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Ok it isn't all that bad...
But I'm feeling frustrated by the fact that I see some of the early patterns of the shit that has
brought me down before is repeating itself.

That is actually positive! Being able to see that I'm on the wrong course.
But the feeling of pressure is there making me want to do something
other of what is the right thing.

I've been trough alot of shit and unfamiliar situations lately.
Add that with being expected to do the right thing in every situation and guess what.
Something is going to pop figuratively.

What I'm feeling is insecurity actually.
And right now I'm feeling very insecure like all that I've done up to now has been for nothing.
That is quite absurd...but never the less what I feel.

It feels good to calm myself here.
To rant in the one place where it won't backfire on me.
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Thats common dude, don't stop! I fell the same way every day almost. And last time before i went out i cried in my bed for good 15 minutes. But that's what made me go. And I kissed 2 girls that night...
Remember, people who got it all easy are missin' out!
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Thanks for that one!
People who have it easy are indeed missing out!
Easy is stagnation.

Today was hard too...
My problems was of a different nature than yesterday so I'm clearly not stuck.

Now all I need is some strenght to carry on.
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