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I've been working on not caring what other people think both good and bad.
I should care about what I think and no other.

It is a badly ingrained habit to try to mindread others espeacially women.
I try to predict their reactions to all sorts of things when I in fact should not bother about it.

Becoming aware of this is a slow and painful process that I have to go trough.
Cause I say to myself. Who cares!
And guess what deep down I do care and women pick up on it.
It is probably one of the things that are keeping me back the most.

If I could let this one go it would be such a relief.
However it is like it's on autopilot or something.

The way I deal with it is having a note in my pocket.
It says:
Rule number 1!
Rule number 2!

The very rules that David X came up with.
It is working, but it takes alot of effort.
Oh hell if it was easy everybody would do it...
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