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I have gotten over a major psycological roadblock and are ready to roll.
I feel entiteled to new experiences. New girls, new friends and that I deserve to have a good life.
It wasn't easy getting to this point, but I imagine that I will make rapid progress from now on.

Until I meet the next roadblock that is...
Writing this kinda reminds me of the book Mastery.

Oh well that was all I wanted to write for now.
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Everything changes and you eighter go with the change or against it.
If you go against it you will oftentimes be trampled by events.

Many things are changing in my life right now and I'm growing tremendously on it.

When it comes to this area I have let myself get pulled into new avenues that have challenged
my perception.

I have gone out a couple of times with some really extroverted guys and I'm still reaping the benefits.
The whole attitude displayed was very benefitial to get.

I have still not decided on what my next project is gonna be.
Probably some approach marathon with some rewards attached to it.

Have a good one!
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I've had some good voice moments lately.
Those are accompanied by unfamiliar behavior from other people and
then some mental confusion on my part.

I feel unsecure when I use a more effective voice and other people who know me start acting up.
I have changed my world view quite a bit and I'm better for it.

This is still not perfect.
I feel that since this is way past 19 of march,  that I can wrap it up and revisit later.
I feel the need to revisit the land of projections since it ties in directly with the voice.
When I imagine bad things my voice suffer.
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Starting to develop more loud voice. People treat me different when I use it.
It is weird and my mind is taken for a rollercoasterride.

Anyway I keep getting good advise here and apreciate it!

In other news:
I've become more calm lately having read an interesting book called "Was that really me?"
It is about stress and how it relates to personality.

There is so many things that deserve mention, but I don't think they needs to be focused on right now.
Voice is the name of the game.
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There are many thing that count when improving the quality of your voice.

Where you speak from and state of mind seem to be the two big ones.

Progress is sporadic at best, but hey at least I'm getting to understand a new part of life.
Will be interesting to see where this will lead me in the end.
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It is going up and down with my voice.

I've been put into several high pressure situations today
and I feel I did better than I normaly do in relation to voice concidering the circumstances.

Some situations my voice is low, some weak, some both and some normal.
I'm struggeling with keeping myself calm enough to use a deep resonant voice.

At least I'm aware of when the issues are arising.

Now all I need to do are work, work and work.
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I have worked on the voice and still there is alot to do.
When I speak I usually have other stuff to focus on or else I wouldn't be speaking.

Still I have made some progress and I'm less of a whimp I hope.
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It's harder than I thought focusing on my voice.

It is only used when in communication with people and it is so easy to fall into the old habits.
Will try harder today, as I write this I speak and it is whimpy...

This will be a lot of work!
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Time to start my new project!!!
Cause without a project I don't try to improve anything and just stay on my ass.

This is going to be about my voice.
Since my voice is wimpy, I've worked on it to some extent,
but it doesn't matter it still shines throgh once I get some pressure on me.

From today it is two weeks of active deepening and hightening of voice and reporting
on and what I learn and experience doing this.

So by 19th of march I should have a good voice that makes all the honies weak in their knees. ;-p
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I have come to the point in life where I no longer feel that I'm doing somthing wrong
by trying to improve my life in the realm of relationships.

I now get that the issue is not in the fact that I'm improving myself in this area,
but rather how this fact is presented. If you use generic tersm like "socialize more"
everybody is okay with it.
Call it pick-up and you enter a whole other territory.

Nothing has changed except your wording, but that is enough.
So now that I word myself so that even concervative Christians would not object
to what I'm doing the pressure isn't just off, it's gone!
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