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So I watched Ozzies last video yesterday.
The one about control.
I've been relating what he said to my own approach and it is so spot on.
Every time I try to manouver to make stuff "easier" I just say.
Fuck it you have no control anyway.

Like there was this girl who I wanted to talk too.
I was like positioning myself strategically for when she exited the bathroom.
Doing stuff that was easy to interupt and stuff.
Then I was like, fuck it.
I need to do my excercises, so I started doing my stuff and when she came out
I asked what her name was and continued training.
It was a fun moment and not forced like it usually is.

I need to remind myself all the time as I'm constantly trying to posistion myself
for optimum effect. But that is only imaginary as I have ZERO control.
Anything could happen. So I will work on winging stuff more.
It feels easier that way.
Just talking away whenever there is a hot girl to talk to, and I feel like it.
That would be the best.
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