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Time to start my new project!!!
Cause without a project I don't try to improve anything and just stay on my ass.

This is going to be about my voice.
Since my voice is wimpy, I've worked on it to some extent,
but it doesn't matter it still shines throgh once I get some pressure on me.

From today it is two weeks of active deepening and hightening of voice and reporting
on and what I learn and experience doing this.

So by 19th of march I should have a good voice that makes all the honies weak in their knees. ;-p
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I'm trying to improve my voice since my boss says its weak and his right. Im tired of repeating my self because people can't hear me.What can I do to get started because I have no clue where to start. I always thought I had a loud voic. now I know it needs to improve.
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