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So I write and write some more.
I feel that when I put something on this blog it gets a bit more concrete.

So I was just out.
Doing daygame.
It was the first time that I left the house with that as an intention.

Cause it scares me a bit.
Out in the club everybody is a bit crazy and an approach isn't that a big deal.

On the street it feels much more different.

It went okay I guess. I chatted up this 7eleven girl that didn't have any costumers.
I need to work on alot of stuff, but I'm at least leaving the house trying.

I've been trying to pinpoint lately what kind of girl I like
and what about her that turns me on.

These attributes are required:
Brunette (Blonds are nice, but not as hot)
Ass (They need a clearly defined curved ass not some flat or square thing)
Height (Between 160-170cm is ideal)
Breasts (Medium size, too big just look stupid, but im not too focused on breasts)
Face (Normal cute face)

My long term goal is to get a girlfriend who fit this description more or less.
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