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So I've met this girl again yesterday.
The touching is getting kinda heavy, but she don't seem to wan't to be kissed in public.
Oh well, not that it matters much.

I'm learning tons of stuff and can really see how all the RSD teachings ties together when
you sprinkle it here and there.

She clearly digs me and has this longing look on her face when I leave.

So I was thinking, where is this going.
said that women will make relationship noises soon enough if that is what she wants
and that as a man you shouldn't really care too much about that stuff.
So that is where I'm at right now.

So what do I think of her?
Well despite being 20 she looks younger. A big plus in my book.
Her body curves in interesting ways that I like to explore further.
Her ass is nice, fine and soft and she has a pretty face.
She doesn't have big boobs, but I've never been into the large melon fetishes.
I'm an ass, hip and face guy. (in that order)
She is very playful and I can imagine having lots of fun with her.

I was concidering uploading photos, but nah the photos are for my enjoyment. :)
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Lately I've been playing around with a speed reading book.
For 3 month or so.

In that time my reading speed has doubled.
This means that I can consume huge amounts of text fast.

So what have I gotten to read now that my speed has increased?

The last week I read trough

"Games People play"
"I'm okay, your okay"
"No more mister nice guy"

These books have helped me a lot in having a more positive attitude toward myself
at the same time I have gotten a better understanding that the hell the people around
me are up to.
All these games....

Anyway from the "No more mister nice guy" book I got these ideas for bettering my
use of time and energy.

Accept "good enough" rather than "perfect"
Finish what you start
Wait with new projects until the old ones are completely finished
Stop excuses
Detach from other peoples problems

I also got some top notch questions

Why did I invite this person into my life?
What do I need to learn from this situation?
How would my view of this situation change if I saw it as a gift?

Needless to say I'm excited by the result this have had on my general view on the world.
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I was trying to get inspired by googling "flirty messages" today.

I got shit like

"It's not my fault that I fell for you, you tripped me!"

"Hi, I'm Mr. Right. Someone said you were looking for me?"

Okay so what is the opposite of flirty?
Break up messages!

Then I got unhelpful shit like this

"You Hurt me more than what i deserve..
Is it just because i loved you more than what you deserve…"

"Sweetheart, I was born the day I met U….
and died the day U left me…"

So I went to the aprils fools section and found a great one for my needs!

Fact 1: You can't touch your lower lip with your tounge.
Fact 2: After reading this 99/100 idiots will try it!

Ah just tried it out!
The glory of it is that if she admits being fooled, you got her.

And if not you can reply back with

1/100 eh? Not bad! :p
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Yesterday I sent a txt message to this girl.
At the moment I sent it I thought it was a funny, good idea.

When I got the answer I stood up an yelled FUCK!

The answer was "OK"

It took a little while for the rational part of my brain to kick in and analyze what had just happened.

The first thing that hit me was that getting "OK" as an answer, was actually a good thing.
So why the over the top negative reaction if it was a good thing?
What kind of response had I hoped to get?
I realized that I hadn't thought about what kind of response I wanted...

However it wasn't "OK" I hoped for that's for sure!
After thinking about it, it became clear that with many other likely responses,
I could do what I always do, create some negative drama and find an excuse to end the
relationship that I've built so far with this girl.
I always do that, but I've never had the process interupted like this before.
Usually I just go with the flow and create a deeper and deeper hole for myself.
But "OK" didn't allow that.

It's like I'm playing this game wherein I win when I lose.
I wasn't thinking lets end this, but that would have been the natural conclution had she taken my bait.
I remember distinctly being in the same state of mind every time I've messed up a relationship.

So what did I do?
I wrote back. "Thanks, I needed to hear that. :)"

She wrote back. "Your welcome! :-)"

And then I went to bed...
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Okay let try to evaluate yesterday...
This is what happend when you evict negativity from your life and all the RSD stuff kick in.

It started with my bombshell drivers instructor. I played it cool and focused on being an
attentive and polite student. I want my licence dammit! :)

Anyway she seems to like me since I'm funny attentive and polite.

Later that day I called up the girl I was going to meet for the concert that day.
It was more of a city party lasting from wenedsday too sunday with concerts blended in,
with one concert in particular that was the main attraction that day.

She had earlier been kind of ambivalent about if she could go and she told me to call her later since
she hadn't money on her phone. A legit thing since I know that the excuses she gave for this was real.
She then told me she was available to be called before 11 and after 4.
I reasoned that calling before would create a situation with her having several hour with
unpredictable information streaming in messing up whatever info I got earlier so I called some while after 4.
That and the fact that calling so early in the morning for a meetup, seems kinda desperate.

So I called and she told me that she would be with some of her friends some cafe at 7 and she wondered
if I knew it. I said no not really. She then tried to explain to me where it was.
I knew the surrounding area and told her I probably knew the one she meant.
She didn't give up and tried to make sure I knew where it was. :)
I told her that my buddy who I was to meet at 6 probably knew where it was.
She then tried to name all the surrounding shops so I was sure to find it.
I told her that "Gee you have the whole area mapped out, havn't you?"
She giggled and told me that she was only trying to help me!

Later I went down to the town with the party.
I was half an hour late and called my buddy that it I found was still home sleeping.
I thought I was late. I told him to meet me at the place and that we would meet the girl
that he also knows. He has a girlfriend so he is almost safe as he was a big player before.

I walk around and enjoy the party having cake and stuff, chatting up the cake selling ladies and such.
When the time arrives I walk over to the place maybe 10 min late, I actually found it before
so I was sure that I didn't have to sweat finding the location, but could show up exactly when it pleased me.

She and my buddy had already arrived and was chatting.
I sat next to her and she seemed delighted that I had arrived, however I had to do a little match of
who gets the girls attention with my buddy since she was a bit into talking to him when I arrived.
That was solved with fooling around and escalating touch with her until it got to a level he couldn't
follow unless he wanted serious trouble with his girlfriend.

Anyway her sister soon arrived and my buddy got engaged in going for her attention instead.
He brought her over to some jumping contest by some gym marketing campaign.
That left me and her alone! Perfect! :)

We bought icecream and talked about light stuff. When we had ice cream I looked at her eyes
then her lips and bit my own lip slighly. She liked that and she made some similar gesture back.
Now of course her sister and my buddy had to come back and ruin further progress in that area.
However her sister wants me too, so she pointed out that we had icecream together in a half
teasing, half bitter tone.

I continued light touching and she did some light touching back.
I then touched her hair and commeted on a flower she had in it, didn't she use it at so and so occation,
she looked down very coyly and replied that yes she did.
She then replied that it matched her bra.

After a little while some of her friends that I have never met arrived and we where introduced.
I talked a little with some of them and in the process she stood up and went to bathroom or something.
When she came back she wasn't able to sit next to me because people had moved around.
I didn't care and kept and kept chatting with this guy about work stuff.
I then started joking with her sister, who really enjoyed the attention.

After a little while she left with her friends for food. But more likely to discuss their impression of me.
I just had that feeling. Her sister and my buddy stayed.
We kept talking and some other people we knew came and went.
She eventually came back and asked me if I could give her, her purse.
I did the thing with grabbing the purse almost giving it to her, before I changed
my mind and said you know this is a nice purse, I think I'll keep it.
We all laughed and I gave it too her.

She then told me she was to go somewhere with her friends. I said okay thinking she would be back.
She didn't come back... What I realized from watching the people who was left with me was that
they was watching me to see how I reacted to her departure.
Funny stuff!
So I did a totally chill, couldn't give a shit if she wasn't there.
I joked around, and stuff and when the concert started I enjoyed it in full.
Her sister was obviously watching me to see how I reacted, but my buddy acted weird too so I couldn't
rule him out either. And then her mother showed up too. XD
Oh boy...
Now I have met her mother before so it wasn't that weird or anything.
But I quickly got the impression that this was some massive test.

So I took a page out of Sun Tzu and started to feed my subverted buddy false info.
When he told me we should find the girl in question, I did a bona fide attempt to find her from a vantage point
and then proclaimed, who cares where she is. She is a big girl! Now lets watch the concert and have some fun.
I then just lost myself in the music and had a good time.

Then my buddy had to leave for no apparent reason... Hmmm....
And they put me in a very weird situation where only her mother was available to speak to since all kinds of
people I had never met occupied the sister.
I just chitchatted and threw in some, I wonder where my buddy went.
I then told her I was going back to the cafe and she and the sister followed.

She was still nowhere to be found, and I talked calmly to the sister who was trying to change
the convo to be about the "lost" sister and me no giving a damn.
Soon she claimed to have found out that her location was at some bar a block away.
I was in no hurry to go there, but I decided to brace myself for the worst possible scenario
and told the sister that I was unsure that I would join them at the bar. I talked about
being sleepy, and not wanting to miss a bus.

She conviced me to come over to the bar, but I told her that if I had to pay too much in the door I would not
enter since I was concidering leaving soon anyway.
In the middle of this this "uncle" person appeared that seem to have some close relationship with the mother.
This underscored the test hypotesis. I remembered that some other super chode buddy of mine had told me how she had attracted a lot of questionable boyfriends in the past and had, had her hearth broken and stuff like that.
In fact that buddy gave me her attraction blueprint unknowingly by talking about the poor girl with all the bad

Anyway I befriended the uncle character over a beer we was soon on our way to "find" her.
We saw her trough some security fence and she told us that we had to come in.
I told her the already established truth that I relly couldn't because of the bus you see... XD
She was standing on the other side of that fence puppy eyed and lovely, breaking everyones hearth
but mine and lo and behold I got an offer by my buddy who hadn't had anything to drink to drive me home.

So we entered and went trough a bit of back and forth with where to sit.
It seemed like her friends was disenchanted with me and her for some reason.
I didn't give a damn and just enjoyed myself, while she weighted the pros and cons of
being openly intimate with her. After a some while I walked by her and she held out her hand, I grabbed
it and she put my arm around her neck. I obliged and sat down besides her.
However it didn't last long before she had to go somewhere. So I just chilled there with her friends.
I tried to chat them up, but they was now a bit more difficult to be around than earlier.
Almost standoffish. I suspect that one of the guys who was with one of her girlfriends had hopes
of getting with her. As both he and she was next to me and not really talking to me. All the others at the table
was embroiled in some other convo. I excused myself and went to find my buddy.

On my way trough a door she appears and walks towards me very seductively.
So I think what the hell. I pick her up while she giggles and scquems and moves her behind me
like she was some object in my path I had to move and then walks on. Got a nice feel of that soft
fine ass of her. =D

I find my buddy and he tells me it is time to leave for that ride. I walk up to her and give her a kiss on the cheek
and walk out with her watching me longingly.

I think I might risk getting myself a girlfriend now.
Oh well we have to see what happens later.
The night was perfect no doubt

Acctually I don't give a damn if I get her or not.
That is up to her really. If she want's her friends chode best friend I can't stop her.
However I highly doubt if she can think about anything else than me after that night.
RSD rocks!

Thanks Alex and Crew for comming to Norway and introducing me to this life.
Thanks to Tyler for making RSD in the first place.

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This day rocked on so many levels!!!! =D :)

But I'm to tired to elaborate. XD
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So lately a lot of barriers between me and succes has fallen.
Both mentally and in the real world.

It is weird that all I needed was an attitude shift, and that most of my problems was in my head.
Now that I'm on the other side i can see how totally stuck in a hole I was.
I have many holes to climb out of still, but as long as I head upward I should be okay!

What I have noticed is that stuff that Tyler, Alex etc talk about starts manifesting in my life.

Like the warm end of the pool idea.
If I sit down at a table, I can now make that table cool as long as I'm centered and happy.
It is weird how people flock to be part of your happy table when in fact it wasn't anything in
particular before you sat down.

Self-amusement generates state. I do what I want, when I want.
After I got my smart phone I can sit down and read anywhere, watch movies, listen to music.
I like stuff like that, and it gives me a happy calm state.
And nobody is any wiser what I do on my phone anyway.
I can even load the RSD crew up onto the phone and watch them over and over anywhere if I
so wishes.

My biggest barrier to success right now is focusing too much on one girl.
Just because she is the one that is most interested in me right now doesn't mean that I
can't get to know other ladies.
I've talked to her flirted and stuff and she has responded, she likes me, I like her.

Thing is, to me that is very new to have some girl dig me og that level.
Suggesting we do stuff, cause she wants to see me again.
It is also the first time I keep my cool over the fact that some girl likes me.
Usually I crack and go Mikey from Swingers on them.

But now I have this way cool NLP trick to balance my mind and obliterate any state that doesn't serve me.
Looking back I realize now that my hole was so deep that without that technique I would probably never
have managed to climb out of it.

Weird to think I could have stayed in this state of general discontent despite all my valiant efforts to change.

However I'm well aware of that with only the NLP technique I would just have been an overly happy
chode who still would have had no clue how to get women.
The reason chicks are noticing me now is because my overly negative state don't lie as a shadow over the
RSD teachings. Before the stuff still worked, but I would then go on some self sabotage spree to rid myself
of my latest successes. All I'm doing now is in essence, not screwing up what I got in the first place.

That is a subtle difference, but it makes for a world of change in my life.

The moral of this story is...
Get your act together, then do all the cool RSD stuff.
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So I've been flirting with this girl.
I had her phone and face and we had an idea about going to a certain concert.
However the logistics wasn't really tight so I wrote a message to her on face.

So I wrote a funny follow-up...

Still nothing.

I looked at my god damn phone...
I have had this aversion to calling girls in the past on the phone.
But now I picked up the good damn thing and called her.
Instant clarity!
Now I know what is up, instead of sitting biting my nails on facebook.
That is my usual pattern, avoiding the phone until all other ways of communicating has been exhausted.

And then I have usually become so desperate that I've managed to screw it up by becomming a chode.
Not this time.
This is a massive improvement on my part, managing to communicate in constructive ways with
girls instead of going all Mikey in Swingers on them.

This calls for some celebration! Cake for me!!! =D
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Summer is here and all is well!

Life has a way to put you trough all sorts of ups and downs.
However as long as you stick with a positive focus you will get your reward in the end.

Yesterday I had the girls of an event all over me.
Even the married ones, many a husband was jealously suspicious.
Not that they had any real reason to worry since married women are not my cup of tea.
They are great for making the single one that you want feel more interested
without any blowback of hurt feelings and drama of the pawn.

My ability of reframing events in realtime have given me mood superpowers.
No negative event have any sway over me for longer than the time it takes me
to realize that I had a negative experience.
The sequence I go trough to neutralize the negative assosiation is so well established
that it takes me 10 seconds flat to do it to any emotion or memory that plauges me.

I can now  apply the advice of RSD without worry about moodswings.

The level I have delved into psychology now is not for everybody, as most people on this
board isn't as emotionally screwed up that they need to. Or maybe I'm wrong... XD

I have found that Alex relaxed style works better for me than Tylers hitting it up style.
I'm not naturally all over the place, I'm more calm, running around hitting it up is not my cup
of tea unless I find myself in such a state by a fluke.

Anyway, have a continued good summer with lots of fun! =D
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It seems that my newfound happy mode is still working.
Not only that, but it is growing.

Earlier I would fluctuate up and down like a bi-polar sufferer,
I would go into a confident mode only to crash into negativity later.

Now that I have gotten over this block I had all the
teachings og RSD and all the other methods I've studied
suddenly are available at my fingertips without having to
fear self-sabotage and other weird reactions.

It is a very different feeling in my body now.
This stability of mood...

I have no idea if anyone else can relate to this...
But that is your problem. :-p

Anyway today I went to a place I spent big portions of my childhood
and got all these memories of a kid who had no fucking clue
about anything.

It was fun to walk around and reframe every negative memory that came up. In the end I felt much more confident and positive since the past had no hold over me anymore.

I'm glad Alex told me that if I had emotional issues I should deal with
them first as they do really hold you back. :)

Now I'm tired with a headache, from being in the sun too much.
So I'm signing off for some rest.
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