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I actually connected with like this superhot/cool/smart girl....
She offered me her contact info and hugged me with this close body hug,
when she had to leave.

I didn't use the you scare me thing, but coming from that frame
and accepting that she intimidated me, it just passed away and I could act naturally.

All the guys where like totally focused on her and shit.
Hanging on her every meaningless word and leaning in with a puppy dog attitude.
I was more reserved and only really listened when she had something interesting to say.
And she did have interesting things to say too. And the fun thing was that the topics
I found interesting she also found interesting, and none of the four guys surrunding her could relate. It got real awkvard for them to hang on her every word when they couldn't relate at all.
Like everybody just got the message big time that everyone but me, was being ungenuine and sucking up to her at that moment.
A lot of the time I just chatted with other people and tried to keep a nice funny and relaxed vibe.

It was really funny when this entrepenour guy tried making me self concious when I was a little quiet for a moment. "Hey are you okay?" Like trying to get me out of a confident frame.
Trying to lure out any insecurity.
I answered: "Are you kidding? I'm in paradise!" And I started a convo about extroverts and introverts. Stating that I was an introvert and claiming that he and she was extroverts.
They denied it and tried to qualify why they where not. Funny shit.
Funny shit since they both was Jungian extroverts, although I didn't tell them that.
Too deep shit for such a convo. He was ENTP and she is ESFP.
Matches good with my ISFP type.
Like every time he tried to be all cool I could just talk about sensory stuff and he
would be put face to face with that she was his "daemon" manifested.
A concept borrowed from Jungian analyst John Beebe.
He had to reject it on some level and then reveal his incompatability with her.
While I could just agree with her frame, cause IT GENUINELY FELT RIGHT.
Oh well I feel real alright now.
Until later RSD! :)
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