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Had a wake up call today.

It is not as important why, just that I did.
The usual structure of my life has imploded on many levels,
by my own choice most of them, but not all.

It feels weird!

Parts of me want to go negative, give up, lay down, admit defeat.
Another part tells me this is a great opportunity for big change.

"It is only after you have lost everything you are free to do anyting."
I once heard. True on many levels.

I've thrown away alot of baggage lately, and some was even taken from me.
It shows and I feel it. Especially the part that where taken.
Attachments and illusions broken like fragile glass.

I just felt like expressing this somewhere. Just get it out and done with.

It all boils down to the fact that nothing means anything until I give it meaning.
I feel very proud right now for letting that attachment go without giving it any residual negative meaning.
I can now go on knowing that I will be allright even though I just experienced what before
would have been an emotional earthquake.

Yeah baby no hurt feelings here, only calm acceptance! =D
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