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So I've laid Jung on the shelf for now as I've realized that I've gotten more or
less what I needed from him at this point in my life.
I've moving into the Enneagram and how it relates to Freud.

Now so why is it important to me to do this systems?
Well cause it deals with fear, shame and anger.
And these tie into basically everything we deal with when we try to
move forward in the world.

I've gotten to know a german girl who are into open relationships.
This might sound all fine and dandy, but that actually scared me.
The fear I felt from her very freethinking approach to life,
made me reconsider everything that I ever learned.
I felt myself backing off to and just passively observing.
Cause I didn't know who to deal with her.

This is very Enneagram 5 btw, trying to map out the whole thing in your head.
So I did the only sensible thing and told her that her open relationship approach
scared me. And a lot of the felt pressure evaported.
She was very understanding and recommended a book to me on the subject. XD
HAHA!!! Like that was all it took to get over it, just be honest and say it
as it was. No trying to trick or manipulate or somehow manouver.
Just say it as it was. I'm indepted to David X for that one.
You can't go wrong with the truth.

So we had a little chat about the Enneagram and how I was basically
observing her because I felt uncomfortable with her uncommon approach to life.
Found out that she was relating to shame in a 4ish way.
And now the vibe between us is much better, and she is right now cooking dinner for me... =D
New strategy, tell them that they scare you... Go figure! :p
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