was kind of confused by it, but regardless i was qualifying her pretty hard. Honestly i think most people are discusting and nasty and hopeless and depressed...and they blame others for it (or genetics). So when i interact with people as of late I REALLY want to know whats up with them and who they are because im finding that the only way i can relate to someone is if they are adventurous. Someone who has a life where they do work, school, xbox, sleep, eat, walk the dog, and stay in their comfort zone i just cant relate to.
Anyways she started getting really fiesty. I dont understand shit tests at this point and it bothers me because apparently its something good to be aware of. WHAT THE FUCK IS A CONGRUENCE TEST!
lol so im guessing at this point that congruence tests are meant to pull me off my path. Why would someone do that. Anyways its something im not going to pay much attention to unless it becomes more transparent. i dont even acknoledge the bullshit people put in my face. Honestly i think im too focused to be affected by what ANYONE really thinks of me. The other day my sister was PISSED and i poked fun at her jokingly and she just declares "thats why your a piece of shit person and an even worse marine"
I was affected by this...I took it personally.
Recently i havent been living up to my expectations...look at how much i go out.
so when she says this i almost AGREE with her, but i dont act as such. I diddnt say anything. I think this is where my Congruence was out of alignment. I hid the fact that i partially agreed with her and just stopped talking acting as if i diddnt hear it. I think i shouldve responded with "i wouldnt say a piece of shit, but i could definitely do much much better"...I find that statement to have been quite congruent at that time.
I think im focusing on this too much. Im still a noob my thoughts will be more concrete in the years to come...if i dont die. ;D
so she was fiesty and im pretty icy as one would call it. The dynamic was one ive never experienced. I wanted to slap her in the face, i called her stupid several times, a several times, fuck you several times, i told her to shutup when she spoke. Yet we talked for around 15 minutes. i cant say much about it. she was married. 22. summer student and she work as an assistant for a gynecologist.
so i guess i failed to get her to a point to where it was clear that she was mine (because she WAS mine). I probably shouldve kinoed or cavemanned...or pinched her. That wouldve tested my be it. There def shouldve been more pressure in the interaction. I think it wouldve helped. I ended up telling her to go see a movie with me instead of her guy. She said no so i ended up giving her a product to sample and she gave me her number.
maybe she'll become a customer and we'll see if i can get her to dress up as a maid and cook me dinner. damn bitch
Also earlier in the day i spoke to a girl i previously interacted with who i forgot i did. She was a worker at a stand in the mall. She was disinterested and diddnt give really any eye contact. i do not know why. i think it was cemented in her mind that i was an empty cup and she thought i was value leeching....not at all. i was in my comfort zone.
yeah so im gonna try to introduce her to the business...she doesnt seem to fond of me so i doubt shes going to go be liek "omg amway". Oh well, i do not care at this point.
This took wayyyyy to long.
goodnight...and focus jeff
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Okay so this is the third time writing this...
The second two times I Diddnt finish and my iPhone Diddnt save what was...soooo
Now I remember less :D
Went to the mall again and it was hard. Not in a social mood (never am). It took me some time to muster up to a bullshit approach where I approached a girl sitting outside of a game store. Surprise....she was waiting for her boyfriend. I went for the handshake and she stood up and said I'm waiting for my boyfriend...and she walked away. I prolly shoulda just sat on the bench and said hey...went in a little softer and less gamy. I come off really tryhard sometimes........I feel really tryhard sometimes.
After that approach it took me a few minutes to do another one. I hoping to one day reach a point where I can always confidently jut start having conversation. A lot of the time I'm not in a social mood...ALOT.
So...I hope to become more of a shit shooter too.
Second approach was a chick walking by on her phone I told her to tell them someone cute was talking to you and hang up. She told me one sec and she stopped. She just continued her conversation tho...Dino stood there for 5 seconds annnnd left. Gotta pretend to have abundance right? I guess I coulda stood there just for an experiment, we probably woulda started talking. It's hard to remember the sets that just say no. I got some of thoes tho. Then I opened this set of accomplished college girls (omg my type kinda) and we talked for a good 10 minutes. But I fucked up at the close because I asked for the number and I just felt a sorta neediness comming from me. Like trying to close but trying to stay in the conversation type feeling. I shoulda just time constrainted. High fived, and got the number. High value, abundant, pingin off myself. But anyways the girl spit out her number and ran...she told me to try to remember it if I could..I Diddnt.
I approached another girl walking by and Diddnt really get through the opener when I was hit in the face with a bat (metaphorically) as she led me into a group of 5 of her friends. I am a noob...idk what the fuck to do..
So I Diddnt do anything
I went for te high five for the one girl and it Diddnt register. I then teased the group for not vein socially attuned. I went for the high five again and bang!
Bang bang bang bang.
I high five the whole group...bacically just barraging myself through them an I en up on te other side. Then I'm
Like.......yup (this is my state)
So I began with the chode questions to try to start a vibe with the group were I'm in full control of te frame and they are all reacting to me. Now if I knew how to do this that would be awesome. I tried. Spoke an they seemed hesitantish. It seemed only the confidant-er one or two would speak.
This set Diddnt last long
I asked their grades...thinking college freshman/high school seniors? high school
I ask there ages...
15,15,16,14...I leave with a nice to meet you guys and they laugh.
With more exp I will improve...but next time Ill just go to take the 16 year old...isolate and vibe.
Idgaf if I'm with a 16 year old...I'm 18
And that's that..I saw 3 girls I've approached previously...gave em no time...thy had their chance. Now on Some level reaporoaching these girls would build my skillet her but there's a deeper level than my skill in pickup that is being touched when I don't approach girls who already blew me off..
I think it's a high value thing.
This is all I remember...I don't go out enough.
I'm going out tomorrow most likely...itl be on here if I do. I only do daygame. avoiding them now but I'll get there it's not that serious
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I hit the field today. diddnt approach a single girl. i think its due to the past few days of me not really getting much done and making alot of screwups. im back on it tho...i went out...all that matters.
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this is a field report from about a week ago. jeffy says to write them frequently so its something i must getinto more. At this point ive forgotten all the little stuff. ill definitely get more into this as time passes.

i am a noob.

going to sarge had to get some gas. went in and got some gas...i saw a cutie cutie black girl walking about 25 feet from my car. i start to walk up and i think i pointed at her "hey!...your really cute" she looked at me and kept her pace...walking away as if she was the shit. Maybe i should have chased but at about 1/3 of the way to her after calling out my just like...w.e. I shoulda maybe ran up on her belligerantly (prolly mispelled) or called the muthafucking out. "Hey...your really cute...........EH! talking to you" or something like that.
anyways i pick up some chody friends (no value judgement here they just hide their true desire of wanting to be a man and practice pickup) and i pick them up to go to the mall and for them to apply for some jobs...and me to hit it up.
we get there..
it was kinda a slow start...we walk in the jewelry section of JC Penny and theirs sets here and there...with moms and friends and shit, i definitely coulda done something but instead i walked through the store and out the store into the main highway of the mall. There it began.
unfortunately i do not remember my first approach.
My second approach was a girl standing outside a store who worked there...i walked up "hi your cute i had to meet you"....she just say's "no"...she was kinda hot too. i walked away...maybe i shouldve came in more relaxed prolly with just a hi im jeff. I was kinda nervous at the same time..tho maybe it was a test (which i think it was) but i truly dont like dealing with that shit but i will in the future i just wouldnt know what to say...uhhhh "no what? Dont want to talk to me? must be sick today did you take your flinstones vitamins?" W.E.
next set was a 2 set sitting i rolled up behind them "hi guys im jeff" they looked at me expecting me to chode out. i was cool. they were moormans but they werent polygamists. it was a interesting dynamic that i only then experienced. The one girl diddnt really talk or act expressive (the cute one) but the other one asked questions to me and shit. i would talk to the older one and attempt to emotionally spike the cute girl but it was almost as if it was socially uncalibrated..i prolly shoulda just talked witht the friend and left her out the ras. went from there maybe she woulda tried to reach in to it...who knows. friends stand at a distance and watch. (they diddnt even apply to any places).
The convo got dull...i was nervous...i endured a bit of tested by the girl who was like "yeah..." I dont really care enough to deal with shit tests...truly dont give a fuck. so maybe ill never get good at this cuz apparently thats all these girls do. ill prolly end up correcting them...telling them how to behave and if they dont comply...*poof*
i leave the set...
friends follow. i see cute black girl working.
i walk up and the convo is actually fun! yayyyyyyyyyyy -.-
the girl laughed i laughed. good 2 minutes or so...then i really dont know what happened. i dont get physical the intent just isnt there...working on it. but she just seemed to be getting bored with me. damnit. i honestly think i was giving her too much validation. i think i gave her some and then she went all. "oh yeahh thats meee..mmmm i dont need to look at you"...i found it quite hilarious. i talk to her a couple minutes more but it was more on the end of her not really giving eye contact and me basically pushing for the close. yup
i leave.
thennnnnn i walk up/spin up to a girl  and we talk for 20 seconds! wow! shes married and blah blah so she diddnt stop and talk. i shoulda made her stop and talk to me. IDGAF im gods gift to women. boyfriends? irrelevant. they are all mine.
walk up to wierd looking cute girl with pink floyd tattoos and was a cool conversation..the vibe was nice, it lasted a good 3 minutes (oh yeah) and i closed with "we should go to dave and busters drunk sometime...we can shoot hoops..miss every one but it would be fun the entire just have to give me your number". shes like yeah!
dureing the covo she also placed that she had a boyfriend and i told her im not looking for a girlfriend im looking for people i can have fun with. i diddnt come out like that tho but next time it will. i seriously dont want a girlfriend. i want to have relationships with more guys and girls. simply put.
i text her later she texts me something about how her boyfriend wouldnt like this. i repeated the former and she diddnt respond. apparently my game sucks.
i walked up to black girl entering elevator. it was a glass elevator and i told her were gonna do it in there for everyone to watch and theyre gonna throw money and shit. she giggled and giggled. and entered the elevator "im too old for you!"  she screams. irrelevant. i prolly shoulda entered the elevator and cavemanned her.
tried the hand of god on asian girl walking by...she shakes her head no. i approach blond model looking chick at a phone stand. huge comfort zone hit cuz there were a coup people in earshot of it all. w.e we talked for a couple minutes. i was nervous...stifeled in my body was interesting i focused on it alot. i was like stuck in place. the convo went dead cuz i got really stifled. really awkward. i shoulda kinoed i shoulda held her hand i shoulda grabbed her...basically too nervous too..diddnt come up either..maybe next time ill do some form of roleplay that involves kino. like how tim makes girls his girlfriend for 5 minutes. i noticed something like that and a take of the hand is very effective. (pickup technique muahahahahahaahahahahhaaaaaa)
i walk away with a nice talking to you...awk. :DDDDD
i reapproach a bit in state (these approaches aernt in order) to the girl who was working and sitting who got all stuck up after i validated her. i did this to see if my state would change her reaction. i walk up 75% icy. she basically acts the same. i think i just tell her im the shit.
i approach a girl and her friend with broad shoulders. shes a rugby player. i grab That bitches hand...i kiss her hand. im likke yeaaaahhhh. Im a rugby player too. i ask her who she plays for. (i let go of her hand acknoleging i was holding it, - 1 jeff) and she basically is like i have to goooo...i shoulda anchored her and her friend. i shoulda acknowleged her friend. i think.
i apprach a 3 set or a 4 set. i make them talk to me. i basically am just taking shots at all of them. questions and statements. i think my opener was ive never talked to a big group of girls before or something like that. they shot the shit for a couple minutes. the convo actually ended ona  positive note?
these shits dont last long help me out!
alot went on i cant even explain...alot of girls acting all very differently. i dont really know how to calibrate at this point to that. uhhhhhh
day in the field
Jeff = 11 approaches and 1 flaky number
friends = watched me approach girls...diddnt apply for any jobs.
i need some more friends.
i also want to go out more. ill be goingout tomorrow hopefully.
i want to go out at LEAST 3 times a week. but its be most often around 2...i hate work. but work pushes the comfort zone hard...or maybe it makes it worse...hard to tell.
mmm...this guy needs more meditation in his life.
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