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So I watched Tylers latest and it was great.
The whole underlining of "GIVE ME! HELP MEEEE!!!" really hit home.
So I went out to this event with some 10 people gathering at the bar.
I've never met anyone of them before, just this social website that announced it.

I let go of the frame of wanting to get and just tried to give a positive vibe.
Before I knew it some girl who was very into me had to leave cause a friend
called and I casually remarked that she should write down her e-mail as
well as the Spanish dishes she was writing down for me to try,
so we could continue the good conversation.
She was very happy to do so and now I have sort of a date on with her. =D

All from being less needy and more positive.
It wasn't perfect, but it was way better than what I usually do at such events. ;)
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