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Got myself wasted this weekend.

I let my destrucive side out a bit and thrashed a couple of tables in a bar.
Beer and glass EVERYWHERE...

Somehow I don't know how, the bouncers thought someone else
was responsible and threw them out instead.

Havn't been so wasted in several years.
It is clear that my anger still waits for opportunities to fuck the world up.

Besides from that my night was half decent. I talked to girls of my own free will
but me beeing a bit wasted and in a bit negative state it didn't really go anywhere.

However next time I will turn my alcohol down and my sexuality up.
It's going to be fun!
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 Haha. I totally know what you mean. I had to stop drinking myself because I fucking lose my mind and get out of control when I drink in excess. 

Props on not getting thrown out!
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