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Having written several posts on my blog here I now come full circle and ask myself why i do it.
Why do I write here?

On one level I write here to get support, on another it is just weird approval-seeking.
Like I have to show you guys how hard I'm working to improve myself.

Look at me! Look at me!

I have made a big motivational system that works as long as I can impress people with it.
Look how hard I'm at work improving myself!
Cause if I shut up about it I would get demotivated.

Look at me! Look at me!

Why do I feel this compultion to tell and show others what I have accompliced?

Everybody else feels it too so I'm hardly uniqe, but we hardly care about that since
we are so stuck in our heads with our own story. Our own path to "greatness".
But can we be great without witnesses?

Approval-seeking and validation. Are here no end to them?
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Starlight 1987

Starlight 1987


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 Of course there is an end to them, Ironically I just blogged about it the other day =D ha ha.

But ya really there is a way out of all that shit forever, a small change in you're mental cognition will fix it all, no car accident required. Have a look at my last blog entry it talks about this. It's how I live and be gettin honeys
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