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Who cares what they say?
Says David X. A real gem that one and so damn hard to follow.
Still every time I work on it I become less reactive and less conserned
about pleasing them. Now girls act nervous or very interested around me more.
I don't give less of a damn what they think and it shows.
Tried to walk in the street with my cap sideways, go the idea from a Ozzie vid.
I had major resistance to doing that.
I was surprised that I cared so much what angle my cap was.
So I had to work on myself a bit to actually do it.
Thinking about walking around with my t-shirt the wrong way too.
Like just deal with those fears and be done with it.

I realize that I have a lot of work ahead of me.
Luckily I've gotten a lot of work done already.
So that I'm in a good place to move further.

I see how many presentations on pickup kinda conflict.
As I see it Jungian types account for all the major disconnects.
And the rest can be attributed to different motivations.
David X, Tyler, Alex etc all have different ways of looking at this.
They're advice kinda conflict on some level, but when you look at it,
they are just approaching the same thing from different angles.
Dunno what I'm trying to say here, just a random observation I have.
What I'm saying is that I've got a meta frame to all this stuff I guess.
For what it is or isn't worth. :p
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