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once again not blogging infield ASAP. this must change. it will change.
with noob friend in field.
wierd socially conditioned headspace as usual.
we get there i see a girl alone so my mind says "a crack in the matrix!" so i approach.
it seems that even if it is an easy approach it is better than nothing and it gets the ferris wheel spinning.
yes i did see a ferris wheel tonight.
she doensnt like me so i go buy some gum and begin to walk the bar strip.
saw girl brining in groceries. no excuses i know she would fall in love with me and we would get married.
i have a wierd conditioned negative responce when it comes to other people seeing me act out of the "NORM"
fuck that shit im going against the grain bitchchehhshsss.
more walking and i see some girls so i give them the hand of god. this shit never works for me. i know what would make it work. state and some social proof i believe.
i will not stop trying it.
i approach cute 3 set. i give a handshake. the exclaims i dont give good hanshakes...i give her one...then i start teasing her cuz she teased me. fuck
so i vibe with her and my wing wont engage the other two which would help.
im teasing the girl and her friends put her up. so i attempt to isolate fast just to the side so i could penetrate her deeply with insults and love. i pull her. oh ya she is a powerlifter and she was a i love girls with some definition. so i pull her and theyre like we have to go to the bar. i dont know if she stepped away willingly or if her friend grabbed her. i was too...nervous maybe idk. and they were gon...the love of my love.
but next time i will not allow such intrusions to my love. i will keep her. i will grab her again and say NO. this is love at first sight we need two minutes of privacy. then take her 6 feet awayy and make her invest. who are you. are you smart. are you adventurous. are you fun. what did you want to be when you were 7. ok how about 8. what do you want to be now. 6 kids minumum eh?
will you take me to see spiderman. i love a girl who will cook me seafood everyday. if you get old i will break up with you. i love you.
give me your number. ;)
but no this diddnt happen.
saw 4 set of cute russian girl. omg i would just whip it out and close my eyes. they were all so very cute. i throw me and my friend in...he doesnt say shit. opened..not a huge responce but i was somewhat in their attention. i was getting responces., at this point ill just assume that they were not really in state and ill take their lack of investment as a personal congruence test upon myself...nothing they are doing but according to my standard it doesnt matter how people react to me i am who i am and i am not gonna apologize. so i chat and i said ive never seen an asian russian girl. now the one cute one on the left started talking more then this dude walked in and i just froze up...full spectator. i diddnt know what the fuck...even as hes talking i can see the girls peering over at me because they WANT me to keep going...i fucking know this. i was in their ras. i even cut through the guy and said something like a reopener and the dude even stopped. and looked...but i diddnt plow. i said the one sentence and stopped. the cute on the left even responded.
obviously im reactive and nervous here otherwise i would kinda just be chatting these people up at this point...because they were...nice. so the cutie on the left was talking to me and stopped and i just froze cuz the dude was excuses i shoulda just focused on the one girl i had and let the dude deal with the other chode girls...who knows maybe he was gaming and saw me approach and was like let me help a nigga out. next time.....on dragonball z...goku....

so. that is that.

went out with noob wing the next night, no approaches but we learned we have to motivate each other by calling each other out.
miss and appraoch you are a ass and you should dieeeee. pussyyyy. no babies you are a little bitch. a little piggy bitch. bitch. you will never be the dragon just play in your little pig pen pussy.
this will work i know this. insults = ego defence = hammering out approaches. much like a compettition

also when to niagara falls tonight...saw tons of approaches but ill blame my lack of water, newness to environment, the fact i just got off drill, lack of nutrients, and shit like that. marines had me for the weekend. so ill just keep going out. familiarize myself with shit. saw enough cutie pies to hit it up good. and they were cute..i cared too much about a negative outcome...was fearful of making things awkward....well...
you gotta do what you gotta do if you gotta get what you really want.
going to tornonto for day and night game tomorrowwwwww!!!!! i swear i will approach i will hit up a lair i dont carrreeeeeee.....
field report will be LOADED with experiences.
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Went out two days ago with supernoob (harcase) friend. We walked the club strip basically with the only criteria for success for the night being to walk slowwww as fuck...and be chill. Both of us aernt too used to being in that environment.
i noticed hes racist.
he refuses to approach or even acknowlege the beauty of a black girl. I was saddened by this. Like even a nice sweet looking light skinned black girl he was turned off by. This is his loss cuz these girls will be mine.
So anyway i tell him to follow my lead and walk slowwww as fuckkkkk.
Over and over and over and over and over i keep telling him to slow down cuz he unconsciously keeps trying to speed up the pace. over and over and over and over.
this drill will not stop. The goal is to become relaxed and unreactive in the environment...and i felt pretty good.

I noticed that if your walking slower than a group thats comming at matter what it seems the slower group walking are the ones that just DONT end up moving out the way. I noticed this with even groups of like 5 cool ass looking large chode guys. makes me feel kina coo :D
so anyway i see my gay wingman on the strip he says hi to me. i go say whatzup and apparently he had gone onto the simple pickup forum and found another buffalo wingman to go out if i wasnt motivated as fuck to get this shit handled...0.0 what
so the wingman hes with is actually in a set and my ex wingman is just watching (no surprise) so now basically 4 dudes are standing in a circle around this one black girl who was okay cute in the face but kinda chunky. and im super unreactive...cant say why...prolly cuz i study eckhart tolle..idk. or her looks. or my friends being there...but i was relaxed. The fact is im usually relaxed in the beginning of an interaction but that relaxation becomes less and less as the set moves forward...then it dies. sad face
so she starts focusing on me and i think theres some kino...just stupid playfull shit. she tells me i am hot. that i look no older than 21. i call her hot. we started talking about our hot bodies (my hot body) and then her friends came...she liked the tension between us. she got in my face a lil...mmm
im starting to know what it feels like to get validation....oh god
help me eckhart
to the blueprint
"wait what was that rsd video?"
so shes gone. i befriend my ex wingmans wingman...hes spanish and cant speak for shit. he seems so cool tho. super motivated and nooby like me. cool.
my ex wingman just kinda stands there. so were all like
lets approach!
so i lead unsure of myself but i see this new guy really wants it. so im like 2 set 2 set, cuz i saw one......a 2 set. walking right at us.
as they get close the new guy goes for something and i reach out to the other one and give her the claw of love. but it was basically my first approach...the claw diddnt win. this time
the girl was like do NOT touch me and shoves me off. the claw was weak. but it lt only grows stronger...i shoulda approached again and again. that was it for the night.
learning experiences:
be conscious of your claw. unlock its hidden potential.
stop worrying about shit...i dont care i dont approach alot. im not even going out tonight.. self acceptice > self development. 80/20.
so that was the 13th.
yeah so i went out with mike again (the hardcase) and walked the bar strip last night. fucked up on the self development side. this gets me alot sometimes. We were walking to the strip on a sidesteet...its dimly lit and we see two girls walking right at us. NO ONE AROUND. in my head im like "girls" and i want to approach. the other 90% of me is like. it will seem creepy. ugh "scarsity". ITS A FEELING LIKE IT WILL BE THE ONLY APPROAHCH OF THE NIGHT.
fuck that
a good frame for this would be "AS MANY APPROACHES AS POSSIBLE". it was a gimme. i got a gift from GOD. and i diddnt take what he passed me...i should be burned alive. im so inconsiderate.
then when we got to the strip it was just...girl...girl...girls sitting at the bar. the only thing getting in my way was a fence...and social inhibition. the warmup wouldve changed the entire NIGHT. i swear by this. i was given a great gift...girls in isolation on a side street. im trying to learn game. im trying to develop myself. im gonna start asking myself "what would tyler do" "what would jeffy do". and do just that.
will keep that in mind.
anyway we choded around stifeld and scared a group of pretty and fun girls said hi to us and were like how's it goin..........
they were blowing firecrackers and shit.
im telling you the warmup was a gift from wouldve changed everything.
so we choded around until i told mike what it takes to motivate me to a wingman. you just gotta call me a ass bitch. ive been identified with being that my whole life, so its a softspot for me and hearing that from someone gets me a little pump to kick shit onn.
so he did just that and i approached a 2 set as we're walking towards them.
i opened with heyyyy. i remember you guys back in high school. class of 85. they were like 24. ^_^
full self amused so the convo lasted about 5 minutes. i told them i got my GED. dropped out before graduation. that im a pilot. all this bullshit. my friends laughing the entire time because i actually graduated. went to bootcamp. and am in college to become a pilot ultimately.
at one point after saying i got my GED and i flew planes for the military. the shorter one was like "dont you have to have a bachelors to be a pilot"
im like "do you?" so funny
so im full being incongruent and self amused as fuck.
but i think being congruent/authentic/self amused/in your own reality/present and in the moment are all just signposts as exkhart tolle would say and its just calibration that just needs to be worked on. i wouldnt be like that all the time with them obviously...but i dont neccessarily know when i would i must learn. so anyway the one pulled her friend away after about 5 minutes after i said something about being a girlfriend or something...idk. i wasnt escalating. i wasnt doing kino. i went for the girlfriend frame at one point she diddnt go for it.
something to note tho
right after the approach they stopped...then 5 seconds later "after a burst of some banter" they started to walk away again. at this point i put my hand out a second time and this stopped them for the next 5 minutes. good shit. i wouldnt have done this a month ago.
good convo...oh...and Balrogs.
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Drinking...and game. Event...not a lifestyle.
i went out with some friends last night. I put 1 4loco down and we walked down the club strip back and forth.
It was so "bad" that i dont even care to blog omg. But ill mention the worthwile shit and what i learned.
The one buddy i was with has a very controlling personality...and i love that shit, i intend to learn from it. But the thing is he just keeps on controlling and im following. we met up with these black girls that he befriended the last time out and the one who gave me her number isnt interested in me. But he starts talking to them and im basically just standing there...teasing the loser girl a bit but...just standing there. i was also with a buddy who wanted to sarge for his first time...i diddnt intend to be there. i intended to hit it up hard...and the first thing we did was stand there and talk. i cared to much to just leave and mack it out. cared too much if they saw me. little petty weak minded thinking. DONE
i started approaching eventually and i just wasnt hooking. clawing and they just walk through it. i approached a set and they said my game is horrible. Mixed set tho (cool). they said i wasnt ready and to go practice on other girls. Funny thing is they were the practice...ultimately my tools. but lets not metion that. (omg ego trip)
Yeah so tons of approaches but no girls stayed with me. i just cant see why. i felt ultimately good...but nothing was hooking and people fucking hated me. i had a staredown with a female sergeant in the army. i guess there was attraction. she kinda dismissed me eventually.
my friend got SUPER SICK. had to take care of him.
approached a group with 4 girls and i guy. i think i said hey, which one of you guys doesnt have a boyfriend.......yeah. they told me to "just leave"
i shoulda attempted the claw on the one i liked. "we're in love now go away"
also i noticed i wouldnt approach the prettiest girls walking by and honestly i had no more than about 10 approaches the whole night. i shoulda just went much harder. HAMMERED IT OUT TO THE BITTER FUCKING END. and been happy with that...but i kinda pussied that out and fell into the frame of my controlling friend. following his lead when honestly i had the more beneficial reality.
Drunk times. im making it once every two weeks from now on. im focusing on going out everyday.
Learning experiences:
Drinking isnt self development
i go in weak. and get absolutely smashed.
i must go in stronger...more intent. more realness.
dont be a bitch.
Approach the sets your mind says NO to. RUN IF YOU HAVE TO. there was too much social avoidance..i couldve approached WAY more and WAY hotter girls.
Keep doin it. kill it. kill it.......kill it.
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back at it again! I can't say why I missed going it for two days in a row...but I did!
So today went down like so. My first *set of the day* I was actually kicking a rugby ball around and a woman started saying stuff to me. From a distance I thought she wa young but as I got close er age became apparent. She was about 25. She says she always sees me kicking the ball around I'm like yeah, it's rugby...(I'm like 15 feet away at this point)
She tells me he just got her masters and I run up close and hammer down the high five. She's also getting married. Her boyfriends in the army. She was a school teacher. And the vibe was that of just a friendly chat.
And I'm not "in state" so I'm just a tad uneasy. She eventually leaves on a lower note in the convo politely. I can't say I won't talk to her again. Like a hows it goin kinda thing.....small talk.
Ideally I would want to "seduce her" but at the time I Diddnt have the emotional state or social intuition to do such. I'm assuming it would involve some form of love/hate teasing/escalating.
So I went out later on in the night with my noob friend mike. His first time on the bar strip. My 3rd. The goal was to not WANT anything...which is like my life motive right now. So outcome dependence only exists in the conditioning not reconditioning. No wanting.
So we're just walking and I eventually see 3 really pretty girls walking and talking against us. Short story shorter. I'm like !!!!!!!
Hi I'm Jeff, I'm so shy. As I say tho I'm shaking the 3 of their hands actually quite rapidly...I was a little uncomfortable. I selected the tall blonde cuz she said I had a good smile. So far so good but in my head I'm like "this will not last". I'm holding her and walking with her and I'm just so at if I already lost. Then the other friend cones to my left side, so I just decide to claims her too. My friend did not enter this set...I don't care. Also he 3rd girl was kinda out of my RAS. As I'm walking with the two. I'm literally chanting "I'm nervous, I'm nervous". I already fucked up at this point. I Diddnt stop the set AGAIN. Lesson learned finally. That's my focus tomorrow. When I started walking with the two they were like where are you going? I'm like "with you guys!" theyre like we're going to kohls.
So as we're walking the blonde on my right paws me off of her and aims toward crossing the street. That's where the group was heading. So the girl on my left started to follow and I turned her and was like "so we're done too" as IF she was attracted to me. She lets go. I walk away with a state boost. TAKIN ACTION!
So next time.
Stop the set.
Say hi to all the girls.
Shoot the shit.
I guess isolate a girl if I'm really feeling her.
Otherwise just enjoy yourself
Allow yourself to be physical.
Next set was 1 girl I walked up to who was outside a bar. Turns out she was trying to get wifi so she could FaceTime with a friend. I saw this situation in a video. And guess what...I helped her, shoulda cut through and said eh! I had to meet you. She was a little drinky so as I'm helping her shes kinda holding me, I don't know what to call it. So I'll just say attraction. Then my friend and I were trying to get some drink so we said since ur cool u should get us some drinks. I put my arm around her a I said this...simply cuz I'm working on physicality. I think she moved away a bit. And I dropped my arm. She said she had to try out her phone and shed be back so I waited for like a minute...tried the hand of god opener. I think the friend said stay away from him....atheists.
Then left the botch Diddnt come back.
So ima keep going out. Reinforce stopping sets, emotional iciness, vibing, kino, and kino escalation (which at this point I can only do by framing they are my girlfriend)
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Went out alone. Criteria for success, 1 approach. I walked the streets at night where there are bars. I saw many sets. Diddnt approach any. Girl walks by...frozen. I cant really explain it other than I think because i don't want to make people uncomfortable around me. I would like to be "in state" when I approach so people enjoy my company. But that's not the case. I guess the goal here would be to get positive reference experiences of me approaching and having a fun set even when I'm not in a seriously social mood.
This would propel me to approach whenever, because it's not guaranteed to be wierd. I guess it seems like a bad set is guaranteed at this point when I'm not in a social mood. Hmmm.
Anyways I did approach 1 set.
It was a guy/girl, I commented on there yoyo. We had a 30 second burst then once I ran out of things to say and they as well. I felt uneasy and at that point they went off to something more interesting.
Learning exp: expand your comfort's the only way to get te positive reference experiences. I must become comfortable in or out of social mood. I must become comfortable walking up to people and just being myself. The only way I'm going to succeed at this is if I approach these sets when I'd much rather block them out.
I must expand my comfort zone.
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Holy Shit....
seems like this night put me a couple steps ahead of where i've been.
night started with me texting my oneitis from across the street. She said something about her being home alone. Now you would assume it was just ON with us but that hasnt been the case. We planned for her to sneak over my house one night...she fell asleep. We planned to go for a run and hang out. she flaked (not surprised with the running involved)
so upon her saying this in my head im like "do you just want me to give you validation so you sleep better?" and i might never find out, she coulda wanted me over. But i took it as her just being a girl. I told her id come over but i had plans with friends. we should plan ahead next time". she sent a frown face.
This is where this going out shit is kicking into my behavior. Im leaving ones home on her side. I told her to come outside and say goodbye to me. This is my ONEITIS guys. I wouldve never done this if i wasnt taking action as a whole. I just decided to be a man and put myself in this really emotionally fucked up situation for me.
Had to happen. So i was nervous as FUCK.
we met in the middle of the street. hug. she just started talking. In my head im like "OWN INTENTIONS!", so i kissed her. lasted a few seconds.
shes like that was unexpected.
This is where it goes sorta blurry cuz im writing this two days after the fact.
we continue talking. and im like full physical/playful. i think i made her spin. kissed her again. The thing about the second one is i was kissing her and she was like leaning back like she was trying to limbo. i could feel myself clenching her back and leaning in and i stop and push her away. im like your done. why do you hate me. (all rsd lines) you treat me like dogshit. shes like noooo noooo. so im like prove to me you love me. prove to me you love me.
and she does this mrs.sass fingersnap type face to face staredown like wtf. i just grab her. she kinda falls into it. and this time she puts her tongue in my mouth...i think this suffices as love for now. This is so blurry...goddamnit. ive been lazy havent written the blog
we talked more..i said goodbye *kiss* i kinda pushed her away. she said not to get to drunk. i said i dont drink.
im kinda confused with this one. Shes obvioulsy more nervous towards me than i am of i think she is super shy. and whats fucked up is im not the exact superpimp monster that im becomming...just yet. so my ability to lead her is being dragged on by my lack of expertise and emotional stability. dring the convo i tell her she should drink with me...shes like no. im like your no fun. i told her she should dance..she said no. (for this one i shoulda just led...kinda did anyway).
Im assuming with this one i just gotta be as belligerrant as i was to get her outside. Im leaving. come say goodbye to me. i just gotta be a leader..and lead this one. So with the close in mind. Im assuming i would just have to lead logistically, emotionally, and physically. with takeaways and all that shit. If the girl stops providing any value. just because shes cute doesnt mean "oh i gotta get her i gotta get her". with me she has a history of just being kinda shy. so i will do the leading...gotta learn how to. but if my leading turns into any form of unreciprocated chasing. im just gonna call it quits and learn from all the places i wasnt sharp. i also gotta stop being nervous. sucks but i just gotta keep putting myself in these fucked up situations. there are billions of other girls. B I L L I O N S
learning exp: kissing a girl is easy
dont lean
Dont make suggestions take actions.
it hurts to expand your comfort zone
my text game needs sharpening.
emotional weakness is fucking retarted
at the moment the frame is Negatiave emotion + bearing = ice
so ima keep fucking myself up.
and actually we were probably outside together for 10-15 minutes. it was a chode type frame to have since i was leaving...i wanted Something...
next time its walk up...grab, pull in, do whatever, kiss/tease, push away, maybe kiss again. and say cya later. i stood there for too long. i dont have time for that. if i wanted to hang out with her  wouldve..i just told her to say goodbye. my frame coulda been more aligned with my life purpose and less with the outcome of the interaction.
then i went out. this time with 2 i just met. we're all 18, 18, 17 so we dont drink. just kidding. the new dude knew a guy at the corner store and got us 6 four locos. never had them before and i got a little tipsy. so we all finish one. i help my friends finish theirs and since it was 21+ night we just walked back and forth on the strip. and actuall when we made it there even tho i was buzzin i was still nervous to approach.
this is where it gets REAL fuzzy. lol ;D
i opened cuz i knew they werent going to. dont remember what happened. i opened these 2 blondes. shook their hands..they diddnt like me. can really say what was wrong. i probably came off too high energy for they were not in state. so if i was more real and less joking it woulda hit off okay. my third open i just walked beside this cute cute girl. she was with a group (no guys). i grabbed her hand said she had to be my girlfriend. she giggled and said okay and we started to talk and seconds into this im like...the positive vibe within me is radiant...and shes feeling it to. then she said something so sexy and this is where i decided that i would kiss her. so i lead her hand up like the statue of liberty and i kissed her. quite smoothe. then we continued walking. THEN I WENT TO KISS HER AGAIN. the friends are just laughing at the entirety of this. the girl didnt kiss me again, she gave me the laughing head shake of love.
looking back i understand why it was liked this. my open and my vibe led the interaction...the first kiss was basically inevitable. it was just at that point. but the second one was belligerant and i think the term is buying temperature...and hers wasnt high enough. tho she rejected the kiss she was laughing. we were still on. i told her we were done. like how could she do this to me i thought it was love. and i left. i prolly shouldnt of cuz im working on staying in set. so i guess i shoulda qualified her. "why shouldnt i leave right now" or something along the lines.
why dont you love me.
did you really just break my heart like that. (with this one its more like a hoop. if she jumps cool. if she doesnt i leave)
its okay..your a horrible kisser anyway.
shoulda stayed in set. i get nervous just thinking about it. hahahahah!!!!!
so i left and the boys are like good job on the first kiss but that second one was nnnnnnnnot happening. they were being cool.
I approached a group who came off to me to have the "higher status vibe" i walked up and went to the handshake...the bitches diddnt even shake my hand except one. i was in this one for like 30 secons. the friends just left and i was screaming in this girls ear as she was mine...the music was so damn loud. then she got pulled to the bathroom by her friend. i dont even know. maybe the friend was jealous. maybe the friend thanked her for pulling her away. i dont really know. but ill just say the friend was jealous...cuz she was. i approach a group of black girls. i take one and tell her i love her. we're getting married. she wouldnt kiss me but she was laughing hysterically. its whatever...i wish i woulda blogged the night of...this is so foggy
my friends come in and start to apologise...this is their way of getting in state.. I DO NOT MIND.
i remember i was in a set with 2 black girls. one was my target and i think i clawed her on the open. she diddnt really like it. then my friends came in and were like yo yo yo hes drunk (so were they lmfaooo) they stopped and started chatting. this is where i learned some shit.
i came off too hard. like if chicks were in state shit would pop off..but these girls were not having fun when i came up. so to be so BANG! they got scared/offended. so when my friends came up..they related to them on a decent level so they stopped and started talking to them. i wasnt in the mood for the pointless talking so i got bored fast. in the set i just approached another. we talked for like 30 seconds. i honestly do not remember how it ended.  went back to my friends. hes saying how i really like her and i just want to get to know her. im not like this when im drunk. i got real. im like yeah im really shy/sorry if i offended you/your just so pretty. she ended up giveing me her number and i texted her the next day. no responce. honestly since my friends were controlling the frame on that one he was better off with the number...i just dont see her responding to my text cuz i diddnt relate to her at all..she diddnt like my behavior. but she liked my friends.
next time ill just be even more unapologetic and not break my frame. if im in that dickish mood ill just be congruent to that. if im feeling chode or feeling friendly and cool. ill just be that. i wont change for people. the outcome of any of this shit is absolutely meaningless. my frame of the week is. i dont want ANYTHINGG...i am enough.
its like 1,2,3. thoes two lines...then i feel the inner body. gotta reframe the fuck out of mylife...and hammer in the new conditioning no matter how much inner turmoil it causes me. itl only make me icy and improve my social skills. even if it doesnt..i dont care.
im just deciding to live a funny/crazy life.
i just dont care...i just dont care...that is until i get a text from the girl across the street. (DAMNIT)!
this is where i decide to take what i think i right action at the time...ignoring my feelings. ultimately becommig more skilled at this..and more emotionally frozen...i dont want anything.
so i see my manager from work. give some dap! and we're off. i grabbed this black girl who was NOT pretty. and became bf gf. of course she doesnt get this alot. so when i kissed her she was just like. !!@!($*Y@(4!@4014.
she ended up getting into a fight. she had a brother who had a gun. smooth move jeff. we coerced him with 4 loco. at first hes like "eh breah thats my sister" to "she really likes you man". real cool ass dude tho. fuckinnnnn
saw some trannies...thank god i wasnt too drunk. we chatted with them. wouldnt let me go pee in the gaybar. right around the corner was a portapotty tho. im like...jesus sings.
then i saw this cutie pie from my work. like so cute. im walking by real close and checking out the goods then i see her face im like oh shit! and i just instantly put my arm around her and started showing her to my friends. she grabbed my ass at work ive said before on a blog and so thats all i really said about her. i asked her why and i think she said cuz i own you. im like hahaha whatever. and i started getting really playfully physical...technique comparable to a baby scribbling. she reciporocates with putting her hands around my neck. my state diddnt change. im pullin her in on me...she wasnt resisting my moves she just reciporocated with putting her hands around my neck. she came in really close to my mouth and im just like...get off me. as like some more spice. she obviously wanted to kiss me she might of took it as a rejection tho. i shoulda just dominated her and went for the kiss. she was an inch from my mouth. and i think with the choke and the intensity on her part was just a test of my intensity..which i passed, cuz i was so ON. she wanted the kiss...shoulda just gave it to her. THEN threw her away loll. my friends said i shoulda kissed her anyway.
 this is where intent + freedom from outcome shines. i went for the grab...not caring just being expressive. just being expressive! if she diddnt like it id be like. dont be stupid. i hate you i hate you. and push her and shit. more expression. if she diddnt like that id be like we're done. i thought you loved me but you dont. this wouldve happened with no change in state.
approached a mixed set. not guy girl but white black yellow..all girls. they were like on our level in state. so it was just funn. and i guess i had escalation momentum but i knew it wasnt like that at the time with the girls. i had no target so this was just a fun set. we were together for reall jsut a couple minutes and we left them. i guess these are the sets that become your freinds....i just gotta work on staying in on sets, having influence, creating fun, and maintaining my state for sure.
i think this is it.
learning exp:
for the best chance of getting it gotta have your nymbus raging. skill helps too
calibrate intensity to the different girl...but still be who you are "statement of empathy". im done with approaching the ugs. no offense. it really sucks for them. but in the end it wont matter...its all so fleeting. we are just creatures.
stay in set as long as you can! fight though the nervous pain. thats good shit, youll be able to go harder next time. STAY IN SET
i need to learn how to calibrate escalation. but i cant see it going much further than kissing dancing and maybe fingering. so im gonna think of that more next time im in state. cuz out of state im still at the approach loll.
oh and when planning on the funnest night. be a dick and do warmup sets. make no excuses to approach the hotties but it wont hurt to warm of on some sets that dont make you too nervous. i think i do this anyway.
be stimulating. be physical. be arousing. but pace. give takeaways. be unpredictable. love them. hate them. keep em on their toes around you.
kissing really is easy. just do it. and of course learn to calibrate when to for maximum efficiency.
oh and the outcome is irrelevant. we are all going to die. hit that shit up.
oh ya...and my friends decided they could just take the four loco that i bought and claim it as theirs to get drunk the next morning. this is the type of thinking and behaviors of low status, unhappy, unfulfiled junkies. ill tell them about this. they will listen.
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Took one of my closest friends out today. I showed him a couple of owens "for nooby" videos and the guys open minded to begin with...he wants to live a good lifestyle. This guy has been my friend all throughout high school and on into college now. So i bring this up to him and he was immediately receptive, actually so receptive he then immediatly gave me a ten minute speech about how he wish he could create a strong social circle and do like group things and shit. He regrets not doing so. I REALLY want this guy to go the distance with me but its okay at this point if he doesnt because the offer has been turned down by many other friends of mine. would be fucking sweet, we're full workout buddies as well. like dedicated. rah!
So i take him to the mall and attempt an introduction to the frame of all it is i do and why i do it. Zero outcome dependece...i did not care if he approached, i did not care if I approached. We walk into the mall and i see a cute cute girl walking out from the mall...and im just like. LEAD BY EXAMPLE...something i never really do.
so i say shes pretty and she says (humored) that there are girls in like no, i want you. Full self-amused, and he senced it.
My other friends would see a rejection like that and be like dude...u suck.
But Mike saw the humor in it. He saw the funniness. and the fact that i was full positive about that was i think a convincing example of the caliber of man it takes to follow through with this type of hobby. ZERO NEGATIVE...except some conditioning..which is getting reframed daily. I call it bearing bitch
So we chode around some and get some food and im just vomiting the positive pickup hobby frame to him and the potention self and lifestyle development that comes with it. FULL POSITIVE.
So we get up to walk around the mall one more time and leave. So we get up and i start joking about a tangent in owens MASSIVE ACTION video where he talks about how to start approaching women.
like "heres what you need to know"
"you walk up to the girl"
"introduce yourself"
"or not"
but before i got to finish the first line i see behind me a 2 set and so out of just pure humor i just do it. walk up. introduce. shake hands. The one girl diddnt know which hand to shake with, we both had stuff in our hands so it looked like a juggling competition. But then i get amazed.
im talking to the two and it started to look like the approaches where i approach a moving set and DO NOT FUCKING STOP THEM. and i wasnt going to i just diddnt feel in control...omg gay.
So the girl says she goes to the same university as mike and i just start bragging about mike...leard it from i think Mehow. As soon as i intro him he went on that girl! they started to talk. Im like yeaahahaha learning pickup
so i take the other one...also cuter ;)
we talk about weed and some other shit. but for me i was a bit nervous...but not OUT OF STATE. just a tad uneasy and i was congruent with that. we talked for a couple minutes. then as we're talking i see a garbage can im like "im going to throw out this empty drink i have" because i was fucking twaddling it in my fingers like a chode. i thought we had the set sorta "hooked" but as soon as i part the 15 feet the girls start drifting away. i did it after a takeaway too...prolly diddnt help. shoulda took the break on maybe a compliment or something validating. then throw out the drink....idk. so they started to drift. i went for the high five and for some reason lately my last two high fives the girls have squeezed my hands and im like....uhhhh. so i hold the hand but i dont reciporcate the initial squeeze and intertwine fingers...which would work. i think.
last to high fives...interesting. I dont think id ever initiate that...seems to IOI for me but..who knows if im feeling it one day i do it. Not something im going to focus on tho.
So anyways my friend ran through his first set ever from cold approach!!!
YEAHAHHAAHHA! and the best thing about it is he's aware where he can inprove but he's overall POSITIVE AS FUCK. I swear if he sticks with me we're gonna go far. wont get the hopes up tho :_)
So even later. His buddy ricky from high school calls us to his house to play B ball.
this is where shit gets fucked up for me.
mikes got an awfully strong frame.
I was to be studying with him at the time ricky called for about 2 hours because i have a motherfucking test comming up thats going to change my motherfucking life. AND FROM PAST EXPERIENCE IM LEARNING THAT WHEN I DONT JUST DO WHAT I DECIDE TO THINK IS RIGHT....SHIT IS NOT GOING TO GO THE WAY I INTEND FOR IT TO.
he kept pushing and pushing and pushing and pushing. Then my frame breaks. he says we can study from 10-12 after was like 8 at the time.
this shit is gonna stop.
so i go...nbd i think we'll study from 10 - 12
we get there theyre all swimming. I get persuaded to go swimming. nbd NOT A PROBLEM. literally in that pool for 4 fucking hours.
why is this.
i was afraid of what people would think about my lifestlye. doing this pickup think i want to create a life where i have fun with people all the time. so 1030 comes and im like OH SHIT.
but at the time Mike was in control of the frame, he was full shooting the shit with everyone.
THis is where i reallllllly fuck up.
I was too much of a to make the decision to take control of my life and decide my destiny for myself.
instead i sat there like a little basically waiting for mike to be done talking and ready to go.
are you serious!!!!!!
The sad thing is. This has been happening for my whole life. I've always been a god damn mutherfucking follower.
Looking back i dont know how i allowed this to happen. But the feeling will happen again soon. I must not succumb to the shit.
I need to act through my own intentions. If i have to go. i have to go
This is NEVER happening again. I am in control of MY DESTINY. NOBODY... is in control of the rhythm of my life exept me..and some external factors out of my control ;)
damn, gotta go guys. huge test comming up and my math skills need sharpening. and be the fuck OUT!
Its like fable 2 and 3 where you have that glow trail leading you to your objective. IT was out of that pool but i was too afraid at the time to make my own decision and follow my journey that i ended up sitting in a pool till 1 in the morning.
Now this wasnt a bad time. There was laughter. Even girls. We we're all having a joyous time. there were no OUtliers everyone was enjoying the company of each other. But a point in time came where it was TIME TO GO. and from that point on I FELT LIKE ABSOLUTE TOTAL GARBAGE...and i hope i diddnt leave a bad impression. if so i fucking deserve it.
A man will not be taken off of his path. I will not be taken off my path.
Im going complete asshole mode with this shit now. I will not tolerate bullshit chode behaviors of inaction, on or off the field lol. I will chase my dreams. follow my heart. i will take right action. regardless of what others think or say about it.
im going to come off as an inconsiderate asshole to alot of people. But also i think alot of people will merge with my way of living...because i think its one of higher consciousness. I'm a man on a mission.
I'm on a fucking mission. There is little time for play at this point in my life, sorry
this isnt fun and games right now.
I shouldve went home and studied.
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First time on a club strip last night. all alone. quite stifled. So many to be honest ass looking girls. Perfect one night stand material...seemingly. It just doesnt seem at this point like the type of girls in the club wearing dresses and high heels come anywhere close to the type of girl i see myself dating. These girls appear to be hoes. But i believe tyler said something about there being quality girls in clubs...i guess ill find out for myself sooner than later. Either way these girls look goood, so i wont just pass them by ;). 
Regardless i did NO approaches. i think the fact i went downtown alone was enough. next time ill do more. and the next time after that ill do more. im sure to get an approach next time. thinking back there were a few situations when i just SHOULDVE. i should approach every girl  but a few were just golden opportunities. I think im going by this correctly. Even if i go out 10 times and dont approach (doubt it) thoes are 10 nights of BEING in that environment. On the 11th night or so ill probably see similar situations that i diddnt approach before and regretted not doing so, kinda like last night. I anticipate to see these missed opportunities come up again and again as i go out, and as i see them come up more and more ill be more inclined to JUST FUCKING DO IT.
or at least this is what i think. we'll have to see :DDDD
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whole post got erased. what the fuck is up with the copy paste god damnint....zomg gay. i dont want to do this.
reframe. time to redo it
i went to the mall. i was nervous. i took me a sec to approach. i talked to these girs i told them i had social anxiety. chode opener. never saying it again. ended the set on my own terms cuz i diddnt want it to get awkward. i shouldve found a way to escalate. or isolate the cute girl. the other one was a heffer. idk how to escalate from there. make the cute girl qualify herself. or create a positive vibe between us..maybe with a couple kino moves. BANG BANG BANG. then say...omg we have to talk, we will be right back. and leave my wing with the fatty >:D
as hes yelling at me telling me i need to slow it down. i see two girls. i say was a weak approach. i bet they felt the nervousness. no handshake. i felt gay. moved on
i saw these girls walking in front of us and i yell at them to like talk. one just shakes her head...they dont even turn around....interesting.
another set from behind. i start bashing her for her tattoo. she says shes 18 she can have one. i say something to attempt to start a convo. and the bitches just walk away. how do i open these in front of me walking sets of girls. i jsut dont understand AHHAHAHAH!!!
I see 3 pretty pretty black girls. i say. "hey, im black, you guys are black...hes white. this is looking good"
they just giggled. like they thought i was just being bold and diddnt want to have  aconversation. i even attempted to follow that up a bit. machine gun fire. they kinda deflected it. i just gotta go a liiiiiiiiitle harder.
near the movie theatre i see these pretty pretty girls. 2 of them. I go wing follows me. its wierd how my frame changes when im in state compared to not in i am not.
i opened good. first 20 seconds it was flowin. no movement. it turned into conversation. they looked at each other alot. the wingman was being himself. i applaud him for approaching. but he was engaging me more than the girls. idk. im new(er) to the winging thing. the conversation gets quieter and quieter and staler and staler and more tryhard and more tryhard and the girls say...we gotta go shop. cool. what wouldve helped there was me not being nervous. of course experience. maybe isolation of one of the girls. i coulda stole the set from him but thats selfish. i shoulda been more firm. more grounded.
ill just keep going out. i did nothing wrong, it was seriously just a lack of experience for the both of us. i see two girls who look like twins. i talk to them. they look like twins man. they say they are friends from high school...i give that a hard time. i ask their ages. ones 17 the others 18. i say to the 18 year old..looks like we're boyfriend girlfriend now. the one walkes away and the 18 year old says...i have a boyfriendddd and walks away. i was nervous.not in a fun mood. i guess i couldve been more congruent.
thats one thing that must begin to change in me. i start the day stifled and in my head to a point. i should be that cuz its congruent at the time. i always working on self development but i think the field is a mode you need to be congruent. i am not that alot. sorta...but i could be more congruent and honest. it would make me less nervous. i just get the feeling if i go in congruent with my chodeness the interactions will be stale and boring/short. the girls wont like me and they'll just walk away kinda awkwardatized. but ill experiment with it. i shall be who i am for the days and weeks to come. so we're on the escalator going down. and this is when my mind just *clicked. i had minutes before said....5 more approaches. 5 more approaches. 5 time!!! baby booker T!!!
i was committed. kinda nervous. i did what ozzy would do. there was a 30 year old looking on it. i awkwardly walked up the escalator a bit and told her i had to talk to her. she said she was too old for me. but she was digging the attention. i tell her im 45. im trying to get her to stop. just saying random shit. dont do this to me. i love you. i have a question. she doesnt stop. i even tried to grab her hand. so im guessing the opener. i diddnt suck her in hard enough. idk...keep it pushing.
i saw another girl and i was like heyyyyy...lets be bf girlfriend. she said shes engaged. i said grats. went for the high five...she said NO. im like ooooooookayyyy
little negative emotion
at this point this is all in rapid cesession. i see these 3 black girls. one ug 2 kinda cute. i use tylers line. did you guys see what just happened to me, i had my soul ripped from the inside out. full roleplay. i told them i found them using my blackdar...which is an app. i had to run here. it was full fun. theyre like i want to see the app. im like i left my phone in my car. theyre like oh so you have a car here! im like yes!, but....blah blah blah. full hilarious they were liking it. they even asked me to come walking with them...cuz i was so broken from this girl not meeting up with me. but i hit a brick wall mentally. ive never been so hooked into a set where i got invited to walk with a group. so obviouslt my mind put up some resistancee toward it. the cutest black girls like you can come with us but ill telly ou now we were having you gotta be fun. (full trying to make me qualify or feel nervous..idk)
im like how can i be fun after i had my heart smashed just minutes ago...laughter.
i coulda went. but i told them im actually waiting for a friend. FULL CHODE. i shoulda walked with them and just experienced that....and honestly the day wouldve ended better let me tell you. so im like what u guys do for fun. she says she clubs (the cutest one). im like cool...give me a number, ill text you and ill meet you guys and you guys can show me what your working with ;). it was smooth if i say the least. BUT IM STILL A BITCH FOR NOT GOING WITH THEM. PUSSY PUSSY PUSSY
sit back with the wing..who is sitting at this point.
then the black girls come up. OH so you are here with like i dont know him hes here to help me with my emotions. hes like ya i know him. girls like you are such a liar and she starts wrestling me to get her number off my hand...i shoulda just gave it too her. or i shouldve stood up and did some form of caveman maneuver on her. i dont know at this point. so shes all on me. im resisting it. (this is full playful) then i push her. shes like "AUH..." and she walks are so disrespectful...idk...i know i lost it after that tho. the interest. the vibe. things wouldve ended better if i wouldnt sTAYED IN THE FUCKING SET TO BEGIN WITH!!!. RAAAAHHH!!!!
so im like shit. and i keep going. i walk up to a 3 set that dispersed and 1 girl came my way and the 2 went the other. cuties. so im like yo to the one. and instead of my wing walking up to the 2 girls walking away like im sure any of you guys on here would do. he walks up to me and the girl im speaking with and starts reading off a food menu to her. i try to ignore this. shes like i gotta go and i swear to god i wouldve had that shit hooked or at least got a instant number. but before i went for the number (cuz she was giving me the look mannnn) thoes black girls come yelling down from the second floor. "dont talk to him dont talk to him!". i was so amused like this. like it was so hilarious to me. i let the girls go...gave the black group the middle finger. full joking. i shoulda went for the number.
i keep going. i see these 2 asian girls. i speak some mandarin to them. this was an awk set. it just diddnt roll of the way i wouldve liked. i may have even been earlier in the day with these ones. but we talked and there was laughter. we talked for like 5 minutes. there was just no real VIBE. no you me VIBE. nahmsaying. it was full me on that one. my mind was just off of feeling reaalllly goooood. so i keep going. i see a cute girl walking. i walk up. this is full positive mood....
i say hey and went for the handhold..said some dumb excuse why. shes flattered. then from above.........
"dont talk to him, dont talk to him". im like shit.
so i drag her behind a pillar and i lean against it and begin doing what i dont know how to do.....pick up a girl.
it was a pretty man woman vibe. she had fries in a like yuk!
i told them the reasons why the black girls hated me is cuz we were friends but they had poor heating habits so i abandoned them...and that this wasnt looking good....
i asked how old she was.
she was cute.
im 18...this isnt so bad guys.
...i shoulda lied lol....-.-
so i told her it was fun. i gave her some life advice. she was feeling me mannn. moving on
my wing approaches an old lady. i hit up this blondie blondie. we start to talk...i barely remember this one. cuz then a security guard pulled me aside. long story short thoes black chicks told the guard i was harassing girls. and i put my hands on the one..ya funny. i think maybe they felt devalidated. idk...fuck thoes hoes.
lucky me im not a fucking dickhead. i tell the guy whats up. why im doing this. what happened with the black girls. also the fact that im a marine (i stood parade rest the whole time), a college student, not a ghetto chick, and fucking feeling goooood. he came to like me. we started shootin the shit. he said come back whenever i want. just try not to piss anyone off.
honestly i cant guarantee i just go a little less hard next time. go hard. take a break or something. then go hard. filter the place for a hour or 2. then continue my day.
Learining experiences?:
stay in set.
when out of state, be out of state.
talk......^ and fucking stay in set. nothing better than that for me at this point.
oh....and i should start focusing on instadates...
and get a motivated wing.
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This months goal is 15 days in field...we will see how this goes.
i went to the field today. and wholllllly crap was it.....uneventful
i just started doing night game. cool i guess...just like daygame exept at night. amazing
no club just walking by bars again..full sober. i see numerous mixed sets. NUMEROUS
people sitting outside/inside bars. Large Groups of people hanging out. and i diddnt approach a single one of them.
even being near the groups im like....woooooaaahhhhhh. ive yet to approach a mixed set. but.......................................................................
i will soon.
i see a girl locking her bike so i walk up to her. start shooting the shit. then i say i saw her pocahantis hair and had to stop my car and say hi to her. i asked her what her nationality was...she said southern american. i was just
i think my performance can improve her. Jeffy says spit it ouot like machine gun fire. plow plow plow. full 100% me. plow plow plow. bang bang bang bang bang. high five spin ass grab push pull hair. but instead of that stimulating stuff. i just say cool. it was kinda a boring conversation for me. but she seemed interested. i was holding her hand and she told me to come back with her to her friends but....i was NOT unstifled. god damn muthafuckin shit. im currently fearful of these groups mann.
so i hold her there and i do what any newbie would do who's seen juliens hotseat...
"kiss, you'll never see me again" i said this as i was going in. and she did that cheek thing where she shook her head away. but she giggled...she giggled. DONT CARE. first time EVER going for a kiss like that. CANT WAIT TO DO IT AGAIN!
what discusted me was i think i said please as she was giving me cheek. PLEASE?
fukkkkk that....NEXT TIME:
stop being wierd
i love you
why do you hate me
what are you doing?
hitting it up daygame mall fun times tomorrow most likely with the wingman.
oh and note to self. BE WHO YOU ARE 100%!!!!
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