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So lately I've become more popular with people I know due to me becoming more positive.
I've noticed that stuff I've learned erlier, but not applied have a chance to come out.

I've worked on the visualization and made it more effective so that whatever stress and negativity
that hit me gets dissipated immediately.

I was at a party this weekend and it was really crancking. And I managed to have fun and enjoy myself
in an environment that I often become shut down and analytical in.

I'm able to see my bad habits more clearly now that I'm out of this haze of negativity and look forward to
working on turning them around.

Not much more to say right now.
Have fun!

I have to also say that the Alex / Tyler combo video was awsome.
Now I don't have to feel bad for taking the chill style, and maybe I can try out the active style from
a more balanced perspective.
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 That's what's up man. Good to hear.
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