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A little while has passed since I finished my challenge of approach in daytime.

Since then I have been embroiled in day to day life and catching up on all
the stuff I postponed in that time.

One thing I've been paying alot of attention to is my motivation system.
I've been constantly tuning it to reflect the reality of the challenge it is to motivate myself.

I had a couple of major retoolings of it, but now it's starting to take shape.

Basically it's just a system of points and rewards.
The points are earned by doing things that is easy to postpone.
Approaching girls, physical training,  dental flossing, learning stuff that I decided to learn etc.

I can then buy entertainment: movies, series, novels and games.
In the beginning I get a lot of entertainment cause they are cheap.
But after I've used a certain amount of a type of entertainment the price rises.
It inflates because there are so many points chasing it.

Anyway this motivates me massively to perform,
and the inflation keeps me from becoming stale.

So now if I have no major goals to generate points I don't get to waste my time on entertainment eighter.
I must get goals!!!
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Haha!!! I did it!

7days of going up to 20 hot women on the street!
This is a big step forward for me!

My comfort zone has grown my leeps and bounds!

However it was not easy today since I seemed to hesitate alot in the beginning.
I belive I was a bit afraid of finishing the task.
Cause I now have to set an even bigger and challenging goal.

Oh well it's all good.
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Finally today I did day 6 of my challenge.

I have given myself every reason to postpone it.
Done all sorts of stuff that I thought more important.

But today it is over and only day 7 remains.

I't goes very fast once I first start. One approach roughly every 3 minuttes.

So big improvement there.

Oh well once I find some harder challenge after day 7 I will probably hesitate again...
Or maybe not?
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I've been thinking about what has changed in my life since bootcamp.

1. Been out much more in clubs. And doing twice as well. (Even though clubs really wasn't my thing)
2. Got some new friends.
3. Been able to approach in the street consistently. (My 7 day challenge)
4. Started to train again.
5. Started my own company.
6. Found new ways to have fun, both alone and with others.

What I learned from bootcamp was that if I presevere through my anxiety good things will happen.
By watching Alex in field I got to see that my narrow view of reality holds me back from all the
fun and success to be had.
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I have finally completed day 5 of my challenge today doing my last 10.

This "day" got a little stretced.

Progress for me is that I'm approaching two sets also now.
But three sets seem a bit challenging still.

However by being able to approach two sets makes it that much
easier to find valid targets. I no longer have to only approach girls that are by themself.
It goes MUCH faster to get the approaches done now than in the beginning.
I can't belive that I needed like hours upon hours to get it done.

Only two days to go or 40 approaches and my daygame "week" will be complete!
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Life can be so busy.
So instead of waiting for a whole day to come up I instead did
approaches as they appeared in front of me during the day.

I did 4 yesterday and 6 today so now I have 10 witch is halfway to 20 my daygoal.

Today I did the elusive two girls sitting together goal.
It really wasn't that far of a stretch since I've starting to get a handle on walkups.
But last week I would have been paralysed of the prospect of talking to them.

Oh well we live and learn.
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Yesterday I got an interesting idea and acted on it.

I made myself a new facebook profile.
It's my b-list.

I'm sick and tired of feeling like I have to "be friends"
with a bunch of people I knew in college etc.
So I made a second profile where all those people can be my "friends".

In this way I have all the people that I have a REAL reason to be friend
with in one separate place, but still get all the benefits from having a extended network.
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One more day with daygame over.

I skipped yesterday since I had so many things I needed to handle.
When you only do daygame and watch cartoons tasks pile up.

I reward myself with cartoons right now.
I got tired of starcraft...
So no I watch the anime Naruto!
Yeah I'm a geek deal with it...

Anyways those 20 girls only took like 3 hours...
Thas one approach every 9 minuttes on average!!!

Massive improvement!!!
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One more 20 girls day done!

The approach is easier now. Much easier!!!

Only thing is locating girls to approach.
I have found several places that girls naturally
stops and waits for stuff.

So I go into one and if I feel that there are no oppurtunities nearby I go into
the next one. The good thing is that I get to approach in alot of different settings.

The bad thing is that all this walking back and forth kills my feet...

Oh well they made me walk 30 km with a rifle and a backpack full of sand in the millitary
so I shouldn't really about tired feet from strolling around talking to girls.

However the more tired my feet are the less motivated I get.
I guess however that it is a good sign that I'm more inclined to about
the feet than the approaching.
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Went out today also to approach 20 times.

I was a bit lazy today and didn't get my ass out of the house before 3 pm.
Cause I was watching cartoons on youtube...

Oh well I deserved it after yesterday, and it only meant I had to stay out later today
to make my 20 sets.

It was harder to open my first set today. Then It was easy up to 14 set when it suddenly
got hard again and I used an hour to get 3 approaches...

But in the end I made it and my feet are acctually more tired today although I'm not
as overall exhausted as yesterday. I guess yesterday was more emotionally draining.

I'm feeling so much more confident now!!!
By the end off this week appraoching will be a piece of cake!
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