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Recent pickup adventure.
Last night all alone I was leaving a friends cuz he decided he wasn't coming out.
He lives a block from the clubs. So I drive by the clubs and my chode minds like nooooo, and all these other gay thoughts and I literally start to drive away from the clubs....
then I turned back around cuz I'm like NO!! NO NO NO NO!!! FUCK THE CHODE SHIT!
So there's a bar and a sick club on the strip (this is niagara falls)
Go to the bar, see a seat and started chatting to this dude from my school. Dude knows the bartender so it starts to rain at that bar. He's got like a herum of chicks (5) and we're all having fun.
I wasn't hitting it up tho so I'm like, thanks bro peace and go the club after like an hour.
This is in nf and I go to NU. 90% of the girls in the club are in my classes.
Theirs a reason why I was gonna go home lol, I'm sure you've experienced something like this tho where yor sarging girls you see everyday In a club? Lol, it's hard to start.

So I walk in the club and I'm just ransacked by like 8 of my boys. JEFF!!!
They were all drunk and crazy and I'm just like...hell yes.
So I followed the process. girl, girl, girl, girl, girl.
Finding joy in building the momentum which is something i need to focus on (cuz the previous night out i was super outcome dependant and stressed.)
Brought guys into sets, threw many claws, got rejected tons. But throughout the night I started to notice I was more outside my head than ever. I could explain it to you better in person but I was communicating from a really centered and happy place within me...I had unwound basically as Alex would say.
So it came to about two o clock and I hit up this girl and her chubby friend (you know where this is going)
Girl was a solid 8.5 Cutie in a soft dress.
The Chubbier friend Said her friend wants to dance. So I take her hands and pull her to the flo!
Danced a bit then started grinding for a song. I turned her around, still grinding, and started to kiss her.
she kissed really nice, it wasn't a party makeout it was like something outta twilight, the rugby team started screaming my name...It was was super on with this girl. More dancing...I started kissing her neck. As we're grinding from the front she licks my neck and suddenly i think of julien lol.
I drop my hand under her dress and start playin with her little place. It was nice. She told me she wanted me. At this point I'm like ya. 
I Was sexually frustrated beyond belief. We'd been doing this for like 20 mins. I'm like sko (not literally) and I walked her to the door.
We get to the entrance and chubby comes running up (who was with a dude but he let her go)
And says you can't leave. This woman was torn between friendship and sex with me so after plowing the friend some And she wasn't budging I was like if you have to go with your friend I'm not mad, I understand. And I gave her a big hug and kiss and walked off with abundance in mind.
approaching more sets but Diddnt end up pulling.
....if only I had a consistent wingman.

Whats crazy tho is I was literally driving home ultimately not going out and not having this experience. The girl would've never experienced my gift ;) and hands and lips
And what's also crazy is I never attempted a pull, EVER. So I almost feel like this was a trophy night for me, the night I rubbed a girls pussy, attempted to pull, and got cockblocked by the fat friend

And I know I coulda played it differently tho by Just saying to the friend "its too loud and your friend is amazing! I have to get to know her Im taking her to get food!
We'll be right back. We will be right back!! Stay here!!!

But of course I could just be you and fuck em both lol...good luck with that ;P
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 i have chem to study. (Heaps)

out last night at poppin 3rd street niagara falls.

girls everywhere, party vibe nonstop.

and i was nervous.

this is nothing new. But i have been getting not so nervous when going to the field but this was one of the nights where i was nervous HOURS BEFORE HAND.
basically i got a new wingman
he's tight, he's confidant, and he's not a bitch.

these kind of people usually make me nervewrecked to be around so im pretty glad hes gonna start comming out, but for basically the first night in the field with him i think i was nervous cuz i was outcome dependent and wanted a GOOD night with makeouts and female validation so he could think "he's the shit" so he would stay consistent in going out.

this is the exact opposite on how the night went.

Basically i think because i was so nervous i diddnt hammer it out like i wouldve liked to, i forgot everything there was to know about REAL SOCIAL DYNAMICS and was basically a butthurt chode doing sporatic approaches throughout the night.

approached a 4 set at a bar by tapping and waving and they just looked at me and looked away. lol

approached a girl all alone by caressing and chatting and i couldve escalated if 1. my state was on and 2. there was a moment where she challenged me to take her to the strip pole and danced. if i woulda just pulled her over to the pole i think things wouldve went better from there and i coulda taken her to the bathroom.

approached girl on the street who was tall and did the pickup and spin move on her while my boy approached the friend. then some BIG FUNN FUCKING LEADER CAME OUT (she also lost interest in seconds) and had a herim of 10 people with him who were mostly girls and just stole them away.

did the happy birthday opener on a girl and shes like its not my birthday! and kinda scurried off.

at this point i started to get that woooosh! wooosh! woooosh! feeling you get when you start hammering it the fuck out.  basically i started to get into that sweetspot.

then we took a break. we went into a taproom and my friend started playing pool and i just stood there while chicks were surrounding me. then i danced a bit. then i approached this girl by caression and started to chat and she soon found one of her guy friends to come in. who was one of the guys we were chilin with lol
i clawed an endless amount of girls,but it seemed like every chode was doing the claw. but i remembered what tim taught and i know the claw grows stronger. no one executed the claw the way rsd has taught me and i noticed when i would claw girls a bit more forcefull and with more belief that they responded much better. they actually stopped and gave me a few seconds of their attention before leaving.
hit up tons in the club, attempted dancing, dudes gettin mad at my friend, dudes getting mad at him again, and i think another dude getting mad at him. approached a 4 set of chicks who just looked at me and looked away.
obviously my execution was off but more importantly
i was doing these approaches but i literally only approached like 1/3 of the girls i couldve. so as todd would say thoes other 2/3 of girls i litteraly just committed suicide towards.
but regardless
i failed to recognise what the fuck i was doing wrong. i would approach here and there HOPING that i would get a good reaction and when i did i was HOPING they would like me.
i never got into state because i wasnt personally satisfied that i was hitting it the fuck up the best i could and i wasnt focused on just making pickup funny,
i was more focused on getting good results which diddnt come which left me in a low status state the whole night.
and when i started having fun i stopped and fell into my buddies intent and lost the momentum i was building.

so what did i learn:
the claw always wins, put intent into the claw
you will not be happy when you are results orientated
you want to get into that sweetspot where your highly highly amused and happy and your just sharing your joy with everyone. EVERYONE.
to get from where i was in the beginning of the night to where i wanted to be ^
i would have to realize im in a fucked up zone, and force my brain into giving me the manual.
dont be oh im not getting validated and i dont know what to say and be a butthurt little bitch.
if you go in there the way you were last night there is only one way your doing game.
approach, ouch
approach, ouch
approach, ouch
approach, ouch
approach, ouch
approach, ouch
approach, hehe
approach, hehe
approach, hehe
approach, hehehe
approach, hehehe
approach, hehehe
approach, whaha
approach, bwahahah
approach, haha bwahaha!
approach, bwahahahahaahah!!!1
recondition the mind.
every night i should be walking out in state.
no more excuses

tonights experiments:
the above^
and less eye contact on the approach
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This is a sermon about school.

Im having an interesting internal experience after biology lab today.


basically is related to owens long term/short term mating strategy idea.

I have been previously going to lab and not "performing".

For example i am in a group with 2 other girls and this past few months i have been having to rely on them for the answers, the next step...basically throughout the two hours of the lab class they were more like the teacher and i was the student.

this puts me in my head everytime and the chode behaviors come back.

I cant get into details because the chode reality is one with many facets, but ultimately once i DONT know what to do next and they DO, im done.

and during this lab ill kinda have this resanation of reactive/chode/chill/hesantant/all this bad shit.
basically im in the group acting like im a part of the work, and i find that personally unacceptable so i get all sad and shit and this translates into me just clawing to stay with the group, ultimately slowing them down.

Basically its unessassary that i have to experience any of this and what i should do i just properly prepare for lab and go into the class ready to crush it. Bases covered, untouchable deciciveness and leadership.

most of my problems would be fixed if i just chose to be high value in every situation.

Im training to become a Marine Corps officer.

In a group of two GIRLS...i am the leader. so the dissonance between what is and what i want creates resistance and i have trouble getting out of it.

so i write these :)

so today i once again diddnt properly plan for our lab and during the lab intro presentation im scrampling trying to find out the order of operations for all our work.

bullshit, just prepare.


the thing is im not a total bitch, and im not lazy. I just havent been doing what it takes to be a leader

which is now unnacceptable.

so we had this uber cutie in the group this time (3 girls) now and im like greeeeeeeat

.....another girl to witness me in a chode role. you could have prevented this could have prevented

so starting out i have the blueprint in my mind that everyone is equal so i start to step up. i answer all the bullshit hypothesis questions and get everyones input and question their assumptions, just to get the correct answer down.

basically i was influential.

and as a side note i always throw in side jokes and often it comes out mumbled and it feels really tryhard. i dont know if they notice this but it feels really shitty when this happens:

i alert the group that "man here comes the lab portion i suck at this shit"

"then the new girl says ya i always am not good at the lab portion"

then after maybe too long of a pause (the positive emotion left) i say

yeah maybe this will mean we have chemistry - or something like that with a smile and no eye contact.

she diddnt even hear me and i had to repeat myself .

it felt so uncalibrated. like when you keep talking to a person when you both want to stop. It felt like it was too much. to try hard.
but maybe its me pushing my comfort zone i dont know.
but i do know i gotta speak up and when im talking to a person talk directly ro them. (in most cases)
also if i was the high status one she either wouldve hear me BUT i wouldnt even have said that and i wouldve been doing the labs.

crazy right...

i wanna step up and be the leader in these classes, i think it would change everything.

i actually talked to everyone. me and the female leader of my group had a charge to us for the most of the class. and even the new girl and i were in conversation. but with her it was more short convo and shooting the shit for like a min or while we're doing something or it was just little comments, then things would get quiet. (no problem) and eventually .

i mean we are in lab to get work done not in lab to talk. i should be the one cutting conversaton threads not making them. of course making some but cutting them too.

i guess one could say i diddnt have social momentum cuz i said stuff to a dude in the group and i mumbled it and i was fine with that but i guess he looked back at me and i remained looking somewhere else.
like felt real wierd aidk what to think of that
but many times i was out of my comfort zone in this period
maybe its good cuz at least im talking.
im talking so much and you know what i keep fucking up!!!!
i keeeeeeep fucking up!!!!
im constantly operating at a rate/frame/intensity/method that is just not as efficient as i would like it to be.
so what were your study techiniques



how would this have changed your bio class??!?!?



i experienced this last week when i and my chemistry partner KILLLED it,
she would be like no just wait to do that.
id be like psh....fuck you
(in my mind, cuz she really just wants to be in control)
and mix the solution
we were the first ones finished. the data is good.
and i was shooting the shit will all the motherfuckers in the class,,,i still had nervousness cuz im pushing my comfortzone but i was the one with the source of positive emotions. simply cuz i kinda got into state by stepping up in my work.

this will translate into bio lab too.
step the fuck up and go 1000%
go into that class with a loaded gun
kill that shit
push you comfort zone/learn how to vibe (*enhanced)
and maintain congruence with their is no reason why im not enough, no matter what!!!
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Yeah yeah yeah, what better than doing some game before several hours of homework. Local college. Drove up actually to meet one of my choder wingmen and the mutherfucker left. W.E. Some people just dont see how sickkk doing pickup is. 

So i roll up and the campus is packed, its pretty huge too.
Now im alone, so what do i do?

sit there and do nothing.

Not a problem the goal is to just hit the field a boss. Approaching will come in time.

So as im sitting there i get responses from other kats that i asked to join me and my ex chippewa friend was down with what i was doing so he showed up. I did lie to him and tell him i had already approached chicks but thats irrelevant. white lie O:)

Half hour drive but he came. This guy i view as being pretty high status he has a mad tight congruence about him. kinda walks through the world with ease. He makes me wanna step up so he gets here and we start to walk around. Literally diddnt even look for girls once he showed up just kinda picked a direction and went. Now we were in the most concetrated part of the school so you can say we were running from shit but nah. Even if it was like that im not gonna think of it that way, not desperate or needy.

I tried to set the frame.

This is the beginning. Results dont matter. you will change if you do this. this hobby will make you awesome.
But it diddnt seem like it was having much of an impact (and this has happened before) so im like w.e and decided to lead by example.

Told him to approach this one girl literally to motivate myself. He chose not to lol. okay. So i walk up and grab her hand like a total bitch!

like the chode "im not sure if this is approapriate hand grab" gay. Next time just tap on the shoulder. i told her i thought she was cute and i had to say hi. now i wasnt feeling the most optimal here which would be me genuinely feeling affection and attraction for the girl, cuz i more or less felt nervous and scared. just gotta plow through it....expand the comfort zone.

so immediately she brushes me off saying "I have to go study" and since i study rsd i subconsiously know that if it was drake or justin bieber talking to her the would stop and drool. SO, i know im a high value dude. Im steppin up, im not lazy, i fucking grind at whatever i do. I dont take bullshit from people and i dont take bullshit from myself. plus im super friendly and im evolving like a motherfuker. Therefore to her I AM JUSTIN BIEBER, and i am ENTITLED to take up her time and space. Basically this girl i was giving a chance that she otherwise wouldnt have had if i diddnt approach her to either be my girlfriend or be my friend.

So of course she resists aka tests me and although im nervous im learning fast (from alexs videos) that a true HEAPLOAD of objections or time constraints or claims are just bullshit autopilot responses that girls have either because of nervousness or to ward of chodes. and as alex would say it is my job as an alpha male to work with the girl and give her the opportunity to realize who she has standing in front of her.


so i just plow. i ignore her claim to a point and start chatting her up. after a minute or so the girl actually squared up with me. Still im nervous but we start opening up. Then i make the DOOM DESTRUCTIVE CLOSE MINDED CHODE NEEDY GAY REACTION SEEKING VERBAL COMMENT THAT SHOULD NEVER BE SPOKEN AND WILL NEVER ARISE FROME THESE LIPS....NONETHELESS!!!!(such improper word use idgaf)

i told her in order to avoid a silence that i guess you should probably get going....noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

are you serious jeff?

yes remind her that she shouldnt be talking to you. i communicated so many bad things in that statment.
that i was in my head.
that her excuse was valid.
the possibility that i lost interest.
basically all things that are the reason why im not truly appeased by my social life.

FUCK THAT. never again am i gonna say some stupid chode shit like that. 
i approach

she objects


we chat

and if theirs a silence....alllow the silence just be the fucking shit,


tell her that you twisted your ankle the other day.

tell her ANYTHING.

the conversaion was going finnnneeeeee.


then you said that shit (and you diddnt go for the number) and she walked away like ill see you around.


thats some chode ass shit.
stay in set.

be awesome and happy and self amused and cool

pump the girls state have some fun and if she has to go get the number for future festives.

and even if i diddnt say "well guess you gotta go" and the convo died and shes like "yeeeeeeeeea bye" well at least i fucking stuck to my gunz and diddnt puss out like a faggot. so just rememver this jeff. for the REST OF YOUR LIFE.


and dont bring it up....gosh

second approach was a girl comming head on. now this is daytime and im a little wierd about the claw during these hours. so yeah i approach soft as baby shit.

it was a chode ass approach but i wasnt bad from a term of being direct i just stopped her.
then i started to talk.

i was like your super cute i had to meet you. this was probably the most nervewrecked id been so far so how congruent did that one come offf????

not good

i prolly seemed like a chode ass nigga with an agenda. oh well.

and short story shorter.

i basically fell over myself. i was just too nervous to be an attractive dude and she actually asked me if she could leave. now of course if i wasnt nervous id say no but i said yes.
BUT! i did just keep talking and i DID NOT re remind her that she was leaving. we prolly chatted for 2 minutes. now id prolly be less nervous if my friend wasnt standing right the fuck there but it was w.e
but basically i plowwed through her initial resistance.mand it was funny i suggested we went for a walk and my body language full went for the hand grab and walk annnd the diddnt even move. i felt like a clown aka awesome and like i was learning pickup. (YES!!!)

now thanks to the hotseat i went to and all the rsd i watch, am i supposed to freak out when the girl objects to the walk? DID SHE REJECT ME JUST BECAUSE SHE  WASNT DOWN FOR ME TAKING HER FOR A WALK.
if you were a girl would you go for a walk with me after thirty seconds of knowing me?
FUCK NO, especially when the dudes a little nervous

so i acknowleged it just wasnt gonna happen and i stopped caring and just kept talking.
ITS ALL GOOOD. just like juliens step back and just like how alex PREACHES TO STAY THE FUCK IN SET AND JUST GIVE THE GIRL A CHANCE!!!!! UP TO 4 TIMES


now i actually had the girl laughing at a point and im sure their is a multitude of things i couldve done to keep the interaction going (i think i got a high five)

we started talking about chemistry. but yeah i just diddnt have my swag on i was basically saying dumb shit.
the girl did start to open up tho but i just wasnt ready myself to lead her from there so im sorry for that love. you gave me a chance.

seriously, if i was just ultra relaxed and cool. id have her phone number guarantee it. i was just too nervous, it wasnt attractive. oh well :)))

gotta keep approaching like that. get comfortable so when these girls open up to you you are ready to accep that.

if that makes sence.

she leaves after like 2 minutes

third approach.

we were walking, my buddies all like mannnnnnnnn and shit. full approach anxiety.

ive been there and done that theyre simply just thoughts you have when your NOT in a social mood.

like me yesterday when i couldnt approach a hottie at a bar. bullshit chode thoughts,

so as long as he continues to go out and learn this shit with me then i wont think hes a ass bitch..

and he'll be fine. 

im actually quite sure once he gets approaching and hooking down then he'll prolly be better than me. just an assumption

so i saw this cute chinese asian girl sitting down alone. and serrrrriously i think my friend said not to approach.

lol..heard that one in my head too.

so i roll up and i DONT SIT DOWN. which is super wierd because i WANTED TO but i was too AFRAID to come on so strong. Not a problem just something to note

man did this girl react.

The TURTLED like full vampire in daylight.

she just sat back in her chair and she couldnt even talk.

im like WOAH.

like she couldnt even talk.

she was shaking her head as a responce and was sitting back at like a 120 degree angle with her hands on her lap.

and GIGANTIC eyes.

now at the beginning of the year i cant describe the kind of reaction this would have put through my body. (a bad one) but i was more or less amused at this point. I really think alexs videos are so spot on for meeting girls. like the highest quality ever ever ever. You just gotta understand what its like to be a girl being approached by a stranger. especially when their alone. alot of girls are gonna be nervous and hesitant and resistand and maybe even a little mean or defensive.

and if your nervous and hesitant and reistant and the fuck far is that inteaction gonna go?

not far man

statement of empathy. i threw it out again. 

like she was shaking her head and shit to respond and then my friend walks up (i dont know why...i dont think he does either lol) and i was just like wow you look kinda nervous and she like shakes her head.

im nervous too man not gonna lie, thats prolly why i said the following

i told her that i was nervous too and we're just going around meeting people to expand our comfort zones.
then she gives some reaction that you couldnt possibly respond to. idk

so i just aked her if she was japenese.

started to chat.

we exhanged a friendly vibe.

i wasnt too chode and she couldnt walk away without having to garner her books. ;) pickup

asked her about her drink, asked my friend why he was standing there, my friend started talking to her. everything was great

and it was beautiful what happened to this girl.

her shoulders dropped.

she sat forward.

gave me a high five.

and eventually on her own she just stood up on her knees to talk to us.(like we were still standing lol, ill sit next time nbd)

this girl got looose.


started asking me questions and shit.

shes like i want to work on my english i like that we talk and we can work on my english and shit.

it was an obvious ioi.

now she diddnt say it exactly like that but basically she said she was enjoying the company. plus she was cute and lived an interesting life.

so i with 15 percent nervousness went for the number and shes like yeah. got her to put it in. im seriously never gonna do it myself.

then went around the table for a friendly hug.

she gave some bullshit hug im like no.


she opened up.

now she has my number what a lucky girl. lollll

last but not least 4th apprach

two girls one asian and cute one white and not so cute and w.e we approach.

im gonna try to make this short.

approached and these girls were vibed.

they were funnin before we came.

apparently we came up after they had just been approaching people and giving them random surveys about BUll shit.

so these girls are fun.

we chat and just get our waffle onnn with these girls ane about a minute into the interaction i actually got the impression that i could maybe isolate or maybe kiss the asian girl. now maybe it was my manly courage arising but feelin it.

we chat and its basically just all of us sharing to the bubble of convo. nothing that i can recover from any of it other than the fact that the girls were fixated on me a bit more (sorry bro)

got the occassional tests. they asked questions and it was all good, basically everything was going just fiiiiiiine. like alex says approach like your gonna be there for 10 hours. and it sure felt like it. nothing bad


we did not lead.

i was fucking feelin it. i was all good. you can even say unwound or in state but whats gonna take that interaction from 20 minutes on the sidewalk to their dorm room. I easily coulve suggested that we go get a bite to eat somewhere. that wouldve probably been the best suggestion (on a high note).

dude i wanna start recording myself..........yup so gonna do it

i cant remember all i wanna remember about these interactions and its making me sad.

i remember that she said she had a dream that she got raped and i was like was it by some attractive young lad that went to niagara university?

as i walked up to her kinda checking myself out in a cool way.

now was this smooth?

fuck no.

but it did get me next to the girl because i was seriously interested in separating the conversation after sometime.

not sure if the wingman picked up on it when i was making the move but he did say he noticed my intention.

he also said he noticed the asian girl was a bit more focused on me at some point but i diddnt pick up on it. possible escalation window that i either disregarded or diddnt see.

i really wanted to separate the set and get the girl i wanted. the thing was i diddnt make my intent clear enough. we opened the girls indirect. and the topic was friendly throughout, if i wanted to verbally display my intent how fucking stupid is it that i seductively dance my way to the girl in a friendly conversation.


theirs many options of things that could have been done by me or my wing.

the asian girl had good qualities. on a higher note and all that i could easily have just qualified her and isolated.

for example after i had moved near her she was all like im korean. now she did react negatively to me calling her chinese but whatever i love korean girls i couldve been like omg korean?!? no wayyyy i love you and just hugged the fuck out of her. i have to tell you a secret that i only tell to korean girls. and then pull her away like 5 feet.

at this point my wingman would play with her friend and just keep everything good, basically do his thannnnnnng.

from there girls will fall in love.

but no we diddnt lead

we just chatted

coulda been like....i am soo hungry, do you guys wanna get some.........chinese food? lol

and if she reacts to that ill just be like SKO (say it with me!) and lead them.

or on a high note. you guys are fun do you go out? we should go out sometime and throw darts at strangers.

or some drinks.


or i coulda just been like to the korean (on a high note): wow you remind me of this girl i knew whos not here anymore....

she'll be like she died?

then ill be like no i dreampt about her. she was a total bitch. ill tell you about her.

long story short it was a good interaction and the girls left when they realised that this was a stagnant conversation that was NOT ESCALATING. just like any other convo that people leave from. its not that it wasnt cool but their not just gonna spend their time just chillin doing nothing but talking. they leave with maybe ill see you guys around and shit. as their walking away they're looking back and shit.

are you serious jeff?

at that point i need to roll up and go for the number. WHATS THE WORST THAT WOULD HAPPEN!!!!

i will never see the asian girl again.



muahahahahaha fuck youuuu jefff.


what did i learn. escalate. dont stall out. close. escalate. dont stall out. close. escalate. dont stall out. close. escalate dont stall out. close

an interesting conversation is one that evolves. the conversation wasnt evolving.........soooo wahattttt happened????

they lost interest!

make that shit fun.
be flexible.
be awesome.
be the shit!
dont be a fag!
rock that shit!
need more kino!!!!!
fuck yeah!
escalate that shit.
be the leader.
be the LEADER.
i just really dont wanna forget. like seriously jeff. whatd you learn today

-stay in set up to 4 times
-dont just leave when the girl doesnt drop her panties instantly
-alot of times the initial no from a girl is just from nervousness or ignorance, open their hearts
-dont leave just cuz ur feelin chode
-dont remind chicks they have to leave (cmon man)

-also become more of a physical communicator. you give high fives and shit and maybe during the night your more affectionate but honestly as your interactions get better and better i expect these girls to be down for kisses on the cheek and holding hands and even makeouts. so dont just disqualify physical game and only do it at night, learn when it works at night and when you see thoes openings in the daytime act on it.

-stop being nervous and just get your waffle on and calibrate as you become more socially attuned.
-also good job for not taking a no walk as a rejection you just champed it out and kept talking to her good job,you looked like a total fag.

-be more compassionate. alex said in one of his more recent videos that when your high value and comfortable you automatically say things like. wow i like that about you. and its reeeeal

you know thats really interesting? tell me more

or i think we're starting to open up to each other.
like during the second set when the girl started to open it probably was a good move to just be like "see, enough time will me and your bound to fall in love" but no i stayed nervous and confused. if i was relaxed and aroused and happy i wouldve said that.

so just keep plowing through your resistance and remember to see these interactions with your third eye sometimes. ya know......give a summary

-i learned its prolly better to mirror body language when meeting asian girls sitting.
that girl was nervous so im glad i had the strength finally to endure her resistance/forget about my own and  just chat and eventually unveil more of her core personality. i have her number now too

-learn that when you first meet a person its truly truly gotta be an EXPERIENCE otherwise it was just a interesting ripple in their timeline of their life.btherefore.....lead....

like take the girls to amusment park jeffrey seduction landdddd. the two set at the end STILL wants to hang out.

we just fucked it up by giving them the option to leave.

-dont stagnate.
-lead. lead. lead. lead.
-the set was going good after 20 minutes of standing there it is time to go get some fucking food.
-that or isolate and get the numb.

good day good day.

goin out when?


-also i gotta start to introduce myself and give the name especially unwound cuz it comes off super confidant and smooth and direct and socially acceptable.

keep steppin up jeff, rah

semper fidelis ;D

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I was standing outside waiting for a professor to get done with one of his students. Waiting to get critiqued on how poor i did on my chemistry test and this supercute girl from class like walks by.

Im standing outside his door just chillin. She then stops and obviously im aware at this point shes next in line. So im like...prolly gonna open.

She opens me

This girl squares off with me...and with the most amazing look on her face tells me she did so bad on the chem test.

We start to chat, and literally this girl looks like shes about to have a seizure she was so happy, im talking puppy dog eyes x3 at least. Super adorable.

I could tell she was a lil nervous. I was too. she was more

I would give like 50/50 eye contact simply cuz she opened me and i felt aloofness was key. Girl opens me so i diddnt game her i just had casual convo.
like it aint no thang

Then a guy rolls up (next in line) so now hes a part of the convo and their was a lil bit of vibing going on with the all of us over chemistry.

These people are struggling

it was interesting me attempting to balance flirting with the princess and engaging the dude. *sidenote later on.

Started talking to the dude about wrestling. fun topic. sucks the girl wasnt in on it for awhile. threw some teases at the dude. i told her she looked like a cheerleader. and they she was a FLYER.

i even dropped something and said to her wanna pick that up. like a marine corps recruit she did just that. I say to the guy (who the look on his face is kinda confused/butthurt at the same time)

i was just kidding. then i say to the girl. "your such a sweetheart, i was just kidding" i dont even know if she said anything.

but broke your frame here jeff. slipped into beta frame and apologised basically.

IF ANYTHING you say. "omg you are such a sweetheart" and go for the spinning hug of joy. i love this girl

then run away with her cuz your taking her to the adoption center.

anyway just chatted all of us more then i got called in to the class.

then after... i looked like a chode by walking by and looking and looking again as i walked downstairs.

listen faggot. if your gonna go talk some more go talk some more. if your gonna walk away. WALK AWAY.


so basically if it was a club i wouldve tried move x, y, and z and extracted fast. since its school im just gonna get to know her and see if we mesch and set up a D2.

good to go!
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so its been a month since messaging here. Basically i got my previous chodly friend sucked into the reality he has been watching foundations and blueprint and keeping up with rsd's videos (preferably owens for some reason)
prolly cuz their both gingers. But anyway these instructors are amazing and anyone who says otherwise needs to watch more videos, great guys...i love this shit.
so anyways ive been sending my friend dan my field reports/realizations. what sucks is that school just started it is sooooo hard to go out at this point but this brings up something interesting im gonna bring up later on.
anyways things that have happened that are noteworth or that i havent finished thinking about hmmm:
chasing stimulation vs resonating with what you got...i dont know how to talk about this. but i think alex's i am enough covers this obviously favoring the latter. but i was with a group of peoples that i disconnected from recently mainly because of integrity issues and NEGATIVE DOMINANCE but i also noticed while hanging with them that the vibe was much like supper suuuper leechy dark and wanting but then super high and funny for a lil when someone made a joke but then quickly back to the...low....sad...and leechy vibe. me i was super chilling awesome positive (mostly) and these spikes of emotions i was not a part of but overall i felt super abundant in the environment, and i like it. regardless if it gets me girls this is whawt im gonna do for awhile.
there is no reason why i am not enough. I think even tho the positive positive stimulation was being felt by the group i felt that they were attatched to it...and how long does that emotional wave last...5...10 seconds maxed. then they would chase chase and chase getting mad at the fact that theywerent feeling that emotion.
I like to call it scarcity. So alex's natural insticts trumps all here, just be enough. dont care. but then nervousness and pushing your comfort zone comes into play.
cuz im gonna keep going out. therefore there are going to be many days and nights where I AM NOT ENOUGH due to the fact that im pushing. So i think leverage is key. Be the champ, swag to the max, i want the most abundant life experience possible, i am reconditioning my brain to behave differently, i go for what i really want regardless of what i feel. Emotions dont mean shit. so basically get leverage on myself and put what im doing in perspective. Keep the reframes comming, keep taking action, and simultaniously focus on eckhart tolles primary purpose cuz the secondary is much less important. This is the modality jeff. this is it.
So now the cool topic since it is now later on. School has started. and school is amazing. i go to a catholic school where the tuition is 15k so much of the female population are uppermiddleclass white girls.
summary: i love my school.
endless. but how do i approach a college campus game?
im thinking the potential for high intensity learning here is exponential...i could reallly FUCK my mind in the upcomming years. FUCK MY MIND.
its going to happen, and this is how im gonna do it.
ive been doing it naturally and im just starting to see (and feel) the causations of it.
i opened a girl asking why the comp diddnt work, i opened a door for a girl and told her her eyes were pretty, i told the sandwitch girl the otherday that she was cute and i had to just tell her, i opened a girl while eating, i meet lots of dudes, i opened a girl who i hear talking next to me, i open the girl in the gymnasium, i chat with the girls in japanese class, I TALK AS MUCH AS I CAN OUT LOUD, girls give me proximity ioi's, i shoot the shit with all the girls behind the counter, im lab partners with only girls, i just got a tutor thats a girl (she opened me and asked my major cuz she saw me doing a lab report). Basically im meeting ALOT of girls. some are saying hi to me and im just like....what? cuz i dont remember who they are.
Now am i mack daddy awesome here?
im nervous all the time! i fuck up all the time! But i also feel alot of abundance because there are SOOOO MANY GIRLSSSS. Its literally my goal to talk to all of them.
so basically how im doing this is im just opening. short interactions because im gonna see these girls like...tomorrow. just becomming the social guy who is super chill and doesnt really care about you (because there are sooo many girls) and i am getting alot of attraction let me tell you.
my hypothesis is that this combined with hitting it up on the weekends and escalating whenever possible. making sure not to ever push too hard at school . I think as i develop im gonna make LOADS.....LOOOOOOAAADSSSS of female friends and get super comfortable in my skin.
Because as i get more comfortable...they will...and im just gonna take my time with it. DEVELOP and take into consideration their level of comfort and just work it to the top baby.
go out. push push push and escalate and be drunk sometimes. open all (at school). play off that. be friendly and cool. Bring love into the world and just give the gift of god to all, be abundant within yourself (there are so many girls one interaction is meaningless), dont get kicked out of campus so calibrate to social norms. Just be that cool chill dude that talks to everyone...
There is going to be much cognitive dissonance. But my brain will reajust as i continue to take action and go through the world. Im gonna make lot of friends, im gonna meet lots of girls, college is going to be fun.
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Is what I feel.
Lots of interactiOn yesterday and it's like my brain is balancing between giving a fuck about it all and caring a little.
I'm too cozy I think. I have to put used under more pressure. I need to get fucked up you know what I'm saying. The fact that i care when I'm in a set or even at work or even on text it means that a realization has not been met. I must realize how unimportant life reeeeallly is.
It's stupid to care. I really think so.
So through meditation, emotional pain and reframed I think I'm gonna get closer and closer to that realization.
But man...that emotion pain is some shit, it's really time to burn through that shit.
Went for number close while Working yesterday with chick who chatted with me. I walked away for a couple minutes after failing on my first attempt to even ask for the number and then I asked and seasons she had a husband. Since i have no morals I'm like ya okay I'm married too, nbd. I continues an attempt to plow then she said she was going to start blushing. I was working Diddnt go that hard so I went back to organizing shoes.
I shouldnt have waited to hit the number and I should've continued to be the center of positive emotions once se said no to me. I went into you don't get anymore mode which I find to be epic and chode. No more!
Also cutie walks up to me and I'm jut like bam!
Lovestruck and she sensed this and couldn't even finish her sentence. She just stuttered and smiled. I'm like why does it look like your about to burst out in laughter at any moment. Then she laughed. I started leading her to where she wanted to go and she actually got approached by a customer. im like ya she works here can you help her?
So she started to help te customer lol
I teases her for not having we name tag on and being new.
And everytime I made a declaration. Like yes it's 40 percent off the lowest ticket, I'd look at her and say right?
Soo funny. I love how she played along...amazing
Then I finished leading her and on the way I'm like you seem funny. She's like I AM FUNNY.
Qualification guys.
Shoulda went for the close this second with something the pertained to the vibe
Maybe we should exchange numbers immediately after she said I am funny.
Main focus inner game
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2 weeks past no in the field, no rsd shit, and basically got my ego crushed as I am a pfc in the marines.
Being back I feel I lost a lot of momentum/motivation to do anything. I don't know why but these past few days I played more videogame than I have this entire last year.
I hope I'm not rationalizing my laziness but I think I am. I'm saying oh well you worked hard for two weeks plus school is starting soon you have earned yourself a break from........yeah.
If I think objectively I'm just being a weak chode bitch. Not working hard. Not focused.
Comming back I seem to have lost my big vision
I am noticing the more and more pain I experience. Girls not texting back, social interactions that could've gone better, girls loving the swag and I don't capitalize. The more and more I feel this very short lived but fucking frequent pain. The bigger the picture gets. There's a reason why I want to be the champion. Im simply just trying to rid my life of that pain. I reallllly like positive emotions! And I'm not too big on the negative ones. It sucks cuz I got to face it but from my experience facing it is transcending it and running from it is simply running, it's gonba pop up again you can't avoid that shit.
So I think I'll be fine, slowly but surely I'm gonna get back on my grind.
It's alllllll goooood
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Went out sober as usual.
I had about 6 dudes with me which caused me some mental wierdness. Eventually we split into groups which was much better, two ok I can do that especially if the guy wants to hit it up.
But when for example I'm with two dudes who will NOT approach I feel like if i approach I'm breaking the rapport of the group and not being a cool friend, or I feel like I'm carrying weights as they basically follow two feet behind me. Walked around like that a bit...stifled. Then I though of brad an reframed and basically put myself in a pickup trance and started meeting girls. Took about a minute.
And it's crazy but I had the hardest time hooking and the hardest time opening.
I hit up lots of sets. So good examples will only be displayed...
First set the girl was crying...her friends were there I just Diddnt know how to calibrate to that. They opened but I was there for 20 seconds. Probably shoulda balled up and took the cryin girl and made her not cry.
I raped mission impossible.
So many moving set attempts...and so many moving set failures
In two sets of course at night I'd just like to go on the one girl and fall in love...if she strikes that chord within me.
I did this and she's like "your cute too!!!" and she slowed down but the friend kept going fast and the girls mind seems to just instantly go back on the friend. I think a wingman is best in this situation. Occupy the friends.
So a lot of sets just go where I attempt to meet and they just flake me off like thrust. This is street game and it just seems that the girls are so in this "I'm the prize frame" that meeting me off the street is not worth their time. Funny...I'll keep assuming its my lack of skill/exp
I have a feeling Tyler missed something when he said daygame is the same as night game. I don't think girls go out at night to stop and listen to a guy introduce himself and want to meet them..there are exceptions I know. But in the normal sorta emotionally straightforward state I'm in when I start doing pickup (and not nervous) it just seems i lose out due to lack of social skill. There were times I went in congruent and just to talk...and over and over again, I wasnt even nervous, flake flake flake flake. I ultimately think these girls go out at night because they want to experience a guy who can basically forge a ons. I firmly believe at this point if you did what I did most of last night which was stop hot ass girls just to chat...your gonna get blown off more than if ur being physical/sexual. And I think when your in a daytime environment where it's quieter and no blasting speakers in ur ear the you can have a friendly chat. I don't think friendly chats are for clubs...unless your like super funny and tell good stories. I don't really have these skills yet...but I am working on it
This is a negative perspective I have. On the other hand I kno if I hadda gotten m charisma faucet on full blast by hitting up every girl I see instead of one every six or seven and have gotten into state then I can see friendly convo working because the nYmbus is raging. I Diddnt really he into state like that...I Lost aa except on certain sets and u know what I'm talking about I was chill but not charismatic. I thInk chillness flies more in daytime and at night it's seen at low value. So getting into state is my if your looking for results via not being physical.
At one poInt I was talking to this drunk girl over a railing and she was Into it and I could tell she wanted to be taken Control of. She wanted physicality...she wanted tht vibe. I Diddnt give It too her. I'm like , I want to meet you. I wanted to talk...totally unneccessary. I coulda just grabbed her face and kissed her but I just wanted to meet. I swear. From now on in a club environment where it is loud and stimulating...I have to always be physical one way or another.
This is my approach from now on. Get comfortable being more physical in the field. A lot of these girls out want to be taken (Tim). So I'm gonna start to do it.
And daytime I'm just gonba talk talk talk talk. So night physical/day chatty. This is my belief for now. It will change drastically I know, but this is it now.
Yeah so tons of learning experiences this night.
Get into state
Love yourself
Approach All hot girls
Keep attempting to stop moving sets
Approach groups with a wing
Ask yourself what you learned/what you could've done differently
next time.
Oh and hammer it out even if u suck. You will benefit from that shit.
And in my case last night I got laid finally.
Why happened was I lost energy and motivation after a hour or two of approaching on the club strip...soooooooooooioo many cute girls. So I'm sitting at the rendezvous point wait for friends to come up. They show up an it's like a lights switched on. My noob friends actually mustered up the courage to do some approaches and theyre like dude one more roll around one more one more. Knowing me in I'm
Like "Hoorah let's go" so we go and one of my last approaches of the night I saw cute Asian girl in tight dress and heels walking with her friends and I broke off from my friends and sorta playfully rappe my arms around her as I told the friend omg I love Asian girls. I think the reason I had such confidence with this opener was Because she was having fun with her friends. Something about her sub communicated to me that That move would "work". Or maybe I just had balls who knows. But the friends Diddnt do shot and I pulled her away like 5 feet and started to spit my master game on a ho. I guess she was Korean. I tried to kiss her she wouldnt...had my hands on her hips longer than I was comfortable having them there..before I got too nervous she said some dumb shit so I pushed her away. I remember she swatted at me for it. I think I qualified her for something. I don't remember much of this shit. Bit the vibe was there, oh and I made her spin and told her her heels could look nicer luckily she met a guy who works in the shoe department. We were like dancing it was lovely. Kissed we on the cheek cuz she's a geek. at some point actually early on I told her I had to leave so the interaction only lasted like 2 minutes. IT WAS CHARGED and she ended up putting her number in my phone. And I was going to attempt to Kiss her again and I saw in her face she would've been receptive but in the moment I lacked the confidence because of my initial attempt so I Diddnt.
Anyways it ends up my friend starts texting her. Then I text her the next day at work. I'm just like "I'm gone for two weeks tomorrow. We have to see each other or else i'lll lose interest. I want to see you tonight. And like julien mentioned about how girls tell you how to fix their situation she told me Well im at work now and i don't get off work till 11 I'm like cool me too. Do you live off campus. Very simple problem solved...but it was logistical nonetheless.
I ended up showing up to her house a little late. I just told her to stay up. So I knock knock an knock...and a spider almost bites me. Then she opens the door.
It was about 10 seconds of me being a chode and beig gay and not acting through my own intentions. This was cute I was not there for casual conversation (wow I am such a whore). So I pulle her on me...whatdddya know she kissed back...we made out some and then I'm like upstairs. House is messy. Room is clean as fuck. I dig. We walk In her room she's holding my hand and she shuts the door...this is oh so new to me, it was quite obvious what I shoulda did. Anyways we chatted real nonchalantly and more making out...she might've been turned on by my aloofness idk cuz I was not super agressive and decisive...but it will come. My aloofness was stemmed from my fear of fucking up but I wasn't nervous so te vibe was goin upward. I teased her on some stuff she had made popcorn and was watching some dumb Korean show on her laptop that she wouldn't let me see..I'm like wtf? She starts fiddling with the laptop cuz we were supposed to watch a movie...yeah.
I just start to rub her and get myself turned on. Rubbing turns into kissing her back turns onto my putting her on hers.
Noteworthy lay report:
First time I got laid off cold approach, and first time having AE since 2010
Thank you rsd
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it diddnt change. the blogging is inconsistent. im just gonna put stuff in my notes as i learn in field and post them here. things i fuck up.
Recent lessons. I walked a girl home in toronto. we were having a rapportish conversation and she gave me her fb at the end of the walk. but i mean...what would julien have tried...or jeffy. next time something like this happens ill just attempt to frame control my way into her house. all with good intentions. i shouldve at least tried, i think she wouldve been receptive.
maybe not initially...but w.e
Incongruency is a killer in my game. The coolness of being REAL is so much more cool than trying to be cool. I opened a 3 set and i was like EH!.....this was not my state and it just came off real try hard. I immediately was like...lets try that again AS the girls give me shit about my congruency. i ended up going into the bar with them. diddnt go far after that i diddnt really stick around. Not used to staying in set so i guess that would be a STICKING POINT of mine. The way alex seems to say he just befriends the people he meets and just chills and shoots the shit for HOURS is a bit outside of the reality atm. Slowly building on it tho.
I need to stop trying and let what happens happen. i was in a set where i was talking to this girl about her veganism and how i think thats cool. i left the convo cuz my wing was having emotional trouble but...if the topic wouldve maybe SWITCHED, i have a feeling it wouldve stalled out cuz i was very "stuck" on the one topic..using it to get her to talk. id have to say..just relax, talk. dont want shit. easier said than done. thats why i do this everyday now.
I found that when i have a wing who will physically put me in sets, this is the easiest way for me to approach. it works ill def keep doing it for awhile. its like the approach anxiety magic pill.
I tried the hand of god ONCE AGAIN several times this one night. shit is not working. but this girl was giving me approach invitations and i saw her walking by and i did it. she put her hand out halway and i of course insisted she grab my hand. she diddnt...then i became incongruent and went up on her...dude was there. i got a little flustered...uncomfortable. oh well..just dont be nervous or needy.
i find the most congruent thing for me to do at this point is tap tap tap and just say hey. who are you. im jeff. im shy. shit like that.
ive never talked to a girl before.
I saw some girls i knew from high school and one i actually attemted opening in a mall once but she was on the phone. went on her again (this is a 3 set) and adopted her really fast and it just diddnt happen she peeled away sorta. id have to say my intent wasnt high. i was half in half out. i shouldve been more intense on the kino if i were to do kino. but regardless i dont think i even needed to do that. im sure i coulda just high fived the whole group said hey and threw my friends on the other ones and isolated my girl. lol turn away. i just wanted to see what she was up to really. they also diddnt see me as cool in high school so, more intent plus freedom from outcome was needed.
sometimes the convo is so dull id like to have a routine or two to do...oh well. next time shit is boring ill just play a stupid game like 20 questions. sometimes even that i think is better than some of the conversations i have.
i got in state last night.
so i hit up a mixed set and the guys like yo yo yo thats my girlfriend. i shoulda snuck up tell him im your gay friend. itl happen.
i approached this russian lookin girl who was dancing. she was inside the rail i was outside so i just ran up with my hands kinda mimicing her and i mirrored her left and right movement. Im RIGHT in her face and i start meeting her. and its kiiiinda have to say masculine polarity was on. i said the same shit i ususally do but it seemed the surface layer shit was being flooded with some spiritual force from another realm...if that makes sence. i felt really good in my body. so good as im inches from her face kinda teasing or whatever. im looking in her eyes, at her nose, her pores, eyebrows. totally unflinching and i think she was attracted to that because even as i stood there not saying anything sometimes...she was LOCKED IN. i kissed her one time. but she wouldnt kiss me again even on the reapproach a half hour later. i think it was because her friends were there. im not too sure what the vibe is like on these 5 minute pulls. but im thinking maybe i couldve said we have drinks in the car. come with. or some indirect but subcommunicated ONS line that wouldve gotten her to leave her friends. i think she loved me honestly. last approach was a blonde girl and i went up...diddnt care. talked. told her she was sweet. this one i did tell to come to my car. she was being very nice and sweet and i wanted to ravage her. i like slowly became genuinely physical like a guy approaching a kitten. and whatever she diddnt resist. but im not sure if it was my lack of assurance or just my vibe cuz im used to thinking kino is something obvious. it almost seems like i got in under the radar. i absolutely dont want it to be like that. no wierd shit but it was obvious i was touching her so w.e. i was being comfortable. we vibed and she reciprocated and it became sexual tension. she said shed come with me if her friends werent on their way. i attempted to outframe but...she gave me the numb and tells me next time shes totally down.
yay guys who have made it this far. im getting put on!. im getting put on! yes! yes! gonna get laid!!!!....note this is sarcasm.
alot of girls and especially out in a club scene that are 7.5 - 8 is often aernt the most  CONFIDANT GIRLS. heck...probably higher on the scale than that. i wont say i know. but i saw a 2 set walking im like friend...go. hes awesome he went at the one and i went at the other. it was superchill no runniing or nothing but i approached and im like hey i had to meet you. she diddnt stop. i think your cute and she started to slow but she was peeling. It happend somehing like this im not exact. but then....i gave the STATEMENT OF EMPATHY. she stopped. she looked at me. we talked. i initially told her. i know how you feel its not everyday people come up to you on the street to say hi. but i think your really pretty, and i just had to meet you. or something like that.
unfortunately im assuming my friend diddnt say exactly that so he lost his girl. w.e
love this guy he approaches like a monster. pure wingman.
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